Mipony 1.6.3.

New version of Mipony, we have added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Added premium support for rapidgagor.net
-Added premium support for ddlstorage.com
-Added premium support for czshare.com
-Added button to send errors.
-Updated Slovak translation (Thanks to Gaal).
-Updated Brazilian-portuguese translation (thanks to Yamash).
-Updated letitbit.net
-Updated ulozcz.to
-Updated dl.free.fr
-Updated rapidgator.net
-Updated filefactory.com
-Updated ifile.it
-Updated 115.com
-Updated peeje.com
-Updated uploadhero.com
-Updated speedfile.cz
-Updated 4shared.com
-Added download support for dllstorage.com
-Added download support for file4safe.com
-Added download support for hipfile.com
-Added download support for nowdownload.eu
-Added download support for sharebeast.com
-Updated speedyshare.com
-Removed zshare.net
-Removed uploadbox.com
-Removed share.xpg.com.br
-Removed x7.to
-Removed xun6.com
-Removed usershare.net
-Removed enterupload.com
-Removed duckload.com
-Removed kickload.com
-Removed megafree.kz
-Removed uploadking.com
-Removed uploadhere.com
-Removed 6lqh.com
-Removed gotupload.com
-Removed dataup.to

68 thoughts on “Mipony 1.6.3.”

  1. Please add a simple function to execute an external program
    after a download is complete.
    I just want to put my own “change ip” function in it.
    Thank you for the program.

  2. hello maybe, on ver 163, you needed to pick custom install to not get that babylon toolbar…the full install option installs it

  3. hello DonJuan

    I know users can pick custom install. Since Mipony know babylon toolbar is malware, why don’t remove it? Someone may install it.

  4. Please add Jumbofiles to your list of supported file hosts as I find that there’re a lot of sites recently that use Jumbofiles for their download links and a group of us are thinking of paying for their premium account and we all use Mipony for our downloads. Thanks a bunch.

  5. it handed my Lan Port some time…. after restarting it, it works for few moments & then again stop downloading….
    this version is not good.

  6. when downloading from LetItBit, the captcha keep coming out right after i enter the previous one…
    and, uploaded and rapidgator not working… 🙁

    love mipony

  7. Very pleased with Mipony so far. It’s a great app. Only a small detail: no support for Uploaded.to premium after last update. Can you fix it please?
    Keep on the good work!

  8. Uhmm good day! Im having a “Download Error” in ifile.it. Before, I can download files in that site. I hope you can fix it.

    By the way, mipony is so strong! Plain and easy to use. 🙂 Keep on improving this software. 😀

  9. Could you please fix Zippyshare? It wasn’t working in 1.6.2, & still doesn’t work. “Download error” for every link.

  10. HI please can you fix beatshare please is not working… always says the file is not valid… please thank you

  11. hey guys awesome comeback, thank you for bringing back the error reporting feature. thanks a lot. keep up the good work, and thanks for putlocker, its working again.

  12. rapidgator is not working…it keep giving “download error”
    i hope you can give database update or update version so this can be fixed

  13. Why does partially downloaded files restart from 0% when Mipony 1.6.3 resumes connection and not where it left off, as in previous versions?

  14. Automatic detection of links is not working for me in the latest version. tried to reinstall and same thing. have to manually paste links in for Mipony to detect them.

  15. ‘letitbit” free is not working. Used to work very fine. Now Captcha keeps on coming without actual download.

  16. Mediafire is asking for captchas for ever 1-2 downloads, and I’m not talking about the one they require for once a day. Jdownloader is having the same problem.

  17. Can you also please make it so that mipony will recognize a premium mediafire account. Even though, I enter my correct username and pass, it tells me that it’s not recognized or authorized.

  18. omg, please fix media fire, every links has a download error, and plz also fix the fragment download for Mediafire,

  19. Rapidgator was working until about two days ago. Now it just throws up a download error after the 30 second countdown.

  20. Mediafire isn’t working, asking for captcha, even though I put the correct captcha it asked for one again. Please fix it. 😐

  21. Mediafire works for a few downloads then stops when i entered the caption correctly?? Now all i get are download errors

  22. please add turbobit.net premium account support if possible.

    so sam rapidgator.net havn’t been up yet

  23. Please advise since downloading Mipony v1.6.4 all my downloads are super slow. I’ve checked my comp. and it’s running great. I’ve checked my down & upload speeds and there great. Anny suggeestings? I have uninstalled and re-installed progam still same problem.

  24. i install 2.0 without the babylon but babylon took over my search engine option, im using firefox and i can’t find any options to delete or remove it!

  25. Very good. Except the stupid babylon toolbar, which installs even if you untick the options. Who wrote the code? How stupid can people get? Tick equals install and untick equals don’t install: a simple 2nd standard reasoning.

  26. And by the way, whether you tick it or not, when you accept the terms for installing, you are forced to accept installing the stupid babylon toolbar or nothing gets installed; so, my question is, what is the point of keeping that option when you force your “happy fans” to install stupid babylon with or without consent – you corporate moron dogs.

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