Updated Captcha Brotherhood Plugin for Mipony

Captcha Brotherhood Plugin has been updated to version 1.1.9. You can download it here.

Captcha Brotherhood is a free automatic captcha solving system, developed by a external company to be integrated with Mipony. Now they release new version, 1.1.9.

22 thoughts on “Updated Captcha Brotherhood Plugin for Mipony”

  1. The installation fails on Win 8 (and last time it did same on Win 7 if I remember correctly). Having said that it does work as long as you manually “install” the plugin.

    Procedure (make sure Mipony is not running):

    1. Install the Captcha Brotherhood using the installer file
    2. Run the Captcha Brotherhood Solver (find it on your desktop)
    3. Once you’ve run it register with a username/password or if you’ve already done that before go to number 4
    4. Once registered click on the About in the Captcha Brotherhood Solver application
    5. Click the Open button on the new popup window that appears (you can also manually browse to the folder: C:\Users\YourUserName*\AppData\Local\Captcha_Brotherhood\)
    6. In the windows file explorer double click on the folder “Files”
    7. Select “Mipony” folder and press CTRL and C (or right click on the folder and select copy)
    8. Browse using the windows File Explorer to the mipony installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\MiPony by default)
    9. Double click on the folder Plugins
    10. Press CTRL an V (or right click on an empty spot in the File explorer window and select Paste)
    11. Select the Mipony folder that was just copied and press F2 (or right click on the folder and click rename)
    12. Type in: “captchabrotherhood” (without “) then press enter

    This should work and the plugin should appear in the Mipony. If Mipony pops up an error about account.txt file it means that you did not register with Captcha Brotherhood or your account password is wrong.

    P.S. I am not affiliated with either Mipony nor Captcha Brotherhood so keep that in mind if you run into trouble with this setup and message either Mipony or the plugin authors for support.

  2. PPS. In step 3 users that have already registered should click on Settings and then fill in their Username and password BEFORE continuing.

  3. i am not able to setup the captcha botherhood plugin..i dont have plugin folder insted i have browser, language, tes folder only..can any one help..please..

  4. riplocker

    I’ve created a new folder and named as “Plugins”. Than followed the steps 9 to 12 as AcidGlow (thanks a lot to you!!!) instructed and it works.

  5. Great job AcidGlow, as Rdonald said, I also created a new folder named “Plugins” and then followed with the paste inside it, and all the steps after that, works great…

    Window 8 x64 user, so u all know

  6. as AcidGlow said, hope i make it more simple for someone who gets confused:

    1. Install Mipony and don’t start yet
    2. Install the Captcha Brotherhood, open CBH Captcha Solver and register an account
    3. Click on About you will see Data Folder, click OPEN
    4. In folder name call: “Files” you should see Mipony folder
    5. Copy Mipony folder to Mipony plugins folder and rename it captchabrotherhood (make sure you have a DLL file in that folder too)
    6. Close everything and restart Mipony, it should work.
    Basically, your folders structure:

    Captcha BrotherHood:

    \Program Files (x86)\MiPony\Plugins\captchabrotherhood\CBHMiponyPlugin.dll

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