Mipony 2.0.0.

New version of Mipony, we have added new sites and updated others. The main change in this version is that Mipony can now support unrestrictor services:
– Alldebrid
– Realdebrid
– Zevera
– Multihosters
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Support unrestrictor services:Alldebrid, Realdebrid, Zevera and Multihosters
-Rename files in download list.
-Plugins now can show buttons on the toolbar, update the captchatrader plugin to earn credits directly in the Mipony interface.

-Added sound solving option for recaptcha captchas
-Updated Portuguese Brasilian translation (Thanks to Yamash)
-Added download support for lumfile.com
-Added download support for uploadjet.net
-Added download support for queenshare.com
-Added download support for filerio.in
-Added download support for streamcloud.eu
-Added download support for azushare.net
-Added download support for videoweed.com
-Updated gamefront.com
-Added support for mirrorcreator.com links
-Added download support for kupload.org
-Added download support for migahost.com
-Added download support for fileband.com
-Added download support for zooupload.com
-Added download support for datafilehost.com
-Added download support for file.karelia.ru
-Added download support for verzend.be
-Added premium support for 1fichier.com
-Updated ufile.eu
-Updated rockdizfile.com
-Removed ddlani.me
-Removed ovfile.com
-Added cloudnator.com
-Updated peejeshare.com
-Updated letitbit.net
-Updated divshare.com
-Updated file-upload.net
-Updated hulkshare.com
-Updated sendmyway.com
-Added download support for depfile.com
-Removed diglo.com
-Removed dark-uploads.com
-Updated yousendit.com
-Updated uploading.com
-Updated slingfile.com
-Updated syfiles.com
-Updated filefactory.com
-Updated mais.me
-Updated box.net
-Updated ulozto.cz
-Updated ge.tt
-Updated 1hostclick.com
-Updated ryushare.com
-Updated zippyshare.com
-Updated depositfiles.com
-Updated jumbofiles.com
-Added download support for filelaser.com
-Added download support for novafile.com

130 thoughts on “Mipony 2.0.0.”

  1. Yay! Thank you very much for the new version.
    After installing the new CaptchaTrader plugin, now it properly shows my credits again. The captchatrader buttons take a while before it shows up on the toolbar after I play settings in Options. but overall, those buttons are really helpful in gaining credits quickly. Thanks again guys. MiPony the best!!

  2. Thank you very much for the new version.
    “depositfiles.com” doesn’t work well. It’s impossible to download the second file from this resource. It writes ERROR. But I can receive this file with my Mozilla Firefox and with another downloader. Could you resolve this problem?

  3. As a blind person, I want to thank you so much for adding the option to solve recaptcha captchas using sound. This will be very helpful to your many blind users. One thing I didn’t see in the list of changes was an update for Rapidgator. Are you guys still working on fixing that, or is it working for other people and the problem is unique to me? Either way, thanks again for all you do.


    the captcha in the toolbar doesn’t seem to work.
    “Error getting Captchatrader credits” When I press Earn credit, nothing show up.

  5. I guess the depositfile problem is due to the waiting time for completing 1st download. It use to start a second file immediately but you need to wait now.

    However the waiting time wasnt show, it shows as Download Error.

  6. oh, mipony! i love you!! Thanks for the software, creators!! It really is the best software i’ve seen so far in downloading from premium pay sites like exabit, letitbit, etc!!

  7. Same problem with “ depositfiles.com” doesn’t work well. I must close and reopen mipony to download from this server

  8. multihoster download like real debrid doesn’t permit multiple download, please fix this so we can have multiple downloads also for the multihoster! thanks!!

  9. Hello,
    Added automatic link recognition for protect-my-links.com on mipony please.

    Thank you in advance, your job is fabulious, i love mipony <3

  10. There is a bug with the new unrestrictors (like Real-Debrid): they can’t start multiple downloads, they’re stuck at 1 file per time.

  11. 1. I have a problem with Depositfiles: In the “Add Links” all available links shown as unavailable
    2. Needed: option to add comments to files in the “Downloads”

  12. Depositfiles issue for me too. Shows unavailable in the add links section, when links are added, they have no name (under the download section) and all show as the same file size. Then when download of one file finishes it says “Cannot create a file when that file already exists.”. Also no temp file shows up in download directory when it is downloading those files.

  13. hello,my problem is that downloading with realderbid it can’t start multiple downloads, it stucks at 1 file per time.

  14. another problem that i find is that it doesn’t creat a file at the begining so all the files that you are downloading are in there and it doesn’t delete from the line the allready downloaded files but you have to erase by clicking delete

  15. First of all, let me begin by saying that I’ve 8 premium accounts so; why are all my downloads going through Real Debrid when I have premium accounts to those filehosts……….e.g. Rapidshare, Freakshare and 6 others???
    And I’m also experiencing the problem that its only downloading one link at a time. Also, captchas keep appearing even if I have premium accounts.
    I’m not too sure I like this new version coz its creating a lot of problems that weren’t there before.
    Please fix all these problems and let me enjoy and appreciate Mipony like I used to. Thanks.

  16. I’ve having downloading issues with rapidshare even though I’ve entered my premium account it still gives me an error. I’ve checked and everything is working fine when I download from the website. Is there any solutions to this?

  17. Thanks!!!
    This new version of Mipony is… PERFECT!
    Now, peejeshare works for me.
    Mipony is my life.
    Thank you very much.

  18. Downloading from Filepost.com is too slow using MIPONY!!! Using the same link via the web site directly is MUCH MUCH FASTER!!! Please look into this issue.


  19. Letitbit premium login does not work. I contacted Letitbit support and they can’t get it to work also. Not Happy….

  20. QuiLovesMIPONY

    Thank you so much for all your work. Mipony is the best download manager!

    This is probably redundant but . . . I have a premium account on Depositfiles but Mipony isn’t recognizing it. In the premium column it says “No _get premium_”. I have re-entered Depositfiles name and password, restarted Mipony, etc., but it doesn’t help. Just letting you know.

  21. Hi!

    first of, thanks for an awesome piece of code! Just love the Pony… 😉

    I have a premium account on Oron. Actually, I have various. my main one worked perfectly at first. Once I hit my quota, I changed the credentials to the second Premium account, and that started the problem.

    1. it would be nice to support multiple Premium accounts per site. This way we could enter them all, and let MiPony pick the latest active one to avoid changing when quotaas are hit.

    2. How can I force log off – relog of a premium account? it seems like even after RE-entering my original one, I still can’t get full speed download.

    In any case, really awesome work. Love it! 🙂

  22. Hi

    i have just installed the latest version and new CaptchaTrader plugin but no matter what I try to download from any site i keep getting “download error” and at the bottom of the screen it shows Captcha error.

    I am trying Letitbit, shareflare, extabit, rapidgator, netload and all of these keep giving me an error as well as asking for captcha

    I am new to Mipony and am sure that I am doing something wrong. Please help!!

  23. hi

    i’ve been having a problem getting putlocker and jumbofiles posted at safelinking to add to the d/l list.

    it works fine with mediafire and zippyfiles

    i just discovered the connector

    someone posted a set of links at 4 sites
    not at safelinking

    all 4 (jumbofiles, mediafre, putlocker and zippyfiles) links loaded and alt/sourced

    used links at a safelinking page for jumbofiles and they would not load—same for putlocker.

    it may not matter enough to check into, but posted as an fyi—if nobody else has noticed it previously.

    great d/l manager

  24. Hello,
    mipony works well but not with share-online! When I use a prepaid account from share-online, mipony alwas gives a totally wrong message in the left bottom corner and in the log: “Fileserve user xxxxxxxxxxx is not premium”. So I think the problem could be, that mipony wants to register the premium account of share-online at fileserve?

  25. so the problem is mipony now wants to register a paid account with both file hosts and the previous versions of mipony did not?

    then it looks like there’s nothing to be done on this end…until an upgrade fixes it.

    it is also been crashing on me lately too. system may be getting a bit ready to format, but not very probable as cause of program crashing. other system indicators seem nominal.

    so it needs some re-working then?


  26. why is my download from mediafire start from the beginning if i stop it? is this new features from mediafire?

  27. hi friends, turbobit download doesnt work well, I can download using the direct web link but mipony count the time and ask for captcha all the time never starting the download, please correct that

    thank you a lot !!!!!!!

  28. Thank you for the new version, one issue I’m having though is that I keep hearing a clicking every 10 seconds. It’s driving me nuts. Is there a way to disable this?

  29. i have Premium acc on share-online, but smtms i see capcha-window and MiPony
    waits to solve. what’s wrong with it? login and password are ok. Please, help me. thanks in advance!




  31. Rapidgator hasn’t worked for two versions of the program now. Mediafire and Extabit immediately ask for CAPTCHA’s instead of sending them to CAPTCHA Trader first. Depositfiles is also messed up. This new version is crying out for a database update. thanks for all your hard work with this software. It is much appreciated.

  32. another fyi

    safelinking files for gamefront links were copied from webpage and accepted properly – tho i had to copy&paste them to be recognised. program did not do it automatic

    files added to download list (did not copy any other links than intended files

    also found other unrelated files added to list

    mipongy is getting weird files with the gamefront secure links links

    the files are there too



  33. Thanks a lot for the software.
    However’ the prior version downloaded from letitbit with no problem.
    This version makes it keep asking for captcha until noting “download error”.
    Iread other people have a similar problem.
    Any way of changing that ?
    Thank You

  34. I was just about to download this software but jeez, how many issues? Me thinks the developer needs to go back to the drawing board. Get the coffee on as its going be a looooong night.

  35. Hi everyone !
    Again, thanks for the software.
    There are a few problems.
    Shareflare and letitbit still do not allow downloading free through mipony.
    putlocker gives errors too.
    Please help !

  36. Zevera did work in the end but was slower than Internet Download Manager and only allowed one download at a time.

  37. depositfiles link cannot detect availability, link detect is OK, but always come Unavailable, even when the link is OK and no problem (using browser).
    i hope can be fix soon


  38. problem with oron.com. the captcha appears and after you solve it, it says download error and you get waiting time as if you had downloaded the file. sometimes the captcha doesn’t even appear, it just renews your download waiting time, after getting the “download error” message

  39. depositfiles.com not working on version 2.0.0 detect the urls but can’t see up the link, and marks it with a red cross

  40. Captchatrader is a ripoff. Don’t buy them. Because the site is down now. They got the money, now they left town.

  41. Oron premium doesn’t seem to be working on MiPony at present – it says authentication error, however, I can login fine.


  42. I don’t know what the story is with Captcha Trader, but it is wrong to call the service a ripoff. As a blind person, I’ve been using Captcha Trader for a long time, (I bought a bunch of credits), and the service has made it possible for me to download all kinds of stuff that I never could have if I had to solve captchas that I can’t see. maybe the service is dead now, who knows, but it has certainly not been a ripoff for plenty of people.

  43. Okay, I’ll have to admit Captchatrader is not a ripoff. Sory about that. I just found out they are legal problems. They probably got taken down by the courts. Darn. Everything has change.

  44. Captchatrader is a ripoff? It started like two years ago, by some random guy on the Internet making a bot for Lockerz.com. Because Lockerz has removed Play (which is what the bot was designed for) and no longer requires captchas, the website is obviously no longer needed.

    …Just saying.

  45. How to use with premium ALLDEBRID?

    I entered the premium data but if grab a files links (compatible alldebrid) return me “premium not supported”

    Please help me

  46. I cannot download more than 1 file at a time using a premium account of Real-Debrid. Is anyone able to download more than 1 file at a time using Mipony with Real-Debrid or it is a bug?

  47. For a time I hope I is not seen improvement in the updates they do, is to place a time limit to enter a captcha.
    When you download a file that requires entering a captcha, the problem is that: The program waits for the captcha, and if not insert it stays there, and how terrible is that they can spend hours and hours, and the program is still there , and does not advance to the next link to download.
    My hope is to resolve this issue, the other popular download manager has, and this is exceeded the expectations we all have for the program, which is very good but can be even better.

  48. agreed on Mrkasuya
    yes, Other program give “time limit” if there is no input, it move to next link and so on. i hope mipony can do this too.

    i like mipony better because of it easy to use and simple. the other software is got more feature, but still i like mipony better…
    hope get an update soon

  49. Oron premium hasn’t been working since days ago, and it can’t recognize depositfiles, will this problem be solved soon?

  50. Oron.com does not work in Version 2.0. Resets the Oron timer to somewhere between 1-3 hours wait till next download. VERY FRUSTRTING!!

    At least it has not worked since I tried it yesterday. Worked fine in the previous 1.x versions. Please fix.

  51. I would echo poster “RSC”. I would say version 2.0 has a serious bug. Please reinstate the previous version till 2.1 is released with bug fixes.

  52. Version 1.6.4 has the same problem with Oron now. Maybe Oron changed something to prevent MiPony from working with it? Can the developer please test your Oron downloads and let us know if they work or not?

  53. Suport PREMIUM JUMBOFILES!!!!!!!!!!

    All are not working


  54. If your not using Mozilla Firefox as your borwser put it on and use as your borwser.Click Tools at the top and on the drop down.Add-ons.Then-Browse all add ons.Put on Adblock and Flashblock.If any show right clickon it and on the drop down Adblock or Flashblock.Add filter OK and it’sgone for good.

  55. fyi

    gamefront files are accepted, but the pieces are simply listed as span file and not the file names

    in addition to also adding unrelated files too

    seems this version needs some fixing


  56. another fyi
    (wouldn’t say anything if i didn’t like you—lol)

    uploaded.to gives error with mipony, but downloads with the browser


  57. fyi
    doubt anything can be done about it

    had mipony running and was using jkdefrag running at 25% at same time
    tried to clear complete and got error message saying cannot save list popup

    closed jkdefrag and added links i had saved in a txt file
    opened mipony—added links, but lost all d/l progresses, but links did load

    just an fyi

    error report sent


  58. also could you please add the ability to capture youtube links for mp3, flv and mp4 individually as separate links for each youtube video link? thanks

  59. ӏ do trust all of the сoncеpts you’ve introduced to your post. They’re really convіncing and сan definitely work.
    Still, the pοsts are too brief fοr
    begіnnеrs. May you ρlease extend them а littlе
    frοm next time? Thank you for the post.

  60. Mipony can’t detect links from Safelinking. Really frustrating not being able to use Safelinking links for downloads. Please fix the problem.
    Also, please add Rarefile as supported file host. I’ve paid for the premium membership to Rarefile but I’ve not been able to use any Rarefile download links here in Mipony.
    Thanks a bunch.

  61. don’t know if anyone has requested this before?

    i do quite a bit of graphic images things and it would be nice if mipony had the function of recognizing net jpg (etc) image links too

    if it did? all people would have to do is copy the image link and mipony would automatic download it

    thx for the only d/l program i even bother with anymore

  62. just added text file of gamefront links and all i get is a list all titled span title. no way to tell which link goes to which file number

    thx if you can fix

  63. you’re probably getting tired of me posting problems with mipony and think i believe it sucks, but it’s because i use it a lot and appreciate it’s function very much

    lately safelinking links have to be pasted to be recognized. mere copying them to clipboard wont do it.


  64. The files without no name should be rename before starting download otherwise it will receive “Cannot create a file when that file already exists.” error after download completes.

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