Mipony 1.1.0

After two beta versions, we are prepared to offer a new version of Mipony with significant developments among the most notable is the option to group the downloads in visual folders accourding to several criteria

List of changes:
– Option to group the downloads in visual folders accourding to several criteria:
– Splitted filesgrouped as one fileMipony – group the downloads in visual folders
– Similar names
– Download folder
– Categories
– Server
Mipony - group the downloads in visual folders
– Added categories feature. You can now define categories to specify how to group the downloads and several incoming folders, you can also define rules to auto assing files to categorires depending on the file

– New options in “Download in folder…” window to use categories and to define priorities.

– Added statistics window. You can see in this window a scalable speed graphic and you can view how much you download from each server. You can view session and total values.
– Added option to hibernate computer instead of shutt id down when you use the auto shutdown feature.
– Buttons to change priorities easily.
– Added premium support for fileserve.com
– Added premium support for sharingmatrix
– Added premium support for oron
– Added Bosnian translation (Thanks to borko1dj)
– Added Simple Chinese translation (thanks to toysoldier2008)
– Added hebrew translation (Thanks to Gal)
– Rusian updated (Thanks to zndr093)
– Portuguese-Portugal updated (Thanks to halexandre)
– Japanese updated (Thanks to Tilt)
– Tukish language update (Thanks to mazbut and FaraDelisi)
– Greek updated (Thanks to SPYROS)
– Interchangeables links downloading is now optimized
– Added freakshare premium support
– Fixed many bugs reported in the Beta 1
– Added Persian (Farsi) language (Thanks to http://mnvoh.blogspot.com)
– Traditional Chinese language update (Thanks to kuei0116)
– Updated Portuguese-Brasilian translation (Thanks to Yamash)
– Added freakshare premium support
– Faster fileserve.com links detection
– Faster hotfile.com links detection
– Fixed extabit.com
– Fixed filesonic.com
– Fixed filebase.to
– Fixed gigasize.com
– Fixed letitbit.com
– Fixed turbobit.net
– Fixed uploaded.to
– Fixed xun6.com
– Fixed megashare.com
– Fixed mandamais.com.br
– Fixed depositfiles.com

67 thoughts on “Mipony 1.1.0”

  1. hi each and evey time i have to type the code for download to start can u do something for that so that i can keep many files for download and go out… pls look for it and do something about it i have given u comments from beta 1 version till now nothing happened…

  2. OK, I’ve got some suggestions for the future versions:
    1) the user can create his own groups of files (number of such groups could be limited)
    2) the download of added selected links should not always start automaticaly (there could exist a button: “add to download list”; files added in this way would appear in the downloads list in “stopped” mode)

    So much for now. I’ve got some other things but got to think them over.

  3. Sorry, my suggestions are obsolete. Couldn’t find that in the help files, but all the things I mentioned already exist in the programe.

  4. Excelletn program..works flawlessly in windows 7 32 bit..few suggestions
    1) it is not able to automatically detect captcha for hotfile..i have to input it manually
    2) a feature to sort files according to size, host etc would be great

  5. Hi
    Please fix u.115,
    u.155 have a busy time moment,
    at those time they won’t let you download the file unless you log in their website or use their manager to download,
    Mipony was unable to download at those time, if you could , please add the login function, or whatever to make it work.
    Thanks !

  6. Thanks for the new version of mipony……Last week i sent you an email about the idea that i had, but i didn’t recived any answer yet so i’m going to ask it again here (for this i ask you sorry) can you guys tell me what do you think??
    Can put a function on my pony that allows us to use proxy servers for downloads?? and a small display which shows the ip that we are using at that moment for the downloads??

  7. Hi
    I have reported the following problem for beta version 2. It is still present in the release version.

    Premium download still does not work for SharingMatrix/FileSonic. Also download name for SharingMatrix/FileSonic is getting chopped at some fixed length. However, when downloading via Firefox, download name is complete.


  8. Excellent n Nice Application..
    I very happy with Mipony team. Best Downloader ever i know. B’coz it saves my time.
    i give 10/10.
    Best of Luck!! Thanks!
    Hey Dear– I have a idea for this software developer… Why not make a blog to share Premium accounts password sharing.. Think about It,MUST!!!

  9. hello every one this is a great program im using it from its starting version but admin can u add mediafire on it im having so much problems in mediafire when i wanna download from mediafire. and happy your wrong if its show ip address then any one can hack your computer easy……………. thnx

  10. In this release it is impossible mannally drop the download along the queue. Now we are forced to use the buttons to change priorities. Could you fix it? Thanks.

  11. Is there a way to Reconnect to be able to get a new IP. Maybe it ia a hidden feature ? Can somebody help ,please ? Thanks in advance!

  12. same problem like eric james with mipony the download speed become 2-10 kb/s and using firefox become 600-700 kb/s i’m having this problem with MU, hotfile, uploading, rapidshare, fileserve and more…
    i want mipony 1.1.0 beta it was better than this

  13. Hi Folks you have created a Brilliant product and I have recommended it to all my friends who are similarly impressed as well
    tho the new update is a little tricky the new buttons are so small you can accidently move to top when moving a new download set of files to where you want them in your list .

    I cant also seem you drag and drop their position at all now where before if I just wanted to movie a single file up the list to download it next file, I could, I queue my files to about 50 gig in advance and Keep my old downloads showing as you can imagine clicking the mouse 75 times can become monotonous esp if you have accidently hit the MOVE to Top button after clicking 70 times only to find
    you have to start again !

    or / also give an option to hide or show previous download list
    maybe a downloads counter attached some where to show us nerdy geeks who get of
    knowing just how many gigs we have downloaded with your Brilliant program (:

    also if you could include Font size adjusting would be great

    and if possible a resizing capture window, sometimes I find if you increase the font size some of the more obscure
    capture figures are easier to decipher

    Is their also a way of, if you are away from the puter or asleep and the queue comes to a capture window
    that needs sorting out ALL downloads stop till that is taken care of
    could you include a variable time out ( 5 or 10 minutes or what ever ) for the program that recognised that it
    isn’t going to happen so move onto the next file please.

    Thank you muchly for a wonderful program

    Moondyne Joe

  14. Hotfile is not working in China. It’s probably blocked the the famous great fire wall. Can Mipony tema help solve this issue? Thank you in advance. I hope the fucking communists all die soon so that Chinese people can have their life back. SOS. Help, America! Help bring down the evil dragon!!!

  15. hey tnx for this awesome piece of software, its such a revolutionary product. a good improvment would be automaticly fill the captcha. and also hotfile is not working, says download error. other than that. it makes my life easier beyond explanation. tnx again.

  16. burmese beanmaster

    in this new version,most things got better but captcha of some sites are still being asked anyway mipony is very cool software i love it. thank u

  17. Can you please add a feature to reset the router between downloads?
    At least you can add a feature to run a script (or a batch file) between two downloads, like other programs do.
    In sharing matrix at the first file you have to wait 30 seconds before download, after that you will have to wait 10 minutes. If the router is reseted (and the IP is changed dinamicaly) after each downloaded file, the waiting time will be still 30 seconds which is great.

  18. Please add the support for manually downloading file from any server,,
    then we can use Mipony as a general downlod manager like others,,
    And that will make mipony more popular application…

  19. i got some problems w/ the current version of mipony:
    1. megashare’s premium account isn’t supported..downloading from megashare w/o the use of premium account is difficult due to the passport system that it has..i hope that mipony could have a premium account support for megashare.

    2. dragging files are now disabled..making use of the current way of moving the files is really time consuming..i have more than 200 files in the list right now and it’s all messed up since i dont have the full control on dragging the files..

    3. multiple movement of files from the list (especially moving down) is not working properly..when highlighting multiple items, and moving down, only the highlight moves, leaving the items on their previous places..

  20. I recently downloaded your program and would like to know how to add a premium Extabit account to the premium list???? I have tried various times and only able to download one link at a time or it downloads text files from my refering site????? Please help spending money on an account that I cannot use sucks.

  21. I just found out that files cannot not be extracted on Mipony even if I have entered their right passwords! Please check!

  22. You can put the something to starter automatically downloads when appears the captcha, this is a bullshit when i leave my home, don’t down anything, because the captcha, for while this is the best downloader that i know… congratulations for this job and success.

  23. Hi,

    Just when I thought I found the best download app, the only file sharing I use that is HOTFILE is NOT working.

    Guys, is this app still in development?

  24. Statistics : The time axis in the graph could need some numbers indicating the values. As is now it doesnt say much since it could be minutes, hours or days per pixel on the screen 😉

    Other than that it is a great program. Could use sorting on the various columns thou… 🙂


    I am now having problems when moving a group of files up or down the prioritization list. Some of my highlighted files do not following when moving them up and down the prioritylist; and even worse, files that I did not highlight become mixed into the highlighted group I am trying to move up or down the list. I now have files that I did not highlight moving along with the ones that I highlighted. It completely screws up the priority of all my files.

    Also, if you select a group of files to move to the very top or to the very bottom, they are moved to those locations but the files become reversed. For example, a group of files in the order of “file1, file2, file3” that are highlighted to move to the top are moved to the top but are reversed to “file3, file2, file1”. This also happens when adding links and selecting a download folder and changing the priority to “move to the top”. The files are added to the top of the priority list but they are in reverse order.

  26. Sorry, we had some problems with the server and we had to restore the blog database from a backup, it is possible that some comments have been lost. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  27. I just noticed that when installing IE 9 BETA the interface on the Downloads tab is messed up….
    Just a heads up….

    Yes me too. Please fix.

    thanks.love goes out to mipony developer(s)

  28. Apologies accepted! LOL! It happens…

    What, as far as I can remember, was describing back then was that the shareflare server was not working, or rather, that it wasn´t accepting the captchas. But I tested the server web page and the captchas worked fine. So it seemed that the problem is on Mipony. Also I find that, every now and then, I have to turn off and back on the capture function in order to have it back, since I loose the function randomly. It’s not very frequent but it happens.
    Other than that, as far as I can tell, everything works fine, so congratulations on a great job. I’ve been using it for a very long time, and the amount of updates is outstanding. And this last version seems to be going on the rigth direction.

  29. why cant i download with filesonic, i have a premium account, i entered in my details, but it makes me wait 10misn perfile, i can download via their website fine, but via mipony i have to wait.

    im using 1.1.0 data base 31, rs hotfile and fileserve premium accoutns download fine, just filesonic won’t work properly.

  30. proxy system is not working, if i use the proxy option from mipony it doesn’t works, but if i modify my ip from internet option of my pc it works……..can you make better the option of mipony to change the ip??? and can you put a display which shows my current ip that i’m using at that moment?? thanks

  31. I’ve got some suggestions for the future versions:
    1. The user search file in the list by typing any charactor.
    2. Add new column for added and finished date-time (That’s good idea if we can show or hide some column).
    3. Manage queue by drag and drop list.
    4. Option for start or stop when select “Download selected to folder”.

    Thank you.

  32. routers script:
    [[[DEFINE routername=” sagem 230L”/]]]
    POST HTTP/1.1
    Host: %%%routerip%%%….

    reconnet option internet to change ip automatic
    only this option need to mipony Think about it

  33. Yes, a reconnect option would be great. After a download is finished Mipony starts a bat file you can select from a menu. Many download managers already have this feature (in free mode very important).

  34. Guys I have been downloading via MIPONY for about 3-4 months and I must say it’s the best thing for downloading.
    But recently I’ve been facing problem downloading from LETITBIT,FILESONIC
    which provided resume but now don’t even download
    Message along site the filename is download error


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