Web Sites Database DB72 updated for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database updated for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

List of changes:
-Updated Putlocker.
-Updated Uploaded.to

50 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB72 updated for Mipony”

  1. admin, please check Share-online!
    I added a Premium-Account in Mipony and sometimes he need a Captcha Code to Download?!?!

  2. Cannot download with Gold on DF.

    Also, program still takes up to 30 minutes to start. I’m starting to think it’s because the icon for Oron can’t be downloaded for all of my Oron downloads.

  3. uploloaded.to not working well eg File is 200MB but only download 4Mb or a few Kb and then finished(done) Could you look into it thank you

  4. Can you please increase max segments in Alldebrid? At the moment, it is only 4 segments, I need at least 10 to use all my bandwidth.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. I just had a huge pile of links (over 600 for sure) get added into the Add Links section of MiPony and I have no idea where they came from. My clipboard was empty except for an email address that I had copied about 1/2 hour earlier. Most of the links were old and deleted but ~200 were still good. A lot of it software that I’ve never downloaded and never would. Kind of weird… anyone else ever have this happen?

  6. 4shared has changed it set-up again … now it asks if you want to download as premium or free user… is there a way for it to auto-download as free (unless you have account info saved for premium) so it can at least start the timer for the free download (and then download the item) because right now, as it stands, it is coming up as ‘download error’ for all files if doing it with a free account. Many thanks!

  7. if you want download from 4shared, you must have to make an account. free is OK. then input your account in mipony. if you are free user, it still can download just fine…

  8. oh yeah, i wanna give a little advise for future mipony update.

    now, mipony had a speed limit, but it is globally apply to total download bandwith…
    i wish mipony can add a speed limit to each host or even each link…

    i find that some other site gain more bandwith than the other, so the other link (slower one) becoming very slower while the “fast one” keep most of the bandwith to himself. and sometime the slower one become download error…
    if only the slower one is being downloaded without the fast one, it is OK just fine, no slowing down, but maybe cannot as fast as the fast one…

    i hope mipony team can consider my opinion


  9. Hi,
    I’ve tried downloading a single file, from mediafire, using mipony and there is no problem, but when I try to download a hole folder with lots of files in it, it doesn’t work it says mediafire (not available) even though I no it is because I check it in the web brouzer first. I’ve tried this with several different links from several different sources, with the same results. I’ve also tried it on a diffeerent computer and had no luck. I used to be able to download intire folders with earlyer versions of mipony. Any help would be graitley apreatiated because I have to imput each url for every file manually instead of letting mipony do it and it’s extremely time consuming.
    Thanks, Melissa.

  10. Melissa, try copying the Mediafire folder address to your clipboard, then in Mipony, right-click in the add window and choose paste and detect links HTML. Mipony should then go to the page containing the files in the folder, and fetch the Mediafire links automatically.

  11. If you ask me 4Shared is a must these days, but I bet Mipony Dev or team knows that already. Then my question is has there been some major change on 4Shared, meaning hard to fix? If so any estimation of how long it would at least take to get it fixed? In order to know If I have to manually download those 100+ 4Shared links o.O or just wait…

  12. Hi,
    I’ve tried doing that, but it still doesn’t work. Maybe I’m not doing it correctly?
    I’ll put a link to one of the folders so you can see what I mean
    What is the difference between coppy and paste links, and coppy and paste links (HTML?)

    Thanks very much for the help and look forward to hearing from you, or, anyone else.

  13. paste links means that you are pasting in a group of exact download links. paste links HTML means that the link you are posting is for a web page that contains download links on the page. Mipony will examine the HTML on that page, and extract any download links it recognizes, and automatically put them in the list for you to download. also, for another user, 4shared works fine. all I did was create a free account, add the details to Mipony as if I were a premium 4shared user, and 4shared links download in Mipony just fine.

  14. Por favor amigos, gostaria de saber porque o letitbit não está mais funcionando há mais de um mês e hoje quando fui tentar baixar pelo “UPLOADED” diz que a conta é premium, porém não consigo baixar mais nada, e eu já estou utilizando a versão mais recente do MIPONY?

  15. Please friends, I wonder why letitbit is no longer working for over a month and now when I try to download the “UPLOADED” says the account is a premium, but can not download anything, and I’m using version latest Mipony?

  16. @Alexander
    you just have to make a free account first, then input the account to mipony, and voila… it work just fine…

  17. Uploaded premium is not working anymore, I have an premium account and when I try to download a file it says premium attempt failed.

  18. Sandro Alves,

    estou com mesmo problema , não consigo baixar pelo UPLOADED, está baixando na taxa de 45 kbs e a minha conta e Premiun ,este Nipony está uma porcaria!!!

  19. I have a premium account in UPLOADED THIS AND ACTIVE. however, does not YOU MORE DOWNLOAD. WHAT IS HAPPENING?


  20. I no longer can download any files from rapidshare. this started when my pldtmydsl went off-line, then I use my Sun Wireless Broadband internet usb stick to connect but without luck ca I download from rapidshare, but can download from other known sites.

    Rapidshare Error Code: Ip Error – Ip was manipulated, Download parameters invalid.

  21. Is version 72 the latest version and the Mipony website has not yet been updated?

    The Mipony website is showing that the latest update is Database 71. However, when I look at the “About” window in Mipony from the “Help”, it is showing “Database version 72”.

  22. zeca linhares - brazil

    Hello! I wish to inform the server uploaded.to changed domain to uploaded.net, and that the downloads are not working now in Mipony! please correct this problem! Thank you!!

  23. Hi,
    Does anyone have any idea why mediafire still appears to not be working? i’ve tried “Add links” buttun and then ccoppy and paste links (HTML) and with still no results. this is for mediafire folders, only, mediafire single links are working properly.
    Any thoughts?

  24. Please add an option to allocate file space for downloads. Mipony fragments files excessively when downloading multiple files.

  25. Hey admin, can u fix pls, the 168,48 MB problem, when i’m downloading from “share-online.biz” :-((
    The file is 200 MB, but the this program here say it is only 168,48 MB.
    Can u look to at share-online.biz, why every time 0 KB files ?!


  26. Damn mipony sucks. Takes forever to read the links that are the exact file link, then fails downloading them and cannot even decrypt adf.ly which i all over the place. Come on, try harder please.

  27. 4Shared still having problems with Mipony. I can’t download as free account, even putting my login there. Please fix guys, you are all doing a great job guys.

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