Mipony 2.1.0.

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-New web page.
-New logo.
-Fixed, on windows 64 the files were extracted to the main incoming folder.
-New option to define the number of download retries using unrestrictors for a file before using normal download.
-New option to set a time out to auto close the captchas window.
-In the Detect links windows it is shown for each link if the download can be done using an unrestrictor.
-Better Keyboard navigation:
*Alt+D Downloads screen
*Alt+A Add links screen
*Alt+B Browser screen
*Alt+S Statistics screen
*Alt+C Capture links on/off
*Alt+H History screen
*Alt+J Join files
*Alt+O Options
*Ctrl+Tab change between screens
-Added egofiles.com premium support.
-Reset unrestrictor errors for a file when it is stopped.
-Faster handling of downloads list when there are a big number of downloads.
-Fixed Mipony can crash at start up if the downloads list is huge on windows 64 systems.
-Fixed error downloads list not saved correctly.
-Added multi-debrid.com unrestrictor support.
-Updated letitbit.net
-Updated mega.co.nz
-Updated shareflare.net
-Added download support for rusfolder.ru
-Added download support for junocloud.me
-Added download support for akafile.com
-Added download support for fileom.com
-Added download support for xunlei.com
-Added download support for ex-load.com
-Added download support for x7files.com
-Added download support for 119g.com
-Added download support for shareblue.eu
-Added download support for eyesfile.ca
-Added download support for 4upfiles.com
-Updated easybytez.com premium
-Added download support for hostuje.net
-Added download support for vidup.me
-Updated lumfile.com
-Added download support for isavelink.com
-Updated depositfiles premium.
-Updated zevera.com
-Removed filegag.com
-Removed fileprohost.com
-Updated nowdownload.eu
-Removed datacloud.to
-Updated ultramegabit.com
-Updated Japanese (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Turkish (Thanks to FaraDelisi).
-Updated Galician translation (Thanks to Pablo).

92 thoughts on “Mipony 2.1.0.”

  1. thx again but this couldbe the LAST time as your UNWANTED TOOLBAR STUFF AMONG OTHERS is hard to avoid….

  2. The installer provides random extra products.
    Each of them have their own way of confusing you.
    This is not an issue with MiPony. It is an issue with the product you are trying to avoid.
    You need to complain to the individual product vendors.

    My only complaint….

  3. After declining several of the totally unwanted stuff offered by the installer, it displays a window only saying “some text”, but no button to continue / accept or decline. Guess you need to fix the installer …

  4. El antivirus no me deja instalar esta versión.Se ve que han incluido nuevas cosas ocultas en el instalador que no son del todo de fiar.

  5. Serbelloni Mazzanti VdM

    Uploaded doesn’t work anyway on new version: “download error” after right captcha is really boring. Can u fix it? Thanks.

  6. after installation my anti-malware software found a lot dangerous objects QVO6 is hard to remove… bye bye mipony…

  7. Hotfile doesn’t work. It doesn’t recognize my premium. When I don’t enter my premium account the premium status on add links page shows that there’s no premium account. But when you entered your premium details, the premium status on add links page goes blank. Hope you can fix this asap

  8. When i try to download Mipony 2.1.0, ESEST Antivirus tell me that there is a danger : “une variante de Win32/InstallCore.BY application potentiellement indésirable”, even if i outpass this information during the installation.
    Is there a virus or not into the installer?
    And please, restore the old icon with the pony…!

  9. I extracted the installer, and swapped the database sig.bin from 2.1.0 into 2.0.5, so I’m good with the new hosts. but the main executable is now 4.58MB, when it was 1.90MB in 2.0.5. That’s just sad. Looks like I’ll be on 2.0.5 from now on, and just keep swapping in the database from later versions.

  10. My Webroot AntiVirus also picked up on a virus “Wajam_validate.exe” saying it was a backdoor generator.

    I bypassed all the unwanted software and I also got an error message saying “Windows cannot access the specific device, path or file, you may not have the appropriate permission to access this item” btw I am the Administrator and ran it that way.

    I left the install spinning and it finally installed V2.1.0 …

    This version is not capturing the link when using the manual “Copy this Link Location”, I do have it checked in the Options to bring MiPony to the front when a link is detected. .. also was not finding my premium account.

    PS .. PLEASE bring back the Pony Icon .. HATE this thing with a RED LINE over the top of it, you can’t even tell what it is.

  11. Do you REALLY think we just click accept-accept-accept-accept to every prompt without reading? …and yeah, McAfee detects your new installer as a dangerous application.

  12. For every single link it gives “unrestrictor error, trying again” and it takes minutes before ask for captcha when it starts. Version 2.0.5 worked perfectly, no error. Why?
    New icon is really bad!!

  13. As a blind person, I am excited about the new keyboard commands, and the ability to automatically close the captcha window. All of that said, I spent such a long time cleaning up all the unwanted nonsense after the last update, that I’m afraid to go through that again to get this new version. Is there really no way to upgrade to the new version without having to dodge a seemingly endless barrage of bullets?

  14. Mipony No.1 Fan

    I have to admit……… Mipony is going downhill, I miss the old pony icon and the clean installer……….. If you don’t change back, I guess it’s time to switch back to JDownloader..

  15. After dewclining a couple of unwanted offers, the Installer faults with just saying “some text” in a screen / window without anymore buttons to continue, accept or decline. All i can do i s terminate it. Please fix the installer

  16. Merci pour ce programme il fonctionne a merveil j’adore Mipony merci vraiment pour tous . I LOVE MIPONY 🙂

  17. I added my premium Oteupload account and it worked for a day not it is saying I do not have premium on the application even though I do on the website.

  18. I added my premium Oteupload account and it worked well for one day. now its saying I dont have premium account. I confirmed that mine is premium because its fine on the site. Its seems that Colin is having the same issue

  19. I have a premium oteupload account and it worked fine for ONE DAY. It now says i dont have premim. I’ve confirmed it’s premium because it is fine on the site. I think Colin is haveing the same issue. Plz help me out

  20. I guess with no way to bypass the malware, it’s bye-bye to Mipony. Too bad…except for Hotfile not working, it was a good program.

  21. Ugly,ugly,ugly…
    Why replace the old icon of mipony…??
    We were so damn used to it over the years,can anyone explain how to replace the new with the old??
    Is it even possible??

  22. This downloader is horrible….you tell it that you don’t want their product and then it downloads it anyway!!! I’ve deleted Norton twice now and I’m not gonna update until you get that fixed!! I have my own virus scan and don’t want Norton!!

  23. Can’t download from “http://ryushare.com/”.

    But File is found in “ryushare.com”.
    And it can downloadable in IE10.

  24. Hi,
    I succeed to install it with many UNwanted shits. I uninstall “them” using uninstall programs UI of Win7.
    But, even a full reboot of my system, MyPony is still in 2.0.5 revision … no matter it works fine for the moment.

    The conclusion is that your last 2.1.0 is really a bullshit (undesired addons, wrong install and so on …)

    not ready for a further update :/

  25. this is a very good software, but please, give the option to disable the browser so i dont get all those unwanted cookies and other junk.

  26. To every one of the MiPony guys (and gals)… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! WOW! You managed to fix the startup crash problem! Thank you SO much! Not only did you fix it but you listened to everything everyone said and managed to make it a better. Thank you! You guys (and gals) make our mundane lives just a little simpler with your program. I only wish there’d be less bitching and ungratefulness from the fickle public/internet junkies out there. Show a little gratitude and appreciation sometimes. Thanks again guys (and gals) working on MiPony. You guys are awesome. Ciao.

  27. MiPony USED to be awesome, until you started packing it with tons of malware. WTF guys, why ruin a great program by putting it together with packaged malware that INTENDS (lets not kid ourselve, it does this on purpose to make you install it) on misleading you into installing other malware and dangerous software. It took forever to fully delete and undo the harmful affects of DeltaSearch, and I installed mipony immediately after that because I don’t want ANYTHING that’s related to malware on my computer. So sad you sunk so low.

  28. only few hosts working fine. so i downloaded from all other hosts manually. mipony going to the trash! i don’t need it anymore!
    nice job gAys!

  29. Honestly, I thought this was a real software. But I found that the only thing they did in this update is to fill my pc search engine bar and malware.
    A user lost.

  30. The software is excellent. As a suggestion, I can say that would be even better if it created new filters on the “add links”, whose function would be to separate the links from the list in most categories, especially the “type”. Currently, the separation of links for “size” and “server” is very limited and simple for software as good as Mipony. It is necessary to improve filters on this tab of the program in order to provide better results when selecting the files to be downloaded first.

  31. my college block the file transer website,hence i am not able to download any file by mipony.
    can you please help me, please include the proxy by pass feture like “tor browser ” in MIPONY…. or plz help me or guide me how to use MIPONY in my college.
    please Admin hope you will help me.
    you are my hero,i hope you will sure help me.
    thanking you

  32. Hi,
    I really like Mipony but I can’t install the version 2.10 ?

    What can I do ? I’m on Windows 8 and nothing happen after launching the setup.

  33. I’m very bothered because of the annoying dealt search, one of the most invasive malware. I declined its installation yet it was installed anyway in spite of my declination. And the antivirus detects it.

    I was very fond of your program but if you don’t remove malware, I’ll switch to Jdownloader.

    I think you have to give us the option of downloading the previous version, the 2.0.5 one, which doesn’t have the damn dealt search. What a pity! I consider a respectable website mustn’t allow any possible malware.

    Altough, thanks for giving me three wonderful years. I hope it will be a brief farewell.

  34. It’d been a year ago I asked Mipony to add the cache feature. It seems like it won’t happen. That sucks. Without cache feature downloading with mipony would be sucking.

  35. still adding useless hosts no one hardly uses and ignorigng the poular ones i see. not to mention all the malware. i done with this crappy software

  36. duds, seriusly, what tha hell are yu duin? the installer contain ALOT of malwares and suspicious stuff.

    damn tool bars from hell…

  37. what does it mean.””” stopped the device is not ready””??mean the download file stopped for that message

  38. Hi Minopy,
    I’ve used Minopy for a year but after updated this version i’m really disappointed and frustrated about unwanted toolba and Commondo Sercurity. It contains a lot of spyware and malware that my MS Sercurity can catch.
    Sorry but i have to uninstall all related f**king malware app and mipony too 🙁

  39. Hello! Just to give some feed about my own experience. At this date, Windows 7 64-bit … MP working fine 🙂

    I have just made a comment in another version and came to the latest version to repeat it again.

    As for the comments on viruses and others, well, have found some malware from time to time in my computer, as anyone (with or without the software), but cannot be sure that they’re coming from MyPony itself, never had the least problem with it before or now, and for sure I don’t have anything else installed without my permission … a good antivirus does the job and remember that some free softwares need to be sponsored in some way in order to keep free for all, so sometimes they include some other software within the installation which can easily be skipped. For doing that, click on the “Advanced” button when you start installing and keep unticking whatever you don’t want to be installed. Voilà!

    You’ll have then a clean MyPony installed and ready to start downloading.


    Quelques softwares gratuits comme MyPony ont besoin d’avoir des sponsors pour se maintenir gratuits pour tous donc quelques fois l’on inclut d’autres logiciels dans l’installeur, lesquels peuvent être évités facilement. Pour faire ça, il faut clicker sur le button “Avancé” lorsque vous commencez l’installation et puis vous simplement décochez les boîtes de tout ce que vous ne voulez pas avoir installé dans votre ordinateur. Voilà! Vous aurez alors un MyPony sans rien d’autre, tout prêt pour commencer vos téléchargements.


    Algunos softwares gratuitos como MyPony necesitan tener sponsors para poder mantenerse gratis para todos, por lo que a veces incluyen algunos softwares extra en el installador, que es muy fácil esquivar. Para eso, denle click en el botón de “Avanzado” cuando empiezan a instalar y desmarquen las casillas de todo lo que ustedes no quieran instalar. De esta manera tendrán un MyPony limpio y listo para comenzar a descargar.

    To MyPony guys, you’re doing an excellent job … honestly don’t like too much the new icon (and lots of people I have talked with do agree on that as well) but the soft is just great as always. Keep the good work and thanks for making a better Internet for all with your awesome effort. Same thing to Captcha Brotherhood guys.

    Take care & Blessings!

  40. Thanks for all the viruses and spyware, assholes.

    I found a whole bunch of new stuff after I installed MiPony. They definitely came from there.

  41. My downloads all say download error it was working fine all weekend what can I do to correct this or is the system down I don’t want to lose my links. Thanks and I love the Mipony program don’t want to lose it.

  42. Luckyshare used to work great with Mipony, but now the downloads are timing out after less than 1 MB. Is this a Luckyshare or Mipony problem?

  43. I have much problems with the newest version of MiPony. When I open the software, it uses a high processing and doesn’t work! It doesn’t work! Stays in 50% 60% of processing and doesn’t open, doesn’t work, just dies. IT IS A TRASH! A TRASH!

  44. What’s with all the damn javascript messages…GRRRR! My java’s up to date and I have no malware/adware. Of course I don’t expect an answer because mipony staff never offers any support!!!

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