Mipony 1.0.9.

In May we just released Mipony 1.0.9, with improvements that you asked and improved stability. We have also added new sites as Crazyupload.com or Cramit.in and others.

List of changes:

-Update the progress of all the interchangeable links simultaneously
-Option to apply to all when adding many interchangeable links
-Option to start Mipony minimized
-Added Korean translation (Thanks to Jangs)
-Reduced CPU usage for link detection
-Support for links such as http://www.web.com/redit?url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XXXXXXXX
-Fixed “Stop” could not stop correctly while connecting
-Animated icon while Mipony is detecting links
-Mipony could not respond while detecting links
-Drag and drop support for links and containers
-On windows 7 don’t minimize to tray as default
-Only ask confirmation on exit if there are pending downloads
-Delete from historial and detected links list with Delete key
-Added Romanian translation (Thanks to rares)
-Added Bengali translation (Thanks to Sayan)
-Updated Brasilian translation (Thanks to Yamash)
-Updated Italian translation (Thanks to Davide)
-Faster clear completed and delete
-Fixed problems with file speed indicator
-Improved stability
-Fixed mediafire.com
-Fixed hotfile.com
-Fixed sharingmatrix
-Fixed Divshare
-Fixed extabit.com
-Fixed Turbobit.net
-Fixed megashares.com
-Fixed xun6.com
-Fixed hotfile.com
-Fixed sharesmonster.com
-Added support for www.cramit.in
-Added support for www.hotshare.com
-Added support for www.mandamais.com.br
-Added support for www.midupload.com
-Added support for www.crazyupload.com
-Added support for www.usershare.net
-Added support for dl.free.fr
-Added support for www.bigfile.in

18 thoughts on “Mipony 1.0.9.”

  1. I have update Mipony, and I still have a mediafire error
    but hotfile is working fine now

    and befor i forget thanx
    I love this app

  2. Please can you fix the download from depositfiles.com. sine a few days, i can’t download from this server using Mipony.

  3. Per me la versione precedente era migliore,quando un file scadeva si evidenziava nell’elenco,l’ultima versione non lo fa.Ho installata la precedente versione.Comunque grazie,Eugenio
    For me the older version was better, when a file is highlighted in the list ended, the latest version not installed the previous fa.Now i have the older version,thanks, Eugene

  4. Hello, I am having a problem with mipony v1.0.8 and v1.0.9 when trying to download from hotfile. It detects it as not available, but I can download the file without an issue from the website. Any advice would be appreciated, because I love this app!

  5. I have updated to 1.0.9, but I’m still getting dowmload errors on gigasize.com, and hotfile.com. I had got a problem with downlads from megaupload.com, because sometimes, it appeared like Complete, when this is not true (only sometimes), too. Thank you very much for this excellent downloader.

  6. i works fine only 2 days on mediafire but now it still saying download errer on mediafire fill still available on mediafire buts its not downloading plz fix the errer >?
    but anyway its amazing app.

  7. I’m still getting hotfile errors.
    It does better than before in that it manages to show the correct time / count down but then by the actual download just gives an error.

  8. mipony seems to be having a problem with mediafire maybe they changed the
    login process? hope it’s fixed soon.

    this app rocks.

    thank you

  9. luv this app
    best downloader ive ever seen
    I love you guys, great app from great creators
    Mipony is a super software.

    this app rocks.

    thank you

    : )

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