Mipony Websites Database updated

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony. Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing. The update include:

-Added linksave.in captcha support
-Added support for www.share-online.biz
-Added support for www.egoshare.com
-Added support for www.turboshare.com
-Added support for www.data.hu
-Added support for www.fileflyer.com
-Added support for www.xun6.com
-Added support for www.4shared-china.com
-Added support for www.save.am
-Fixed depositfiles.com
-Fixed problem in uploading.com
-Fixed megashares.com
-Fixed oron.com
-Fixed qshare.com
-Fixed sharingmatrix.com
-Faster megaupload avaibility detection
-Fixed megaupload hanged in Connecting state
-Fixed Rapidshare could not detected avaibility correctly

10 thoughts on “Mipony Websites Database updated”

  1. i think that there should be an option for refreshing the software please please dont forget it next version i have asked for this option before Thanks

  2. WillowRavenSpirit

    Have reported this a few times already in the last couple of weeks…. MiPony is not automatically detecting links at all for 4shared and sometimes not detecting them for Rapidshare, even though I have the capture button checked for it to automatically detect them. However when I click on the “Paste and detect links” under “Add links” it find them with no problem. (And the links are valid and can be downloaded via web.) Please fix this? Many thanks in advance!

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