New version of Mipony, we have updated some sites and added others.
Download the new version here.
List of changes:
-Gigasize premium support.
-Autoselect file when it opens the download folder.
-Duckload premium support.
-Option to add files in stopped state in “Download to folder ” window.
-Added Czech translation (thanks to Karel).
-Added Cantonese- Hong Kong translation (thanks to Samson).
-Filesonic updated.
-Added download support for fileape.com.
-Depositfiles updated.
-Updated furk.net.
-share-online.biz updated.
-usershare.net updated.
-Added automatic download support for 1fichier.com.
-Updated filefront.com.

130 thoughts on “Mipony1.2.2.”

  1. prá mim um dos melhores gerenciador de downloads que já conheci, exelente simplesmente exelente, o melhor…

  2. Thanks for the update but I’m still waiting for the Sound alert option
    when downloads(queue) are completed/finished 🙂

  3. thank you for the update. but fileserve still error, always asking for recaptcha. i’m hoping there will be a fix soon. again, thanks for your great works.

  4. Ricardo Teodoro

    letitbit is not workink. Please fix it soon. Fileserve keeps asking to input captcha manually. But this download manager is simply the best. thank you.

  5. Please Solve the Letitbit Downloading Problem. Whenever i am downloading from Letitbit Download error message will be shown. Please solve this problem

  6. @dartdavid and all leechers:

    Fileserve and most uploading hosts have resume support for PREMIUM USER Only!!
    damn why is it so hard understand that?

  7. Excellent program. I wondered if I could ask for a couple of features that might be interesting. First one, a support for a proxy (socks or http) list so you can have several ips added to your mipony and it’ll download with free accounts rotating the servers, it’s a feature I’ve seen in some other client.

    The other request is being able to launch more instances of mipony in case the first one is too hard to do, being light as it is you can always launch several clients with each proxy.

    thanks a lot.

  8. Version 1.2.2 problems,
    1. Filesonic, time looping and looping
    2. Bitshare, after key in captcha, download error appear.
    3. Clipboard capture no longer function, have to manually paste link.

    So revert to 1.2.1 which is working fine. Fileserve still no resume, I have ever download a 3Gb file 5 times because of this.

  9. You know ? Download Link from mipony.com still version 1.2.1 NO 1.2.2. When it installed completed. Please see a Title Bar it still Mipony 1.2.1

    No 1.2.2 although try to download 1.2.2 from the link many time.


  10. filesonic still has looping problems at times and captcha needs fixed , have to enter captcha for every file if your having issues downloading from a site thru mipony check the link manualy to make sure its a live link to weed out if its mipony or not … have downloaded a few files via megaupload with out problem . MIPONY DEVLOPERS PLZ FIX ASAP

  11. hello, mipony is great, but it’s also need the capability to clean its cache and cookies, when people download from file hosting site such as mediafire, if cookies not cleared, its dificult to continue download from one file to another, mediafire will think that we are robots.

    TO ADMIN : how can we clear cookies and cache from mipony and its browser ?
    it keep failing download from media fire

    the popularity of mediafire is increasing dramaricaly and now its 1 of the most important file hosting website.

  12. I have a Filesonic Premium but is not working properly, time looping and captcha appearing, how did you manage filesonic premium to work perfectly on your mipony?

  13. Hi

    Am not able to download as Filesonic free user, since past 6 hours. Other hosts work perfectly. Please check. Filesonic might have changed something in the past few hours.

  14. @ponytail
    if i’m asking resume support for RS, HF or other, i’m at fault. because as far as i know, mipony doesn’t support them from the beginning exept for premium user. BUT mipony earlier version had support resume for fileserve & filesonic even for non premium user and i’m asking why don’t support them anymore. i think that the others meants to. please read my comment from the start to the end before make obvious comment. NTL mipony is great software. keep up the good work.

  15. @dartdavid
    AGAIN: Fileserve and most uploading hosts have resume support for PREMIUM USER Only!!

    What term of Premium User that you dont understand? If you pay, then you get resume support. its simple as that. i know the earlier version can resume download, but that maybe some kind of ‘glitch’ at Fileserves. i feel bad for you too.

  16. I like your software, but there’s a little problem with the free accounts, for example, you can barely download from rapidshare for the long waiting times, but there are sites called premium link generator, i found a great one, which works very well and has support for Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, Filefactory, Deposit files, and Fileserve!
    Here’s the link to it: http://www.leechking.com
    If you could somehow make a connection with it, you could make mipony to download freely from these sites, which would make mipony THE BEST!

  17. hi,
    Auto link detect does not work anymore. It started since yesterday for me. And Hotfile has some problem connecting after the captcha. It says Download error.Sometimes it just keeps on connecting , that the only thing it shows after captcha. Please fix this, mainly the auto link detect. Please Fix this as soon as possible.
    Thanks for this great software. This is the best.

  18. could you guys add a “disc cache” configuration option?
    It will make user easier.
    Anyway, is Mipony using disc cache while downloading? All I see is it keeps rewriting my hard disc too often.

  19. By the way, when I was downloading, the file name was emulePartfile. Is that normal or what? What is it has to do with emule? Isn’t it http download most of the time?
    Could anyone answer that?

  20. filesonic seems not working for me from this version. Can’t download from FILESONIC in the MiPony while downloading from browser is OK.

  21. V1.2.2 Mipony no longer download from megaupload?
    ‘re only giving error
    I love this progam
    more’re killing me this error
    please fix it soon please

  22. strange, captcha bypass worked in earlier version, now it asks all the time. Too bad, this is the power feature that really makes the program stand out.

  23. I’m looking for a Bug Reporting section, I guess I report them here:

    PROBLEM: I don’t use MiPony for Filesonic or Fileserve downloading because the app doesn’t assess the storage web sites wait time properly (or so it seems).

    FILESONIC: Whether I select one or more files to download, MiPony gets caught in a time loop. When I then goto perform the download manually (using IE or FireFox), Filesonic reports I am already downloading the file. This is not the case at all and I am forced to wait a long time until the Filesonic web site ‘recovers it’s sanity’ – then I perform manually.

    FILESERVE: Can down load 1 file at a time. For multi-file downloads, I STOP all Fileserve selections, and run then individually, one at a time following a previous sucessful Fileserve download). Otherwise, MiPony gets caught in the time loop problem after the first sucessful download.

    thx and good luck!

  24. thanks for the great program – I have just switched over from JDownloader and I am happy.
    FILESONIC is not working for me (Win 7 SP 1 x64): sometimes I simply get a download error and other times, if the capchas are shown for input, I type them in but they are not accepted, and I get a new set of capchas. The links are fine, I can download manually from FS website. Please fix

  25. This problem just happened few days:
    FILESONIC not work; x7 work but it turn slow.

    I use it very well before. Can anyone help me?

  26. Guys,

    I don’t know what you did but you sure messed up Filesonic. it can’t detect links (Even when in the browser they are perfect) and they keep on looping when trying to download.

    Thanks for nothing.

  27. Sharmatrix links are not working gives download error
    while i check throgh web browser it links are working
    please give updates for this mistake

  28. Wow, Filesonic doesnt work anymore… Keeps on showing downloading error as and whenever I enter the captcha too. Please fix this!!!! It was good before man…

  29. Wow, Filesonic doesnt work anymore… Keeps on showing downloading error as and whenever I enter the captcha too. Please fix this!!!! It was good before man…

  30. I quote the disk cache option a fellow user request some posts ago.
    It would be nice to have Mipony not writing continuously the disk.

  31. Does anybody know where the HISTORY folder is when using MIPONY’s browser? I’m having a hell of a hard time locating it.

  32. Dbank problem.
    When downloading from Dbank, it stops and says it’s 100% even when it’s not yet finish.
    Please fix it.

  33. Me again+ with another suggestion!

    Multiple connections for each download can make downloads from sites like mediafire etc much faster

    Pleeeeeeeeeees include options
    1)To enable multiple connections
    2)Selectable no. of simultaneous connections per download
    3)At least for Mediafire!

    Thanks again!

  34. FILESONIC (not premium) doesen’t work 🙁 same thing in Jdownloader.

    btw great job 🙂 you know what would be cool? An indicator about the host’s resume ability (just like jdownloader), so when i need to stop downloading i know if i’m losing the file part i had downloaded (es: fileserve) or i can resume it later (es: megaupload).

  35. filesonic links sometimes doesn’t work in mipony, but it is ok in browser. i found that the dl link is redirected from filesonic.com to filesonic.hk in browser. i hope u can get some clue and get the problem fixed asap. thx.

  36. I have a premium account of filesonic but it really very slow speed as comparison to IDM right now i have 300kb/sec idm speed and 50kb/s mipony speed please give me hint to increase it.

  37. all my download link is gone!!! can anyone tell me why is that & how to fix it? i forgot whatever i download because is to many.

  38. I m not sure what happens.
    Ive switch from IDM to Mpony. Been with Mpony for about a year
    I have been downloading ok with hotfiles but when I switch to Fileserve, the download became VERY SLOW from 150Kbps to 15 -20 Kbps.
    Lately I switch back to IDM
    The speeds are back UP to healthy levels.
    but I guess I will be with IDM for a while.
    For your information

  39. Hi, I get download errors on all of the captchas, but when download via web link and enter the captcha in there it starts the download process.

  40. É a segunda vez que posto um comentário neste blog e na primeira, por ter me declarado brasileiro, MEU COMENTÁRIO FOI APAGADO pelo administrador ou moderador… espero que esse preconceito não aconteça novamente.

    Pois bem, eu uso o Mipony há mais de um ano e agora o programa está se tornando uma verdadeira porcaria. Já foi muito melhor. De um mês, a um mês e meio para cá, o programa não grava mais os downloads iniciados e se a conexão cai, o pc é desligado ou o programa é fechado, o download REINICIA DO ZERO.

    Isso quer dizer que o MiPony, só serve agora para guardar a lista de downloads e para que não precisemos pegar os links na net e fazer o download individual de cada arquivo.

    Aposto que os administradores começaram a receber robustas quantias em dinheiro para não burlarem os sistemas dos sites de hospedagem. Aposto! E isso é uma pena, pois o programa tinha tudo para ser o melhor gerenciador de downloads da internete. Está ficando igualzinho ao Download Acelerator e ao DA Plus, ou seja, uma bela de uma porcaria feita por nerds que se corrompem ao menor cheiro de dinheiro fácil.

  41. Letitbit – not working
    Turbobit – not working
    FileSonic – not working
    Hotfile – not working

    seems like I can download through Mipony only from Depositfiles :/

  42. Hi, I also get download errors,I mean it goes to seconds waiting time but it begins again another waiting time with out downloading, is there any solution?

  43. it add filesonic links but dosent download them . comes up with an error Filesonic not working. pls fix filesonic thanks.

  44. Request for the next version of Mipony

    1. fix the bug in which Mipony can’t download files from fileserve although a correct captcha has been inserted.

    2. download files using the cache disc instead of keep writing on the harddrive every few seconds.

    3.If possible(though it’s hard I bet) , bypass captcha and waiting time.

    4. Fix the bug in which Mipony can’t download from duckload.com

  45. 16:58:57 Error in xxxx.xxxx.xxx (Megaupload): System.NullReferenceException: La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’un objet.
    à DownloadLib.DownloaderMegaupload.m_go(Object stateInfo)

  46. I cant download anything with this new version,
    the entire list just says “waiting…” with the
    timers counting down in an endless cycle.

  47. I have been using this program from quite some time and I am very much happy using this. Thanks to all mipony guys for bringing this tremendous program for free. Though there are other programs of this sort, Mipony undoubtedly stands the best.
    I have some feature suggestions for the next version.
    1. Resume support for fileserve
    2. Exporting links that are copied into mipony(rather than Queing them to download). This way we can effectively manage the download links which we want to download further.

  48. Also letitbit not working properly: download error after waiting time ends.
    Download verified with IE and Firefox and it’s fine. The problem is definitely with Mipony.
    Anyway, congrats and keep up the good job!

  49. I dont think anyone is working on this…Mipony has been jacked up for weeks now without any answers/updates..too bad..was a great program.

  50. filesonic slow download and dont start download after the countdown and oron dont starts download

    Thanks for update and great program

  51. Since the last 2 versions I notice that the setting for

    1. “Captcha window always visible” is not working. Window appears but is hidden behind other windows. It used to work 2 versions ago but after past 2 updates window does not stay on top of other windows.

    2. Captcha bypass was working fins for a number of sites. Now it does not work and have to enter captcha for almost all sites that have them. Mipony is no longer unattended download because of this.

    3. Big problem with Filesonic. Most files have to enter the captcha at least 5 times, because of download error. Other servers no such problem. Only Filesonic.

  52. It’s been awhile since I used Mipony .
    I love the folder integration … well thought out .

    It’s all good

  53. hi,
    fileserve premium doesn`t work for a few days now… what`s going on?
    please fix it. I love the program, it`s the best download manager.

  54. hi,
    is there anyway to restore download list, because it crashed and all link were simply gone from the list. I didn’t make backup export. Does mipony save current link in a file or maybe registry?

    ty for help.

  55. always asking for recaptchas with hotfile, fileserve & filesonic!!
    this happened also in 1.2.1, while 1.2.0 was fine.. pls fix it, its the most important feature.

  56. megaupload link…
    2:39:50 PM Error in MluMyFyle Portable.exe: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
    at Megaget.WebClientEx.m_InternalDownloadData()
    at Megaget.WebClientEx.DownloadData(String url)
    at Megaget.WebClientEx.DownloadString(String url)
    at DownloadLib.DownloaderMegaupload.m_go(Object stateInfo)
    6:58:54 AM Error in Metal Slug 3 Portable.exe: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
    at Megaget.WebClientEx.m_InternalDownloadData()
    at Megaget.WebClientEx.DownloadData(String url)
    at Megaget.WebClientEx.DownloadString(String url)
    at DownloadLib.DownloaderMegaupload.m_go(Object stateInfo)

  57. I have refreshed my WinXP. Now, I receive “Object expected [5996]” error (please have a look at this pic: http://tehranpic.net/download.php?img=518790) every time I run or close Mipony. Albeit the program will worked without any problem, but I cannot found a solution to the error window not be opened. Any idea please? (I have uninstalled and installed Mipony many times, but nothing was changed).

  58. hello, my name kiemtheng who is the user in Cambodia , i’d suggest to mipony programer, please develop the mipony to be avalible to skip the CapChar from some hosting server like FileSonic.com…, It very difficult for me to type it!

  59. Hi, put in some links for safelinking but it keeps telling me that the captcha was wrong so now it’s stuck in a loop.

    I have closed mipony and opened again, cleared the link paste box, the links aren’t in the downloads list.

    How can I stop it asking me to enter a captcha? it’s getting annoying now

  60. Why is it that every time I upgrade to the new version I loose all mu premium account settings as well as my default download directory.

    Having 5 premium accounts make it a little weary

  61. I really can’t belive all the demands in here. We have a faantastic program for FREE….and creators who upgrade it…..THANK YOU for a terrific program and a lifesaver for me and my hubby.
    GIANT HUGS!!!!xoxoxoxoxo

  62. how do you captcha bypass mipony is there plugin i need or somthing and allso how do you bypass mipony without waing is there some type off software i need hait whaiting

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