Mipony 1.6.2.

New version of Mipony, we have added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Added premium and free accounts support for 4shared.com
-Added extabit.com premium support
-Updated Brazilian-portuguese translation (thanks to Felipe).
-Updated Turkish translation (Thanks to FaraDelisi).
-Updated Catalan translation (thanks to Marc).
-Updated Japonese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated share-online.biz
-Updated netload.in
-Updated filefactory premium
-Updated filefactory
-Updated extabit.com
-Updated mediafire.com
-Updated 4shared.com
-Added download support for peeje.com
-Added download support for dark-uploads.com
-Added download support for ryushare.com
-Added download support for ddlani.me
-Updated netload.in
-Added download support for uploadhero.com
-Added turbobit folder support
-Updated adf.ly
-Added download suppot for edoc.com
-Addded uploaded.to folder support
-Added download support for shurload.es
-Added download support for ovfile.com
-Added download support for uploadboost.com
-Added download support for limelinx.com
-Added download support for muchshare.net
-Added download support for syfiles.com
-Added download support for fiberupload.com
-Added download support for speedfile.cz
-Added download support for rockdizfile.com
-Added download support for asfile.com
-Updated uploading.com
-Updated 1fichier.com
-Updated shareflare.net
-Updated filepost.com
-Updated 2shared.com
-Updated zippyshare.com

75 thoughts on “Mipony 1.6.2.”

  1. Thank you *so* much for adding premium and free support for 4shared – you all are amazing!! If possible, could premium and free support be added for box.net? Thanks again for all you do and for such a great program! I have recommended it to a lot of people.

  2. Zippyshare is broken 🙁 Links are detected, but “download error” for every one. Links work fine in browser.

  3. I love Mipony!!
    Could you kindly add premium support for ‘Rapidgator’ and ‘Turbobit’??
    Thanks in advance!

  4. O melhor gerenciador de download que existe, o unico problema é o visual dele que poderia melhorar fora isso exelente, meu pc sem ele não é o meu pc.Obrigado

  5. Mediafire is working fine, but when Mipony detects links, they all show their size as 420B !! When the d/l starts, Mipony detects the size correctly, though. So, it’s just strange behaviour.

  6. Please could you fix uploading.com, with fileserve.com and wupload.com folling filesonic.com and only allowing downloads from the uploader in person, we are running out of good sharing sites.

  7. Não esta dectando os links do peejeshare.com, tirando isso o mipony é o melhor gerenciador que existe.


  8. Why when i close Mypony and then reopen the files I was downloading is starting from zero even though I had already downloaded a lot?

    1. @Ivymike
      Some servers don’t support to resume download, whenever it’s possible Mipony resume the download.

  9. Some big sites are switching from netload to ddlstorage.com, could you please add support for this host?

  10. Hotfile, files over a certain size are failing at 99%.
    A file of 20.29MB works, but frequently ( not always ) files
    of 101.09MB are failing at 101.03MB.
    Downloading direct from Hotfile works fine.

  11. hello, (sorry for my poor english talking)

    really thanks for 6.2 update about a lot of things,like uploaded to or zippi or …many many mores!

    part to read and erase after as well…:
    [[Just a few (just a one or two more please!)options and your mipo’s.exe would be the more downloaded of the internet world!(why?cause he’s too cool but not with enough options for many many people i think (it’s damned sure by the way)
    a few more skins (not a lot,in “addon” or “plugins” of course… )or other things like options to make our own mipony’s style..but you’ve already made a lot of things for us (and this mipony.exe is in my pc for a long time i can tell it to you, so THANKS! (i’ve written that more for you than for me cause itcould be cool for getting new users(not me but others ones),and a visible link to make donation as well…(in mipony!!)]]

  12. Bonjour,
    Dpuis quelques temps quand je télécharge avec MIPONY,ça rame au maximun a 10 et auparavant je téléchargeais 800 ou 900,actuellement j’ai MIPONY 1.6.2.
    Merci par avance de m’apporter la solution a ce problème.

  13. Extabit also has the problem of failing at 99%; To compound the issue,
    both extabit and hotfile restart from the beginning rather than
    continuing on Dowload Errors.

  14. Anyone else finding that this version slows your system down. I did an unrar of a file and it took just over 100 minutes with mipony running and 12 minutes with it off. I never had this problem with the 2 versions old one I was using before. Its too system resource hungry

  15. The program is fantastic.

    There is one minor issue I have with I-Filez.

    The Captcha screen keeps flashing up, eventhough a download is not possible because of download limits.
    This is the only host that continually does this.

  16. Can you guys add indowebster and ddlanime web hoster to your app? Currently this 2 hoster serve great bandwidth compare mediafire and sustain longer files

  17. Been using Mipony for some time now. I could not now be without it.

    Can someone tell me if there is a forum or what-ever, where suggestions for a new feature can be posted?

    What i would really like is that somehow, Mipony changes my computers IP Address that is seen by the server(s) i might be downloading from.

    Sometimes it’s a pain waiting the long time between DL’s that some servers impose. Automatically reset the IP Address every hour or thereabouts.

  18. Hi, this program does not support premium Rapidgator – is this coming soon? Thank you and really good program. I like it!

  19. The option to “make suggestions” and “report bugs” (under the HELP tab) is still missing, as previously reported.

  20. I subscribed to Freakshare and Bitshare thinking that it would improve the download speed and it didn’t. Mipony please look into this problem. It has been 3 days of pure frustration.

  21. imperial forces


  22. Ifile~~ Link is detected but it wont download. And also, why is it that ifile’s downloading speed is just ranging from 3-7 kbps. Im using, 3g mobile HSDPA, 3.6 mbps. Usually, my DL speed is 90 kbps. I dont know why Ifile’s having these problems.

    ANYWAY! I LOVE MIPONY! Easy to use. 🙂 Thank you.

  23. First of all thanks for making such an awesome software/freeware, I have been using Mipony for almost a year I think and downloading has never been easier. Thanks guys!

    But there’s a little problem when downloading from ddlani.me, it detects the link(s) but when downloaded I always get a “Download Error” while if I do it manually and insert the IP of the file, it downloads as an HTTP just fine. Hope you guys can fix it in the next version. Keep up the awesome work guys 😉

  24. I have several premiums accounts (8 in total) but I keep getting captcha requests for them. And it takes turns between the 8 accounts. One day its Bitshare and another day it can be Freakshare. Why does this keep happening? Please explain as I’m curious to know why I’m paying for premium accounts when I keep getting this inconvenience. Also, the speed of the downloads is pitiful.
    Don’t get me wrong………I love Mipony and I’m a very new user (only 3 weeks old)and was estatic when I was first introduced to you and still am but just a tiny bit disappointed that things aren’t working with my premium accounts (and download speeds included). Anyway, please look into these and like Rangga said, hopefully all these problems will be ironed out in the next version or dare I hope sooner. Thanks a gazillion times over.

  25. Please put an option to execute an external program after each download
    We need to execute a batch to change our ip.

    It shouldn’t be difficult
    Thank you

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