Web Sites Database DB71 updated for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database updated for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

List of changes:
-Fixed unrestrictors can download multiple files from the same hoster simultaneously.
-Updated rapidshare.com
-Updated 1fichier.com
-Updated uploading.com
-Updated depositfiles.com
-Added download support for filemates.com
-Added download support for brontofile.com
-Added download support for longfiles.com
-Added download support for filerose.com
-Added download support for mojofile.com
-Added download support for fireget.com
-Added download support for filemac.com
-Added download support for servifile.com
-Removed azushare.net
-Updated depfile.com
-Updated glumbouploads.com
-Updated speedfile.cz
-Updated sendmyway.com
-Updated novafile.com
-Updated zooupload.com
-Updated filerio.in
-Updated czshared.com
-Updated uloz.to
-Updated jumbofiles.com
-Updated oron.com
-Updated czshare.com
-Updated letitbit.net
-Updated shareflare.net
-Updated uploaded.to
-Added download support for filedefend.com

42 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB71 updated for Mipony”

  1. The download of uploaded.to files doesn’t work! On Mipony appears “Download Error” but you can download them by the web. Sorry if my English is not perfect. Thanks for your job!

  2. sadly, Captcha Trader closed down, but nobody seems to know why. The rumor is that they ran into legal trouble, but this is not confirmed as far as I know. You were not ripped off. Captcha Trader was a very valuable service that lasted almost two years. I’m sure they didn’t close down willingly, or with the intention to rip people off. I do hope Mipony finds some other way to provide for the handling of Captchas because, as a blind person, I am now back to only being able to use sites that don’t contain Captchas.

  3. Since the last server update, I can’t download nothing, CAPTCHA window isn’t shown anymore, I want to downgrade the last update.

  4. There seems to be a problem. I cannot start the application unless I delete my download list. I’d rather not lose all of my downloads (I have a lot – over 120gbs worth). I’m assuming the list is too long, is there anyway to fix this?

  5. Without any warning Oron has completely disappeared from the Internet.
    The site carries no message and the domains don’t work.
    This just happend after Oron been hit with Piracy Lawsuit.
    Some people think that they are in the process of relocating.

    one more thing uploaded.to is not working !

  6. i can download from jumbofiles just fine now
    there must be something wrong if you cannot download from jumbofiles…
    try re installing the mipony

  7. Would somebody from the Mipony team please answer the question of whether or not you intend to get Rapidgator working again? Rapidgator hasn’t worked since version 1.6.4. Each time a newer version, or database comes out, no mention is made of an attempt to fix Rapidgator. A lot of good stuff is uploaded there, and not being able to download it through Mipony is very frustrating. That said, I do appreciate all the work you guys do to keep this program going.

  8. PS. you can see mipony in task manager/processes immediately you click to launch the program. Mipony screen doesn’t appear for several minutes.

  9. O download do Uploaded.to continua falhando. A janela do captcha não surge mais e ao invés disso, a contagem de espera começa e finaliza com o erro de download. Por favor verifiquem isso, pois esse servidor é um dos melhores.

  10. Yeah, it takes up to 30 minutes for the program to open for me.

    Oron hasn’t closed… At least not yet. They told Torrentfreak they’re changing hosts, dunno if that’s legitimate or a lie.

    Also, Rapidgator works just fine for me. I’m downloading from it at this very second in fact.

  11. HurpDurp, are you a premium Rapidgator user, or are you downloading from them for free with Mipony? I’m trying to download from them for free. I enter the link, hit download, it counts down from 30 seconds, I put in the captcha, it then sits there for about a minute saying “Connecting”, then after about a minute, it just says “Download error” with no explanation.


  13. Yet another person that the program will not open for. It’s showing up in the processes/task manager as running but it will not display. Tried the desktop shortcut, the programs menu,the start menu shortcut and the exe. in the program files folder – NOTHING works.

    No problems with the previous version. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  14. how do i fix the .exe probs? open it and i get “the application failed to initialize properly )0xc0000135)

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