Mipony 1.0.8

In this new version of Mipony, we can see  premium support  for two new websites and we have added support for Proxy connection.

List of changes:

-Proxy support
-Added premium suport for Filefactory and Storage.to
-Added support for Linsave.in encrypted links
-Remove items individualy from history
-Added support for megashares.com
-Added support for filebase.to
-Added support for appscene.org
-Added support for file-rack.com
-Added Traditional Chinese language (Thanks to kuei0116)
-Improvements for rapidshare, megaupload, depositfiles
-Japanese updated (Thanks to Tilt)
-Portuguese-BR updated (Thanks to Yamash)
-Turkish updated (Thanks to mazbut)
-Added support for zippixhare simultaneous downloads
-Fixed problem resuming files bigger than 4GB with more than 4GB downloaded
-Fixed problem uncompressing corrupted files
-Fixed mediafire.com
-Fixed uploading.com
-Fixed uploading.com premium support
-Fixed sharingmatrix.com
-Fixed extabit.com
-Fixed badongo.com

52 thoughts on “Mipony 1.0.8”

  1. Also, for some reson it doesn’t seem to work the captcha at hotfile.com, when i enter the captcha code it gives download error, and i’m pretty sure i wrote it right, i tried it 4 times

  2. Mipony is perfect!
    To be more than perfect, have you thought about a “refresh” function?
    Now we have to “stop” and then “begin”. If the new function does both, it would be great.

  3. I still think that there should be an option to disable the question before exit. When close Windows the process is interrupted and hangs waiting for the answer. Always…

  4. There’s a problem with link recognizing.
    I copied a title, and for some reason it started downloading thousands of links, there should be a limit.
    try it yourself, copy the title from the page: http:***********

  5. i think that there should be an option for allocating bandwidth please have a look i appreicate ur efforts so i will b so glad if u appreciated my view point thanks again 😀

  6. Can you please add these sites to the software: data.hu | hellshare.hu | teradepot.com

    There’s a great site and i can’t use it because the software doesn’t recognize the links 🙁

  7. Please add options that allowed change hard drive location after link created in the download
    Reason that disk space ran out and I want to point the existing links to new drive

  8. sir i want to download images from site it’s flash file priview i need software like Mipony to cullect all images from site can u suggest me sir witch software help me………….. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. super soft; we can download from many sources at a time
    hello can you maybe put in de soft a time planification so we can start en stop on a time.for example star on 00.15 en stop on 09.00


  10. Gostei desse software até pela acessibilidade de informar se o arquivo esta ou não disponível nas páginas de download,só não entendo o porque que quando adiciono o link para ser baixado diretamente no Mipony,um aviso descreve o arquivo com erro se anteriormente ela foi detectada como disponível,somente um arquivo que baixei diretamente no Mipony teve sucesso.Obrigada

  11. Keep up the good work.

    Something’s I’ve noticed about this version.

    DepositFiles and Hotfile download extremely slowly. If I transfer the link to an external browser they download 10 times faster.

    Oron is stuck in a countdown loop and never starts to download but works fine in the browser.

    Some large movie/video files contain minor errors in the zip archive. If I unzip manually using 7zip it will inform me of the error but extract it anyway, none of the errors ever affect playback. But if I use the internal unzipper and have delete archive after unzipping selected, if the is even a minor error it will not unzip and deletes the archive anyway. Any chance of having it so it does not delete a zip archive if an error is reported unpacking so I can just use 7zip instead.

    Request, Any chance of being able to sort downloads by clicking on the ‘Name Status’ etc buttons back.

  12. Megaupload still isn’t working. Whenever Mipony detects and attempts to download a Megauploadlink, it always says download error.

  13. just wanna ask for 2 things ..can u please add usershare ?can u please make mipony write the capatcha of hotfile 2 download file directly like megaupload? i hope u appreciate our opinions thanks mipony keep it up u r gonna be the best downloader 😀

  14. hi i love this software i think is the best, but i have a problem with it…i can’t download links with hotfile it aleays gives me a error downloading even when i put the correct name on the box. could you help me? cya ** keep good working

    P.S. sorry my english Oo

  15. Agree with above Depositfiles has stopped working, it detects the link but will not download. SharingMatrix have updated their webpage which is stopping Mipony from also working. Oron does not also work anymore, it is just stuck in a 3 hour timer.

    The browser built into Mipony also no longer works for me, it says I am offline if anything at all, but I’ve been messing around with my router that could just be me.

  16. Hotfile and Uploading not working here (basic account)!

    Beautiful app … a triumph of software engineering .
    Sort by ‘file-server + file-name’ would be nice (I download from 8 or more servers simultaneously and keeping them all busy is easier when visually grouped together) .
    Being able to custom set the Size , Speed and Estimated fields to non-decimal units would be nice (such long numbers can obscure the real information when they jump around so much) .
    Overall Total and Speed aswell .

    It’s all good

  17. Kindly Update The Database,bcoz after updating mipony 1.0.8 databse its not being able to connect to MEDIAFIRE…(shows Connecting Error)

  18. Hi thank you for this manager far better than all dmanagers .. Been using it for over a year had no problems till last night with mediafire and megaupload tried everything don’t work says cannot make connection although it’s live. Updated mipony uninstalled and reinstalled still same thing. Please help I searched the net and it says due to mediafire changing there layout or somthing.


  19. Hi it does not work with megaupload at all why? I’m 1.0.8 still not working it has never shown me a captcha box but works others also now it’s not working with mediafire … I’m not complaining it’s just that your app made my life so easier and now I’m a mess I NEED MIPONY!!!
    Downloadng is so hard eeeurgh!!

  20. Luiz Paulo Geiger

    Fazia tempo que eu procurava um programa assim. Esse é, sem dúvida, o melhor programa para baixar filmes. A tempos que eu “brigava” com o megaupload para baixar filmes. Que bom que achei o Mipony. Obrigado.

  21. hi it’s not working with mediafire and megaupload, you seem to fix it and then the problem arises again, 1.0.8 never had issues with mediafire please have a look I’m on 1.0.9 repacked… Thanks!!!

  22. Hi friends,
    Mipony download only one file from one free file hosting site, have u any solution of it.
    The aother problem is whenever net fails and come again it starts from 0%.
    and delete the downloaded file. it has no resume facility.
    Please help me!
    And reply and send me its solution.

  23. HI mera naam yogesh hai,
    maine mipony software mai bahut saare movies,imeges,songs,all about videos download kiyen par last 1 monthes main konsi bhi link mipony mai add kiya to mujhe download error aarah he… i m veary naurvas.
    PLEASE HALP ME…………………..

    ANT salutation PLEASE MUJHE(yogesh.golhar@gmail.com)is id pe mail karna…………….PLEASE

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