Web Sites Database update for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.
-Fixed uploading.com
-Fixed mediafire.com
-Fixed letitbit.net
-Fixed mediafire.com shraredkey
-Fixed 2shared.com
-Fixed filestrack.com
-Fixed novamov.com
-Fixed midupload.com
-Fixed megashare.vn
-Fixed xun6.com
-Fixed shareflare.com
-Fixed 4shared.com
-Added download support for kickload.com-

86 thoughts on “Web Sites Database update for Mipony”

  1. Last database is better than this database.

    Uploading.com = download error
    megaupload = download error
    filesonic = download error

  2. yes it has many erors on rapidshare,and the mediafire links!
    and exactly speed for downloading is really low!!
    a problem with scheduler.it dosen’t work for start all in specific time!!!
    could you anser me please?????????

  3. rs premium now working, thanks

    i have notice errors from these sites:

    Uploading.com = download error
    megaupload = download error
    filesonic = download error

    but ive found its down to the website restricting/ limiting how much you download for free

  4. When I use detect links for MF on Browse & download it give me double link like 2 file A, 2 file B and so on, really annoying + the speed is slow compare to b4 the database update

  5. nice upgrade..though the captcha on fileserve isn’t working..it still asks for the captcha..how this gets fixed..thanks!

  6. Rapidshare, filefactory, and ifile.it are not accessible at all from within Mipony. Please issue an update asap.

  7. Also, Mipony often simply freezes to a downloading rate of 0 kb/s. Even if I restart both Mipony and my internet connection, there is still no improvement. And I have several files from several different file hosts — at least one of them ought to work, but none do. Rapidshare, filefactory, ifile.it, megaupload, mediafire, oron, fileshare, sendspace, etc. — NONE of these work.

  8. And there is nothing wrong with my internet connection by the way. Files download just fine off the original web link using the long-drawn click-captcha-click-click process. :s And I don’t even have a static IP address. Besides, I’ve even tried it using my neighbour’s connection and it still won’t work. HELP!

  9. When I have more than 1 download in the queue it works fine, but when I get an error and I have only 1 download started on the queue it will stop working instead of trying again.

    Feature request is so… Keep trying till the end, even if only 1 download is in the queue list.

    Also, resuming downloads works fine for mega upload, but doesn’t work for most download sites, is there a list of sites in wich it will work? Also, is there a plan/possibility of making it work for others?

  10. I can’t have more than 1 download at the same time on fileserve even after 10mins.
    The next download only starts when the Previous download completes.
    But you know,fileserve has only 10mins time limited when you start next download.

  11. I have a file that is ‘stuck’ . Everytime I try to remove the file it freezes everything up. What do I do? Thanks.

  12. Hi.
    The new data base is realy bood, but de download, of all sites that I haver tried, are realy too slow! This maximum rate at 10kb/s! This is downloal look like a dial-up conection…
    This slow download started in the new up-grade. I tried the megaupload, freakshare, rapidshare and de hotfile sites. There are at the same rate of download…

    Thanks for all, any way.


  13. For me, the following is asking for the captcha,

    oron is becoming very popular so it will be good to fix this. thx

  14. Mipony recently don’t perform as well as b4 ! I hope all the problem will be fixed soon,
    and hopfully the next version of Mipony could complete the captha automatically…..:-) and support filesmonster.com with large size files!!!

    thax in advance

  15. mipony faz dias que ele esta recusando links da megaupload testei com outros sites ,com eles esta funcionado correto ,o problema e so com megaupload ,fica indicando erro sempre ,mas quando coloco links no jdownloader funciona,poderia
    me informa que estou fazendo de errado, nao acusa falha no sistema,estou com pc atualizado nada desatualizado,estou trabalhando com mipony a 5meses excelente gerenciador de download,mas verfiquem este problema.
    obrigado espero resposta

  16. i don`t have time to breath ,thanks ,but when downloading from websites like rapid share it takes a long time from one to the next ,can`t we set the timer to skip downloads that will not start before a while?

  17. Mipony doesn’t work for filesonic
    It should pop captcha, but nothing appears and it continues to wait for another minute again and again

  18. You may have already seen this, but with filesonic, MiPony only works if you open the link you’re going to download with MiPony with a browser as well. When you get the captcha in the browser, you get a (different) captcha in MiPony, which you can use and then the download starts.
    This means that you still have to open a filesonic webpage for each file, so it doenst make too much sense to use Mipony until this is fixed.

  19. Hola chavales. Es que me va solamente una vez al 24H los servers de rapidshare. No me dejan bajar casi nada. Tambien he intentado con proxy pagado.Lo mismo … Creo que hay que updatear otra vez los servers

  20. Please, add a button for reload recaptcha, for the hosts that use it (for example, Fileserve), because sometimes the text string isn’t very clear.

    1. We know the captchas problems, we are developing an effective fix recaptcha, soon we will realase a new version.

      Thank you very much for your contributions.

  21. Hey guys, thanks a lot for this wonderful program!
    I’m having an issue though. Rapidshare keeps giving me download errors, and when I try to use the regular website section, it asks me to stop flooding their servers. I’m not. I tried to download something from rapidshare today, for the first time in 3 or so days. Not sure what’s wrong.

  22. @admin
    Oh, yes, I know recaptchas it’s hard to beat. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But I mean a button command, if it is possible, in the little window that show up when there are captchas, to reload captchas if I’m wrong to write the correct letters. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, Mipony is the best!

    This (new) error is from RS when there aren’t slot avaiable. Now, sometimes, show up this error. Do not insist in download, but try a few minutes later, you’ll be able to download.

  23. come on guys. Hotfile keeps popping captchas! I can no longer download from hotfile with Mipony, which already fails me on filereserve and filosonic. The way i see it, if mipony refuses to do anything to improve Mipony, it will go downhill pretty fast from here, i guarantee you!

    Please do something!

  24. couldn’t detect links for multiupload.
    also megaupload, rapidshare,hotfile, uploading, fileserve dowmload very very slow.

  25. i got issues with mipony…
    may PC hang, then i restart…usually my download list on mipony is still there, but this time, all my list is GONE…really really Gone ๐Ÿ™ makes me sad ๐Ÿ™
    please fix this so even if the PC is shutdown/hang, the list is still there


  26. I’ve been using Mipony for a while, after trying out Jdownloader. I had problems on Jdownloader with mediafire links, so looked for another program. I can’t remember if i tried any others. But Mipony is the one I’ve had the most sucess with. Although having said that, I have had problems with mediafire links with Mipony too. Although I think that was about two or 3 versions back. Whereas I could never get it fixed with JD. What I did find frustrating was having to enter recaptcha codes for hotfile, to the extent that I more or less gave up on hotfile. But I’m delighted to see in this version that I no longer have to enter the code for hotfile. I’m also getting a nice speed of an average of 250 kb/s. I also tried out a mediafire download, which looked at first looked it wasn’t gonna start, but did eventually, and also at a nice speed.
    So so far, I’m very happy with the upgrade. Thank you to all concerned.

  27. Diego Emmanuel Ferreira Pinheiro

    I’m from Brazil and I like very much this program. Congratulations for it and mainly for this last update. I hated that mini captcha window and now it’s gone. THANK YOU GUYS.


  28. speaking as a blind user, this upgrade is amazing. I could never see the captcha images to enter them so couldn’t download from any of the sites that use recaptcha. tonight, using the latest Mipony, I downloaded three files from Hotfile with no problems whatsoever. I will let all of my blind friends know that MiPony has opened a huge door for us with this version. Cheers to all of you who made this possible!

  29. I have used several download managers, some of the best were Universal Share Downloader, JDownloader and CryptLoad. They mostly handled captcha, integration and different types of reconnect feature well, but since providers change captcha very often, also downloader upgrades were needed often too. I tried finally Mypony and I was very surprised how good and comfortable downloader it is. The only think I am missing is reconnect feature and more rich selection in scheduller tasks (Please check them in Universal Share Downloader). For everyone mad about not working megaupload, rapishare or 2share, there is often file temporary unavailable or site reached number of downloads for region or similar. Please check in browser, when error occures, to be sure that it is really Mipony error or website problem. Thank you for nice upgrade and good luck with captcha.

  30. tnx for the anti-captcha function. hopefully this feature will be extended to other hosts as well. thanks a lot. keep up the good work.

  31. Would like to ask something. If I install the new version, will I loose the date I’ve currently been downloading using the older version? Thanks!

  32. I have these 2 problems with Mipony:
    – Oron: it never recognizes the captcha, so every time I have to input manually the captcha, but after I insert the captcha, it gives downlaod error. This happens every time, I have never managed to start a download from Oron using Mipony! Perhaps Mipony didn’t show the entire captcha image?
    – Filesonic: it says Download complete, when it isn’t actually complete! For example a file was downloaded only 50/125 MB and it said complete. Perhaps every time the connection fails, it says download complete?

  33. @Patrick – If you install the new version over the old version then you do not lose any data. the queue stays there and the settings are all there too when you restart it!

  34. PS : if megaupload downloads are slow, it’s maybe because you put too many files to download, try to cancel a few links (copy the links to clipboard first), and let only 10-15 files

  35. Hi
    I am from India I uses Yur Product named Mipony
    this is one of the best browser i ever had but problem is that it did not connect to fileserv if does not show capcha from it and other site givig the same problem related to other site provide captcha and does not show waiting
    time for it it just show connecting to it.
    All other features are working up to the mark
    please help me

  36. Fix The bug in easy share and mediafire link the after waiting capcha is not shown and angain waiting get stated all most all sites having the captcha having problem with it
    so fix up that tooooo
    New Version is not that up to the mark

  37. Hi, Great piece of software..! Am loving the convenience of not only saving money on paying to download “faster” & without waiting, but more the letting it do it’s own thing on sites that don’t need that Captcha input.

    However that is my first glitch. All the sites that use Captcha (Uploaded.to, Hotfile, Oron, etc.) the Captcha doesn’t pick up request and has to be done manually. But once typed, in works fine in downloading.

    The second issue, is with files which just refuse to download completely and Mipony keeps having to retry. I’ve been downloading a 200MB file for over a day cos it keeps dropping the Uploading.com link. The same has happened on Uploaded.to…

    Will keenly wait for updated / fixes to these. But again, great software.


  38. captcha restrictions on Mediafire are still tripping up Mipony – it causes download error everytime and I just downloaded latest version – it was supposed to have been fixed?

    I have to manually d/l first file seen with error, enter the captcha, then mipony will work fine with the other files until a captcha is required again. Very inefficient if you want to be doing other things rather than wondering if Mipony has stopped again.

  39. I have the same rapidshare unknown error issue for my premium account.

    I wish the rapidshare downloader was as user friendly and feature rich as mipony so I could simply use that instead of always suffering this annoying error.

  40. ALL my download list are blank, i have configured to never clean my list, today in gone, downloaded and unfinished, HOW CAN I RETRIEVE THE LIST AGAIN PLEASE. Thanks.

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