Mipony Websites Database updated

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony. Mipony will update
itself when it starts, you have to do nothing. The update include:

– Fixed Hotfile premium downloads
– Fixed Freakshare captcha support, now Freakshare works much better
– Fixed BigAndFree avaibility detection
– Added extabit.com support
– Added support for 4Shared images download
– Improvements for Oron, Zshare and Badongo

Official v1.0.5 download now includes this upgrade too.

Thanks for your suggestions and bugreports

Mipony 1.0.5 repacked

We have again repacked Mipony 1.0.5 to correct problems with Uploading and others.
Keep commenting so we can keep improving!

List of changes:

-Fixed uploading.com
-Fixed badongo.com
-Fixed zshare.com
-Updated Brazilian translation (Thanks to Yamash)
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt)

Mipony 1.0.5.

You have available the new version of Mipony,it fixes some bugs and supports two new pages. Thanks to all those who are taking part in the translations and sending suggestions.

List of changes:

-Premium support for uploading.com
-Support for ccf links containers
-Removed maximum value for Failed downloads retries number
-Support for megauload file folders
-Added support for bitroad.net
-Added support for oron.com
-Fixed uploading.com support
-Fixed some errors reported
-Some memory optimizations
-Added polish language (thanks to Highlander)
-Highlight in the pasted text the currently selected link in the links list
-Updated turkish translation (thanks to Mazbut)
-Updated german translation (thanks to Philipp)

Mipony 1.0.4

New version of Mipony, it has some new features like the optional priorities system and it has fixed some errors. Enjoy it!

Here is the list of changes:
– Fixed hotfile captcha not displayed correctly
– For premium supported websites you can also use free accounts to improve your download. Configure your free user and password in the premium options and Mipony will use that that to improve your download as much as possible
– Turkish translation improved
– New language added, Dutch (Thanks to Tony)
– Depositfiles premium account supported
– Fixed erros in Freakshare, Letitbit, 4Shared, polish Hotfile
– Fixed in 64 bits systems automatically uncompress rar files did not worked
– New sites supported:
– badongo.com
– Kewlshare.com
– Ugotfile.com
– sharingmatrix.com
– rapidshare.de
– Option to recheck a link in the detected links list
– Improved close tabs in the integrated browser
– New tab in options window for premium accounts
– Show the progress size of a download in Kb if the file size is lower than 1 MB
– Logs window

Mipony 1.0.3

There is a new version of Mipony with many changes. We try to improve on each version following the suggestions we receive through this blog or the contact form, and, of course we try to fix the problems reported.

Here is the list of changes:

– New button to select a destination folder for selected files when a file or a group of files is added for downloading.
– Priority system changed, now the downloads order follows the downloads list order and the user can move up and down the items in the list.
– Drag and drop support for reorder downloads.
– Option to hide tray notifications.
– If a file with the same name is already being downloading from another server Mipony asks what do you want to do with the new file, download it under another name, save it on another folder or overwirte the previous file.
– Support for sharex.xpg.com.br downloads.
– Support for x7.to downloads.
– Support for www.bigandfree.com downloads.
– Support for www.zippyshare.com downloads.
– Support for megaupload password protected files, if you saved a password for the file Mipony will use it otherwise Mipony will ask for it.
– Support for mediafire password protected files.
– Fixed problem with the automatic shutdown on all files completed option.
– Added Greek language (thanks to Nikos).
– Fixed sometimes Megaupload file avaibility was detected incorrectly.
– If the user select a file splitted in several parts with all the parts downloaded and press the button Join Files the dialog box is pre-filled with the selected file.
– Fixed problem that made Flashgot not to work correctly with Mipony.
– Option to start Mipony when Windows starts.
– New label to show the total size of the selected files for downloading.
– Container files (*.dlc *.rsdf) can now be opened with double click.
– Show a warning before deleting a file.
– Fixed a problem that made that firefox and explorer plugin not to work correctly.
– Show number of seconds in “Estimated time” column.
– Fixed notifications were not shown correctly in Windows 7.
– Fixed somtimes the downloads list was resized incorrectly.

Mipony 1.0.2 repacked to include Turkish, French, German and Catalan

While we continue developing Mipony 1.0.3 , we have again repacked Mipony 1.0.2, including the new version of the database and new languages:

-Turkish thanks to Emin

-French thanks to Papou

-German thanks to Philipp

-Portuguese (of Portugal) thanks to halexandre

-Catalan  thanks to Víctor

We have upgrades the languages:

-Portuguese (of Brasil)  thanks to Yamash

-Japonese thanks to Tilt

If you want to use one of these languages, download and reinstall the version 1.0.2

Web Site Database upgraded

We have updated the database of supported websites, Mipony now works correctly with 4shared, Easyshare and Zshare. You don’t need to install Mipony again, just when you open the program it will announce that it has updated the database and you can just restart Mipony.


Download videos from Youtube and others

In some comments you have suggested that Mipony could download video from Youtube and other video pages, but our program focuses on hosting pages. We recommend Movier, a program to download videos, which just released a new version, 1.0.7, this is capable of downloading videos from Youtube, Megavideo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, … and convert to the format you want.

The web is movier.tv and you can download it from here.

Mipony version 1.0.2

Mipony, before the end of the year, have a new version, the 1.0.2, where we fixed some errors of the previous version and we developed new features, some of them suggested by our users. The result is a very complete version that it is waiting for your suggestions and comments.
Test it soon!

– Options to extract RAR files automatically after they are downloaded. Disabled by default (See Options, advanced)
– Passwords cache to extract password protected files automatically without having to imput the password.
– Option to shutdown the computer automatically after all downloads are completed.
– Improved handling of Internet connection failure.
– Fixed error that could block the downloads.
– New plugin (optional installation) to add downloads to Mipony directly from Firefox and Internet Explorer, or to open the page you
are browsing in the Mipony integrated browser.
– Fixed some problems with some download hosts.
– Fixed scripting error with the integrated browser.
– Added new languages: Italian (Thanks to Spigol_Zeus, Iperboreo and Carlo), Hungarian (Thanks to DirektX) and Arabic (Thanks to Ahmes )
– Tray icon shows the Mipony status, downloading, waiting or inactive.


New plugin

One of the new features of Mipony 1.0.2 is the plugin to add downloads to Mipony directly from Firefox and Internet Explorer, or to open the page you are browsing in the Mipony integrated browser. It’s a optional toolbar plugin, if you prefer to keep your browser clean of plugins, you only have to unselect it during the installation.
The plugin  is very easy to use, click on the toolbar button “Download files” and Mipony will analyzes the page you are viewing and it will display all the links so you can download them easily in one step.