Updated Mipony Remote

We have updated Mipony Remote (Lite and Full). Now it is compatible with Android 4.x. We also fixed other problems detected.

You can install it using the Anddroid Market.

30 thoughts on “Updated Mipony Remote”

  1. you should add a “start all” and “stop all” button near the download speed bar at the bottom of Mipony, and change the function of the default “start all” and “stop all” buttons to “start/stop selected” as this would prove very useful.

  2. Please fix mediafire. MiPony can download from mediafire.com but on Add Links section the file size it detect is only 420Kb

  3. tikk666 is right.

    4shared now requires that you LOGIN to download files! You now have to download ALL files from the site!

  4. @PonyTail the 420kb most likely means that the file is passworded.

    Please allow passwords to be added from the web interface.
    Plus the ability to turn off password/captcha notification on the desktop if downloading through the web interface.

    I currently have to VPN to my home computer just to put in mediafire passwords.

  5. just got a premium deposit files account and after entering information to download as a premium user mipony only recognizing files as a free user. have restarted mipony many times and still not working. files download fine with firefox so is not a username or password issue

  6. The following problems are still existing with the latest version of Mipony (1.6.1):

    1. The program is detecting links for 4shared however it is not downloading anything from the site, even though the same links are able to be downloaded via the web.

    2. The option “send feedback, failures and suggestions” is not available on the program (used to be found under the Options tab, it is no longer there – see screenshot: http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j41/PaganPricess/Screenshots/Mipony_NoFailureOption.jpg )

    3. No option available to add other file share sites account info/password in the Premium area. For example, 4shared is not on the list, and I have accounts that I could add there and the site is not listed.

    **Please** fix these problems… thank you.

  7. @vcash I have the same problem with PonyTail, and none of them are using password.

    Mipony, please fix this size problem, and add the segmented download for mediafire, and also when I’m trying to detect a link for premium mediafire link (which is a direct link) mipony detecting the file forever until I remove the premium link.

  8. @Chelle

    Now to download files from 4Shared, you have to LOGIN and them download files DIRECTLY from 4shared site.

    If you try to download them using a download manager(Mipony, for instance), the downloads will always fail!

    So now you have to download files from 4Shared MANUALLY!

  9. mediafire size only 420b. there is no password. I’ve tried in many mediafire link. all the same. please fix it

  10. can you please fix downloads from filefactory? I wrote to them and they said
    “”Hello, we recently relaunched our site with a new design, and Miponi has not been updated to make it compatible with our new download process. As we are not the makers of Miponi, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it (you will have to try contacting them).””

    thank you a lot

  11. @ goblinguy … I’ve been able to download links via web without having to log into my 4shared account. I was wondering if Mipony was going to do anything about ‘fixing’ this so that we can once again download 4shared files via Mipony. (Part of the fix might include being able to input/add our 4shared account information so that Mipony can download from there still…currently there is no space to add in the information, or option to add it manually.)

  12. I bought Mipony remote for android and it works great. But is there a way to add links without copy/paste them each time? The “Share link option” is not available with the application

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