New anti captcha plugin

Captcha Brotherhood has created a plugin to solve captchas for Mipony. You can download it from the Brotherhood website and install it on your PC. Once you install it, if you need to solve a captcha Mipony send it to the CBH server where it solve in exchange for credits. You can obtain credits solving captchas for other users.
It is a good alternative to Captcha Trader (in case you have installed both, you have to disable one of the them in preferences).

67 thoughts on “New anti captcha plugin”

  1. Estou eliminando o uso do Mipony porque não aguento mais estes captchas, é ridiculo um programa tão bom usar um recurso tão ruim e ultrapassado.
    Quando acabarem com o captcha, por favor me avisem.

    Mui grato,

  2. VIPRE antivirus/firewall software gives warn for as “the site you are trying to visit contains potentially harmful or objectionable content.”

    Usually it has good reason to it.

  3. hi all,
    i am the developer of the “Captcha Brotherhood” system.
    you can contact me via captchabrotherhood{at} for any issues.
    happy downloading…

  4. Boas, estou a ficar desiludido com o Mipony, não basta as velocidades estarem reduzidas, como ainda estarem a pôr captchas?
    Qual o intuito de estarem a obrigar o ppl a nganadosir para contas prémiun, se nos dias que correm está tudo sem ($$$$)com esta crise.
    Ora se pensam que é por ai que resolvem os problemas, estão muito enganados, simplesmente dá-se o abandono deste pograma e destes alojamentos.
    Penso que a vossa politíca tem que ser equacionada e repensada para bem de todos.

    Um abraço a todos os que lutam por uma comunidade livre e isenta de parasitas.

  5. Windows 7 says the programam is not fit in the windows instaler, also Norton Antivirus bloqued the file and alerts thats is not safe

  6. Loaded up CBH then mipony. did enough captchas to get 125 credits. Pressed stop on CBH, then closed mipony and cbh to install new version of flash, opened both programs back up and now i have 5 credits.. wtf??? I didnt use a damn credit! Program is crap. dont bother.

  7. hi all,
    my tool is not unsafe and not crap. it works very nice for thousands of users of both mipony and other download tool. i have no idea why some antivirus or security tools don’t like it, maybe just because they feel that solving captchas for each other, to beat download barriers, don’t make them happy. for problems you have, please contact me on captchabrotherhood{at}, including your username and detailed explanation of the problem. screenshots would be good if possible. for credit problems, when you solve a captcha wrong, you get points at first, but those points, and a little more, is decreased from your account after some minutes. if you contact me with the info i need, i can look at the database deeper and tell you what happened.

  8. CBH works with all hosters, as long as they are supported by Mipony. if you have problems with any hoster, Please check if that hoster is supported by Mipony.

  9. How is this supposed to work? I downloaded & installed it. Ran the program to get credits. There is no sign of any integration with mipony – it still only sees the captchatrader plugin.

    Shame – captchatrader is down yet again ….

  10. Very good idéa but it doesn’t work! 🙁 There are no integration in mipony, I think it’s only a soft for jdownloader. Wainting foran update!

  11. CBH works well with Jdownloader , Can’t find CBH plug in in Mipony option after installed CBH 1.7 .

  12. hi all,
    to those who don’t see CBH plugin in Mipony :
    did you have any errors during installation?
    do you see CBH folder and a .dll file in it under …Mipony\Plugins\ folder

    after a clean install with no problems, it works for Mipony and all hosters that Mipony supports

    please contact me over

  13. Hi Lelim ! I did a clean install and see error 75: Path/File access error in Captcha_Brotherhood.Form1.sbMipoly_DLL_KopyaEt. The error occured at line: 198.
    I’m using Win7 , 64 bit . with the newest Mipony.
    I hope you could fix this because Captcha Brotherhood rocks 🙂

  14. duckyy : if you see error 75, you need to right click on installer and select “run as administrator”, that is a known issue with win7 64 bit.

    for heh and all others who can not install or use : if you have problems installing and using the CBH, please contact me over with problem details and i will try to help you and solve the problem. System absolutely works and currently solves thousands of captchas for Mipony users daily.

  15. error 75 all the time and it’s impossible to run as administrator : this option is not included for this file. Thanks for your help

  16. @lelim . when right click on installer there isn’t ” run as administrator ” option.
    I logged in as administrator and run the installer , still encounter error 75 .

  17. Ola,tenho usado o mipony a alguns meses,porem agora comprei uma conta premium
    uploaded e aumentei a velocidade da minha internet para 10 mega alcançando uma velocidade media em downloads de 1.09mbs,porem com o mipony a velocidade maxima nao passa de 400kbs em um unico link,tenho que colocar no minimo 5 links diferentes para alcançar a velocidade maxima,ja tentei alterar as configuraçoes mas nao tem jeito,por favor me digam o que fazer pois ja estou quase desistindo do mopony.

  18. Já tive bons momentos com o mipony, porem agora só desgosto, mas talvés um dia possa melhorar no sentido do que se propoe

  19. PonyTail : is there a problem with letitbit or rapidgator?
    can you try to download those links by disabling CBH plugin and entering captcha yourself, can you download the links that way?

  20. @lelim
    Sorry the errors were addressed to MiPony team to fix them. Theres nothing wrong with CBH plugin 🙂

  21. There is CBH folder and dll inside it in Mipony plugin folder. But still captcha is appearing in Mipony when its starting a download. Please help !!!

  22. hi kutzzz,
    please try following
    – restart mipony and try again
    – check if you have disabled the plugin, in mipony options
    – make sure you have entered your username and password correctly in plugin settings
    – if those doesn’t work, try redownloading and reinstalling the CBH. setup file may be corrupted while downloading.
    – if nothing works, contact me on

  23. Does not recognize mipony thinstalled virtualized and seems not to be working with mipony !!! It’s far more better to use premium hack as solving nasty annoying captchas ! Recently on rapidgator catchas are non recognizable !!! Very nasty !!!! Plug ins for mipony and others should be implemented installed inside program no additional install ! Portable versions and virtualized versions are not able to use plugins !!!

  24. The plugin is now integrated in Mipony but it does not work with Rapidgator Captchas. Any idea how to solve that issue?
    thx in advance

  25. hi,
    i don’t know about virtualized version and didn’t try portable version.
    but i can confirm you that CBH works with Mipony well. and it works with rapidgator captchas too.
    as always, if you have problems installing and using it, please contact me.

  26. cara vocês são bem burros né?
    um cara aí de cima disse que a velocidade de download não ultrapassa os 400 mb…
    é claro que não! para isso vc tem que clicar lá em baixo e mudar a restrição de velocidade para ilimitado…

    o outro disse que os desenvolvedores do programa colocaram captchas


    esse é o mais burro!
    não foi o desenvolvedor suas antas!
    são os hosts que colocam!

    o programa é ótimo eu dou nota 10 para ele

  27. what wrong with rapidgator chapta ??
    it very very hard to see cause very messy chapta, not like other hostsite…its trully really Hard, makes my eyes hurt..
    and there is no reload button…

    Please, could you add reload button

  28. Man,,,Mipony already needs another update!

    Mediafire files now are ALWAYS asking for captcha…its ultra boring!

  29. Check your code Man!! I have to unistall this plugin i have downloaded it two times checked with total commander the binaries are the same. Always i had the same problem “error in line 198” no miPony integration…

  30. Does not work !!!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow premium cookie plugin hack might help but no hack around !!! Due all premiums are in cookie format !

  31. There is problem with rapidgator’s captcha. I can’t read them, mipony shows me twisted words, the only way to solve it is downloading the files from their sites, please resolve it.

  32. There is problem with rapidgator’s captcha. I can’t read them, mipony shows me twisted words, the only way to solve it is downloading the files from their sites, please resolve it.(2)

  33. Hi! CBH works well for me. But there’s one thing I miss, the possibility of skipping a captcha when it seems impossible to solve. Some captchas are so confusing that it’s more likely to be solved wrong than right. And since a captcha solved wrong takes credits away we should have the chance to skip it, and maybe someone else with a better visual acuity will be able to solve it.


    Theres LOTS of new servers around ( as and others) and theres NO MIPONY SUPPORT for it!

    Mediafire is asking for captchas every goddamned time!

    Its time for a new version, guys…cmon!!!!

  35. @lelim
    CBH is fantastic, thank you. I fixed error 75 and Mipony integration on win7 x64 machine copying CBHMiponyPlugin.dll in a new subfolder called “Captcha Brotherhood” inside Mipony Plugin directory.
    You were right, the problem was administrator rights. In detail modifying Program Files content requires UAC autorization but installer do not display any message, UAC refuses modification and CBH installer gives error 75.

    New Rapidgator captcha system is BOT-sensitive and Mipony and Jdownloader works like BOT. If you solve some captcha you will be able to identify new rapidgator captcha from Jdownloader (readables) and from Mipony (indecipherables). Mipony update is needed.

  36. Tenho feito downloads pelo Shareflare. Mas de ontem para hoje, mesmo reiniciando o pc e a rede, o Mipony indica “Captcha error” e fica tentando conexão com o servidor por varias vezes, muitas delas sem sucesso. Será que os amigos poderiam me explicar se esse é um problema do Mipony, ou é o servidor que está realmente fora do ar? Obrigado!

  37. Hi

    Tried following all the steps, but till CBH is not showing any integration with Mipony. I am using Win7 34 bit. No CBH folder appears with .dll file in Mipony plug in folder. No error during installation also either of Mipony or CBH. The thing is working fine with Jdownloader, but I want to get it working with Mipony because Mipony seems to be better and convenient to use than Jdownloader. I have tried all the steps mentioned in the Mipony Blog-Blog Archieve- New Anti Captcha plugin, but of no use and still there are no signs of CBH downloader integration with Mipony. I even tried to run the CBH in “run as administrator” but no such option comes up in my system. Please help and if possible send a link of the plugin which can be installed directly and starts working with Mipony.


  38. 1 . Why the credit is taken away while there’s no downloading process???

    2. It’s so unfair we can loose credits by not answering, no one’s in front of the monitor for hours doing only one thing.

  39. For those who r havin the ERROR 75 prob, try installing mipony in my doc or some other folder and then try runnin the CBH install package. Solved the prob 4 me!

  40. Tenho feito downloads pelo Shareflare. Mas de ontem para hoje, mesmo reiniciando o pc e a rede, o Mipony indica “Captcha error” e fica tentando conexão com o servidor por varias vezes, muitas delas sem sucesso. Será que os amigos poderiam me explicar se esse é um problema do Mipony, ou é o servidor que está realmente fora do ar? Obrigado!

  41. solucion error 75 (Path/File access error)
    – intalar captcha brotherhood si aparece el mensaje de error de mipony no importa
    – ir a “C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Local\Captcha_Brotherhood\Files\Mipony” y copiar el archivo “CBHMiponyPlugin.dll”
    – ir a “C:\Program Files (x86)\MiPony\Plugins” y crear la carpeta “captcha brotherhood” y pegar dentro “CBHMiponyPlugin.dll”.


    Fix to error 75 (Path / File access error)
    – Install captcha brotherhood if you get the error message to Mipony no matter
    – Go to “C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Local\Captcha_Brotherhood\Files\Mipony” and copy the file “CBHMiponyPlugin.dll”
    – Go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\MiPony\Plugins” and create folder with the name “captcha brotherhood” and paste “CBHMiponyPlugin.dll”.

  42. My Antivirus software is constantly rejecting the application when logging in. Finds a trojan in JSRedirector when executing mipony.exe. The same happened when opening this website ( but opens the webpage. In the application looks that the script is blocked and never ends, so I have to close and restart with the same result. But sometimes works. Looks that the webpage in the internat browser changes the links. Could you please have a look on it?

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