Mipony 1.1.1

Mipony new version adds new features and fixes the incompatibility with the new version of Internet Explorer 9 Beta.
Download Mipony 1.1.1

List of changes:
-Function to rename a file or multiple files in the detect links window
-Move top or down files in the list not worked correctly
-Opening a container doesn’t clear the already detected links list
-Better support for international characters file names
-Fixed the screens show all garbled if Internet Explorer 9 Beta is installed
-New option to group by interchangeable links
-Added Khmer Language Translation (thanks to londi lay)
-Updated romanian language (thanks to Hoza Rares)
-Updated french language (thanks to R Haddad)
-Fixed megashares.com
-Fixed shareflare.net
-Fixed letitbit.net
-Fixed xun6.com
-Fixed filesonic.com premium support
-Fixed turbobit.net
-Fixed filebase.to
-Filesonic.com not worked for filesonic.net links
-Added support for speedyshare.com
-Added support for keepfile.com

55 thoughts on “Mipony 1.1.1”

  1. yeah the new version works 100% with MU, now the download speed is normal, and not like mipony 1.1.0 where the highest download speed was 14-20 kb/s…….thanks you did a great job
    the proxy server options doesn’t works it doesn’t change my ip during downloads, please can you make better this option?? and can you also put a display which shows my current ip when i’m downloadig???
    thanks again for this great program

  2. i’m sorry but i think that i arlate too soon, the new version doesn’t works 100% with MU because now i’m having problem with it, at this moment i’m downloading 30-35 files from MU, mipony downloaded only the first file and now it’s giving me download error for the other files, i controlled and the files are ok

  3. 1.1 is cool but all developers pls add safelink detection to the program we totally need it !! Thanks again for making this cool software and pls try to solve the problem of mutltiple download from same host !! Waiting for you !!

  4. Mipony Developers,

    Thank you for listening!

    You fixed the prioritization! I can now highlight and move groups of files up and down the prioritization list without them getting out of order.

    Thanks for this wonderful program.

  5. Hi

    Can Mipony multithread Hotfile or Filesonic files? I can’t make it do this.

    It will only dl one-by-one.

    I have another downloader (Reget) that will download many simulatneously from these sites. How can i get Mipony to do this?


  6. @Frank & phantom what prob do you have??? From this morning i’m downloading from MU and everything is ok i don’t had any prob (yet)
    If you just installed mipony 1.1.1 you have to wait 24h (i don’t know why), because when i installed mipony 1.1.1 it started to saying DOWNLOAD ERROR with MU i waited 24h and the next day everything was ok, so wait

  7. I cannot download from letitbit.net in free mode
    in manual mode it works. I mean when i use the browser to dwn from letitbit
    it works. I push the free button > then enter key > and then after the ocr finish i redirect to another page > wait 60 sec anf i get a link for download.

    I tried it also in previous versions .
    all did not works.
    Other than that, its the best program . Thnx for you continous updates !!

  8. @happy – It’s strange. I’m too downloading from MU at 12 kb/s this morning.
    Yesterday it was ok. Perhaps it is a problem from MU…

  9. hotfile is stuffed, keeps making me wait and says cant verify my info, i have a damn premium, its valid, it has been a problem since the last update, was working fine before.

  10. there is a problem with the option to select the folder to store my downloads, it doesn’t puts the downloaded files in the folder that i want can you fix it?? thanks

  11. hi,
    Firstly Thanks for this new version.
    But i’ve a problem, turbobit.net links are not getting detected. i’m not able to add them .
    Plz help.

  12. tnx for this amazing application. a new product which revalutionized the downloading procedure from file sharing web sites. tnx again. keep the updates coming 🙂

  13. FileServe repeats captcha over and over w/o downloading.

    Links do not automatically paste.

    These 2 things didn’t happen on 1.1.0

  14. I’m also having problem with speed! The downloads speed is very low in all servers! In mipony 1.1.0 I used have very high speed, so I think there’s a problem on 1.1.1! 🙁

    Anyway, thanks to you guys for Mipony, it’s a program that has helped me a lot!

  15. thank you for your heroic software it’s very usefull. but I have a problem when working with mipony that if you fix it in later version,youre mipony become very very fantastic. that problem is sorting. when I add download links to mipony and start to download them I want to sort my links by size of files or any thing else but draging links manually is not comfortable I want to simply click on size tab or file name tab and etc and mipony do sorting for me. its a major problem for me and I hope you solve this. thank you

  16. great job….
    can you add ordinary download accelator and .torrent file support to mipony….
    so that i don’t need to use another download manager….

  17. FileServe repeats captcha over and over w/o downloading.

    Links do not automatically paste.

    These 2 things didn’t happen on 1.1.0


  18. I was in search of some good download manager which supports premium downloads from sharingmatrix/filesonic. I am pleased to see that Mipony v1.1.1 is perfectly working with sharingmatrix/filesonic.
    It is the find of the month for me. Hurray!

  19. Rapidshare free-mode didn’t work with mipony 1.1.1 today, because of changes in system servers or something. Many Thanks for Supporting.

    1. Thanks for the warning, but as said Omid, Rapidshare isn’t working today

      ” Dear users,

      We would like to inform you that on Monday, September 27, 2010 rapidshare.com might be unavailable for a few minutes as we will carry out some updates of the site. Thank you for your understanding.

      Your RapidShare team ”

  20. sir.. the rapidshar..e all now is new version of site.. i cant download any rapidshare link accept download from browser directly.. sorry for mybad english hehe

  21. Version 1.1.1 has a big incompatibility with Windows 7. Don`t open. After reintall 1.1.0 version, works fine. Fix new version please.

  22. I have been working with v1.21 but all of sudden it hangs at the opening screen and I have to use task master to kill it. I uninstalled and reinstalled but the same. Found an earlier version uninstalled and installed older version but no dice
    Recording Session: 1/16/2011 9:18:01 PM – 9:18:28 PM

    Problem Steps: 1, Missed Steps: 0, Other Errors: 0

    Operating System: 7600.16617.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100618-1621

    Problem Step 1: User left double click on “MiPony (push button)”
    Program: Windows Explorer, 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255), Microsoft Corporation, EXPLORER.EXE, EXPLORER.EXE
    UI Elements: MiPony, Running applications, Running applications, MSTaskListWClass, Running applications, MSTaskSwWClass, ReBarWindow32, Shell_TrayWnd

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