Web Sites Database update for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

-Fixed rapidshare.com
-Fixed filesonic.com
-Fixed fileserve.com
-Added automatic download support for furk.net
-Added automatic download support for narod.ru
-Added automatic download support for myupload.dk
-Added automatic download support for megashare.vn
-Added automatic download support for upload.tc
-Added automatic download support for filestrack.com
-Added automatic download support for duckload.com
-Fixed enterupload.com
-Fixed hellshare.com
-Fixed u115.com
-Fixed filebase.to
-Fixed 4shared-china.com

59 thoughts on “Web Sites Database update for Mipony”

  1. I am still getting nothing from ‘Uploading.com’ for over a week now.
    No Captcha just “Download Error” No matter what the files.

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the rapid updates
    can you make update for keep continueing download from rapidshare if it stop after start and not start from first again

  3. hi i just wanted to know what happened downloads from rapidshare are running very slow yesterday & today i have a premium acc, have never been this slow thanks carol

  4. Links from rapishare are not being detected.
    I can download files already in the download list but can’t add files from RS anymore.
    Fix this, please. =)
    Ty for mipony, anyway.

  5. dude why does it ask for 2 captcha in file factory… pls try removing captcha thing it wll be a big break for this software….

  6. gosto do Mipony,só que que não suporta a pausa pelo servidor Hotfile, frekshare, 4shared e outros para depois continuar exatamente do ponto em que parou, os único que conheço é o sharex, mediafire, megaupload (ainda com frescuras) e 2shared que permitem a pausa para depois continuar do ponto em que parou… Espero que vocês resolvam isso aí vou afirmar que o MIPONY é o melhor gerenciador de downloads que existe.

  7. OK! Just to report something weird that is happening since v1.1.1. It never happened in previous versions. From time to time Mipony stops downloading with the error: “(time): Not enough storage is available to process this command. (filename).”
    I have Windows 7. I tried to restart Mipony to no avail. Things only go back to normal after restarting the PC. This issue seems to be related with RAM memory since the disk has plenty of space left.
    Also, this is a bit of a problem as it sets the files Status to: “Stopped: Not enough storage is available to process this command.” which means I have to find all the files with this status and restart them.
    Please look into it. Other than this Mipony has been an invaluable tool for me. Granted, it still has some bugs and lacks a few functions, but nothing I can’t live without. Thanks for that.
    If you need any more info about this just ask. I’ll give any info you may need to sort this issue out.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. megaupload speed is getting slower..also, i’m experiencing frequent disconnections and download errors with my files..i can’t download overnight anymore coz i can’t finish anything..i sleep setting up 10gb of download, i wake up w/ download error stuck at 1gb..

  9. deposit files seems to be having some problems. in a group of deposit file links, some files are having download errors while the other files start downloading normally.

  10. hi..
    mipony support freakshare.net,but not support freakshare.com.
    this bug is easy to fix?
    i have to modify the download URL. change .com to .net
    but it still has some trouble when downloaded.

  11. Hi, if a sorten url like goo.gl bitly etc.. hides the real download url mipony cannot find it, i tried with goo.gl, but nothing

  12. Will mipony ever come to support other unicode languages, like japanese text/chinese text/korean text?

    When I use mipony to download files with japanese in them, the text gets all messed up.

  13. I cannot download anything from 4 shared. This has been happening for a week now. 4Shared is not even showing up in the list for premium sites.

  14. HEADS UP!!!
    When I updated to version 1.1.2, my speed slowed down to 9 KB/s. When I looking in Options > Main, the box was checked that said “Limit the download speed to 10 KB/s”. Please check your options!

  15. keep getting a “premium autentication error for hotfile” even though I have premium account with hotfile, PLEAS$E HELP !!!

  16. The download speed terribly so slow.
    Use firefox browser download speed is >230kb/s.
    with mipony, speed is so terrible now just 4kb/s.
    Speed test Upload 0.37Mb/s and dowmload speed 2.7Mb/s using http://www.speedtest.net/
    Please help me, Thanksssss.

  17. I have Mipony V1.4.0 and there is a problem downloading from “FileSonic”
    every time it gives “Download Error” What to do?

  18. I have the same problem . for the last week I canont download anything from . Though, before it was working fine. I have contacted support and they say that it may be my isp blocking downloads from . Called my isp today and they are not blocking anything. Now they’re blaming flashget. What fun . I want my downloads back!!

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