Web Sites Database DB43 update for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

-Gigasize updated
-Megashare updated
-Rayfile updated
-Sendspace updated
-Shareflare updated
-U115 updated
-uploaded.to updated
-x7 updated
-Letitbit updated
-Oron.com updated
-file-upload.net updated
-usershare.net updated
-1fichier.com updated
-bitshare updated
-depositfiles updated
-fileupload updated
-4shared updated
-filesonic updated

100 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB43 update for Mipony”

  1. The most important things are :
    – Anti captcha for all filesharing sites
    – resume capability for all
    – can you make timer for each filesharing site ?

    thx 🙂

  2. Filesonic is not working consistantly anymore, i had a long list for download in filesonic, first few files it downloaded jsut fine, fast and at full speed. Then all of a sudden after about 40 files, it slowed down, now doing 1 file at a time with capcha window popping up.

  3. Hey people, thanks for this epic tool but there’s a question I want to ask. There are 2 domains for uploaded.to which is one it self and the other one ul.to. Is it possible to add “ul.to” to the apps database? Because when using Mozilla and trying to “Copy link location” it won’t capture the link properly.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. http://www.share-online.biz doesn’t work no matter if I enter the links in newer format (http://www.share-online.biz/dl/************) or in older one (http://www.share-online.biz/download.php?id=************).
    Smple link: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/L18Y7VHLOGTM
    aka http://www.share-online.biz/download.php?id=L18Y7VHLOGTM

    After waiting time passes Mipony says “file temporary not available” and then waiting time starts all over again.

    Please fix this, thanks in advance.

  5. Thanks for the program. But please, PLEASE, invent an auto-update system. It sucks that everytime I enter the program, it says it has been updated. I have to access the site, download, install, etc… There are a number of programming recipes in the internet explaining how to do a auto-update system. Thanks again.

  6. Filesonic is not working and keep giving Download Error
    but not for all files ??? Strange !!!
    Please can you look to this situation and overcome it.

  7. Mipony is a very useful application. I use it for the last 6 months i like it very much. My problem is that the pluin bar is not compatible with firefox 4, can you do something about it please?


  8. Downloading using Fileserve and Hotfile keep giving download error. Too slow to. Is it their server problem or from this software?

  9. Letitbit isn’t working!!!!!!!

    Letitbit isn’t working!!!!!!!

    Letitbit isn’t working!!!!!!!

    Letitbit isn’t working!!!!!!!

    Letitbit isn’t working!!!!!!!

    Letitbit isn’t working!!!!!!!

    Letitbit isn’t working!!!!!!!

    Letitbit isn’t working!!!!!!!

  10. Perfect ! Perfect ! Perfect !
    Thank you ! Thank You ! Thank You !
    =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

  11. Perfect ! Perfect ! Perfect !
    Thank you ! Thank You ! Thank You !
    =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D
    Thanks for this epic tool, that saves LIFE !
    And Thanks for the Hard Work and all Support !

  12. Can I make a reature request?
    This software has to have a “keep Retrying ” function for when your downloading from uncertain sites that block you based on ip like megaupload.

  13. Is there a way to change the location of the Mipony (history, links, etc) folder. Thanx for a fantastic program.


  14. Sir,
    I have downloaded the latest version of your mipony manager. But the mipony updates the web databases but then the debugger is opened and when i close it mipony automatically closes. Please check and send me a updated version. MY system is xp sp2 with visual studio installed as i am a vb programmer.

  15. download speed with megaupload became slow with the new update od database………….before the update my download speed was 700 kb/s now it’s about 30-40 kb/s
    the same thing happen with mipony 1.1.0

  16. The problem is with a premium abonnement that when a download is removed that mipony gives a captcha to full in. In Free Rapid Downloader that problem does not exist. But the biggest advantage of mipony is that you can not download the same download twice. Very usefull program . Do something about those captcha to full in. Thank you

  17. I have had numerous downloads get to 99% and then stop, and I get a “download error”. With sites that support resuming, it eventually finishes after a couple of tries. With sites that do not support resuming, the download starts all over again.
    Please fix Megadownload and filesonic

  18. After the recent update, I can’t authenticate with FileSonic any more. Anyone else have this problem and perhaps a solution?

  19. can u tell me how many premium sites are supported so that i can put up that link like megaupload which support pause and resume

  20. Yobumanatsujikanbanana

    Is there ever going to be unicode support? It’s just dumb downloading a file name that’s in Japanese and have it come out as gibberish garbage.

  21. Parabens!!!
    Melhor programa

    deveria ter uma campo para colocarmos o nome do arquivo na lista de downloads.

    Nome do arquivo | Nome (nosso) | Estado | Tamanho…

  22. yeah. Mediafire is givin errors… aah…

    same here…no mediafire. worked a couple of days ago..hmm to bad.

  23. yeah mediafire not working..:( worked a couple of days ago. for the update i installed mipony again fresh over previous install..now autoupdate works

  24. I have been unable to download files from mediafire. It just keeps on counting for 5 seconds again and again and then displays download error.

  25. Mr. President, I’ve been using your program-Jabbar more than a year, a strong and a very excellent and Aizjd any program like it is now, I helped not loading and failure yours does not carry any link of sites with I use the update Pastaml latest program I shall you Almsap in solving my problem, thank you

  26. like you said before me…. mediafire dosen’t work… actualy the whol systeme here on Mipony is going wrong… is to slow and lazzy XDDD…

    now i use JDownloader, is work fine.. but i prefer Mipony, so hope he’il be healed soon

  27. I Always use mipony since the first release, now my downloaded file is up to 1Tb, hehehe, thk mipony u are the best

  28. I’m a FileServe Premium user and Mipony usually works fine.
    Twice a day it became really slooooow and starts asking captcha, then I switch to FileServe Manager that works just fine.
    Restarting the program and/or router may solve, but not acceptable.

    I prefer using Mipony because is much more flexible and with more functionalities, please try to solve.
    Thanks for your wotk.

  29. Hi, 3 weeks ago is imposible to use mipony on my laptop.Hi have erased and reisnyalled a lot of times and the error is: ‘he web sites database could not be loaded..’
    Could you please help me?
    Thanks and regards

    #=qkgOjzLHNWmueGLlynp2rCjFLgB63k5oGfxY15cKFvLQ=.#=q648m4G1y7PlZLyAAnfCa3g==(Object #=qR9_IUpqDAgwjCONm_hqscA==, EventArgs #=qMeCuldmZpLSPaRAjXURsHQ==)
    System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad(EventArgs e)
    System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl(Boolean fIgnoreVisible)
    System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmShowWindow(Message& m)
    System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
    #=qkgOjzLHNWmueGLlynp2rCjFLgB63k5oGfxY15cKFvLQ=.WndProc(Message& #=qS$wfMnV8I9M0Pspak7xCjQ==)
    System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)
    System.NullReferenceException: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto.
    #=qkgOjzLHNWmueGLlynp2rCjFLgB63k5oGfxY15cKFvLQ=.#=qzuoTww64JIwMIzzd$A56DAyfYJHB5ihT8qzCDiXtBIA=(Object #=qmbOkdpNeBQDAAHmtv3M0GQ==, FormClosingEventArgs #=qIPXmlFjJIV2lkciJy_uEdw==)
    System.Windows.Forms.Application.Exit(CancelEventArgs e)
    OS version: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1

  30. A high percentage of my downloads get to 99% then give a download error which is really annoying as its using the download gigs that I paid for…I copied the links into another downloader which completes the download without a problem and I wonder if I am missing a setting or update or anything…the sites from which I get the errors are not confined to any particular sites but include uploaded.net, rapigator,secureupload.eu to name the most common sites I use and as I really prefer Mipony over and above all other download software I really would appreciate any help whatsoever. Thanks in advance for your time

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