Mipony Websites Database updated

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony. Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing. The update include:

-Added linksave.in captcha support
-Added support for www.share-online.biz
-Added support for www.egoshare.com
-Added support for www.turboshare.com
-Added support for www.data.hu
-Added support for www.fileflyer.com
-Added support for www.xun6.com
-Added support for www.4shared-china.com
-Added support for www.save.am
-Fixed depositfiles.com
-Fixed problem in uploading.com
-Fixed megashares.com
-Fixed oron.com
-Fixed qshare.com
-Fixed sharingmatrix.com
-Faster megaupload avaibility detection
-Fixed megaupload hanged in Connecting state
-Fixed Rapidshare could not detected avaibility correctly

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Mipony 1.0.8

In this new version of Mipony, we can see  premium support  for two new websites and we have added support for Proxy connection.

List of changes:

-Proxy support
-Added premium suport for Filefactory and Storage.to
-Added support for Linsave.in encrypted links
-Remove items individualy from history
-Added support for megashares.com
-Added support for filebase.to
-Added support for appscene.org
-Added support for file-rack.com
-Added Traditional Chinese language (Thanks to kuei0116)
-Improvements for rapidshare, megaupload, depositfiles
-Japanese updated (Thanks to Tilt)
-Portuguese-BR updated (Thanks to Yamash)
-Turkish updated (Thanks to mazbut)
-Added support for zippixhare simultaneous downloads
-Fixed problem resuming files bigger than 4GB with more than 4GB downloaded
-Fixed problem uncompressing corrupted files
-Fixed mediafire.com
-Fixed uploading.com
-Fixed uploading.com premium support
-Fixed sharingmatrix.com
-Fixed extabit.com
-Fixed badongo.com

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Mipony 1.0.7

We have new version, Mipony adds new features that make it more efficient, as the automatic support for interchangeable links, also it fixes some sites that were not working correctly.
Keep your suggestions, any input is taken into account.

List of changes:

– Automatic handling of interchangeable links. If you add several files or set of files with the same names Mipony will ask you if it is an interchangeable link. If you mark it as interchangeable all the files will be added for downloading and when the first one the files with the same name finishes the rest will be marked as completed too.
– Added feature for selecting automatically links filtered by hoster for downloading
– Mipony starts faster
– Fixed, if the C: disk became full the downloads list would be lost after a restart
– Fixed some file names bad detected for Megaupload
– Changes for ugotfile support
– Filesmonster fixed
– Divshare updated to support simultaneous downloads
– Fixed Gigasize, autoresume is not supported
– Usaupload updated
– Fixed Novaup
– Fixed Oron
– Better handling of disk full errors. When a the disk is full the file is stopped instead of showing a download error
– Improved lix.in detection
– Added anonym.to links support
– In some cases after downloading several files mediafire failed
– The size of some easy-share links was not detected correctly
– Join files supports when the first file extension is .000 instead of .001
– Fixed ifile.it
– Fixed letitbit

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Mipony 1.0.6

New version of Mipony, we are on the 1.0.6, we added new download sites (and we fixed some others) and a downloads history, one of the functions most requested by you.
List of changes:
-Added downloads history support. Downloads history is enabled by default and set to remeber 15 days.
-Detect links in browser also checks the current url, not only the page content
-Fixed sharingmatrix.com
-Fixed Freakshare captcha support
-Fixed icon for x7.to
-Fixed BigAndFree avaibility detection
-Fixed hotfile premium
-Fixed some megaupload password protected links
-Show hotfile icon
-Added extabit.com support
-Added support for 4Shared images download
-Added shareflare.net support
-Added 2shared.com support
-Added ifile.it support
-Added divshare.com supoprt
-Added danish translation (Thanks to Mads Cordes)
-Added filesmonster.com support
-Added support for usaupload.net
-Added support for novaup.com
-Updated Portuguese-PT translation (Thanks to halexandre)
-Improved Gigasize captcha support
-“Join files” supports .0 .1 .2 style files
-Added support for vip-file.com

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Mipony Websites Database updated

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony. Mipony will update
itself when it starts, you have to do nothing. The update include:

– Fixed Hotfile premium downloads
– Fixed Freakshare captcha support, now Freakshare works much better
– Fixed BigAndFree avaibility detection
– Added extabit.com support
– Added support for 4Shared images download
– Improvements for Oron, Zshare and Badongo

Official v1.0.5 download now includes this upgrade too.

Thanks for your suggestions and bugreports

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Mipony 1.0.5 repacked

We have again repacked Mipony 1.0.5 to correct problems with Uploading and others.
Keep commenting so we can keep improving!

List of changes:

-Fixed uploading.com
-Fixed badongo.com
-Fixed zshare.com
-Updated Brazilian translation (Thanks to Yamash)
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt)

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Mipony 1.0.5.

You have available the new version of Mipony,it fixes some bugs and supports two new pages. Thanks to all those who are taking part in the translations and sending suggestions.

List of changes:

-Premium support for uploading.com
-Support for ccf links containers
-Removed maximum value for Failed downloads retries number
-Support for megauload file folders
-Added support for bitroad.net
-Added support for oron.com
-Fixed uploading.com support
-Fixed some errors reported
-Some memory optimizations
-Added polish language (thanks to Highlander)
-Highlight in the pasted text the currently selected link in the links list
-Updated turkish translation (thanks to Mazbut)
-Updated german translation (thanks to Philipp)

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