Web Sites Database DB88 updated for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database updated for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

List of changes:
-Updated ddlstorage.com
-Added download support for likeupload.org
-Added download support for megafiles.se
-Added download support for filestay.com
-Added download support for rapidfileshare.net
-Updated load.to
-Updated mais.me
-Updated 4shared.com
-Updated 180upload.com
-Updated filesin.com
-Added download support for ifile.ws
-Added download support for speedshare.eu

30 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB88 updated for Mipony”

  1. Thanks for Mipony, but i have a Request: It is possible to add a “Clear Log”-Button at the Mipony Logs-Window? Admin, please answer me. Thanks.

  2. Respected devolpers!!! iam requesting u to some of the options are:

    1. please add torrent file support.

    2. will be better the downloading progress showing in the system tray if the mippiny software closed also.

    while closing the option we can give two options they are:

    a. do u want to close completely this software and close downloading?? if it is in progress.

    B.. yes, I want to close this software, but wanna see downloading progress bar in system tray.

  3. MiPony is a really nice software, and I’ve been very happy with it but unfortunately it suddenly is giving too much “download error” with Uploaded. The only way I found for downloading from there is giving hours between downloads and retarting MiPony to have a correct download each time. I hope you can fix this.

    Also, the latest days appeared a really annoying ad of an email screaming “you’ve got a message” that makes me open it and restart MyPony again to have it shut up. Please, find a way to silence this thing…

    Finally, I love Timy’s idea of torrent file support and the ability of closing the software while keeping the downloading until finished. I’d also love to be able to choose, each time, the directory for uncompressing or joing files, with each download, as an other option included within when opening the window to select the download directory.

    Thank you very much for this excellent software and your effort and patience to make it better. Keep the good job!

  4. accessability problem with mippiny software please fix it!!!!!

    respected team!!! iam a blind person, accessing this software with the help of one talking software (screen reader) name called JAWS, (job access with speach).

    the probelm iam facing is, most of the features are not able to access with keyboard shortcut, so, requesting u to make some keyboard shortcut for specially for people those who are blind.

    I know apart from me, lot of blind people are using this software, butthe the main problem is, most of the functions we are unable to use properly.

    we are not depending mouse only keyboard so, iam suggesting u to add these keyboard shortcut are:

    getting option alt o.

    accessing current downloading list control a etc.

    hope my suggestions will consider in the appropriate manner.

    thanks much,


  5. Are your software open my Kundly—Yes/NO
    Many Typs softwares I downloaded,But nobody opened my Janam kundly file.
    You are useless time wast and other working software downloaded.I am not Perfact man in computering Drivering.So Thanks Delet your software,I can not Understand what is your softworking!

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