Mipony 1.1.0 Beta 2

Thanks for the comments on the Beta 1, we don’t get a final version yet, but here you have the Beta 2

You can download Mipony 1.1.0 Beta 2 here:

List of changes:
-Interchangeables links downloading is now optimized
-Added freakshare premium support
-Fixed many bugs reported in the Beta 1
-Added Persian (Farsi) language (Thanks to http://mnvoh.blogspot.com)
-Updated Turkish (Thanks to FaraDelisi)
-Traditional Chinese language update (Thanks to kuei0116)
-Updated Portuguese-Brasilian translation (Thanks to Yamash)
-Fixed some links detection
-Fixed zshare
-Fixed protect-my-links.com
-Fixed enterupload.com
-Fixed load.to
-Fixed filefactory.com links detection
-Fixed cramit.in file name detection
-Added freakshare premium support
-Fixed filefront.com
-Fixed sharex.xpg.br
-Fixed dl.free.fr
-Fixed u.115.com
-Fixed 2shared.com file detection
-Fixed sharingmatrix.com
-Faster fileserve.com links detection
-Faster hotfile.com links detection

14 thoughts on “Mipony 1.1.0 Beta 2”

  1. Hope you can add also this features in the next version:
    – an option to sort the columns in the downloads section by clicking on the header
    – an export option for the download list (in .html and .csv format)
    – an option to group the downloaded links (so only in the downloads section, for archive and for readability/clarity.

  2. hace un tiempo que estoy usando vuestro programa y estoy muy contento con su rendimiento, ahora estoy probando el beta2 y muy bien , he notado que el buscador va mas deprisa y no consume tanta memoria . haber , es mi opinion personal, pues no soy ningun esperto,gracias y seguit trabajando asi , y seguira siendo el mejor. un saludo

  3. still NO ability to drag links to anywhere without clicking the move up/down button….. hope u could fix that in the upcoming version…. thanks…

  4. It would be so great if Mipony can sovle the filereserve captha. I am terribly annoyed by that but filereserver is getting popular now!

  5. pls remove all the capcta its very difficult to download each and everytime we have to type that for every link so pls try removing it

  6. i wpuld like to suggest one more thing that while downloading if there is a power cut in the middle then the download will stop and start frome the first can u do some thing in the next version such that the download continues from where it stopped. thank u…..

  7. I tried this 1.1 Beta version on an XP64bit machine, as I could not get the Fileserve Premium to work on 1.0.12. All my downloads were corrupt and I have had to delete them. I had this before when I went to XP64 with a Rapidshare downloader program that worked fine before with XP32. I have gone back to 1.0.12 (which now works with Fileserve Premium) and the same downloads are not corrupt.

  8. A suggest for a future version: add a button “Stop All”.
    Because, when I a long list of downloads, if I have to change the priority, for example, to a file, Mipony connect itseft immediately to the next file and I do not have time to change things.

    Anyway, Mipony is the best manager download!!!

  9. Okay I have some problems with links not showing up with capture turned on.Its usually fixed by just clicking the capture button again. Also all my settings and downloads were cleared when I restarted my computer but that only happened one time. How about a feature that allows you to see these captcha’s better? Being able to drag the downloads would also help

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