Web Sites Database DB41 update for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.
-Added download support for uploadstore.net.
-Rapidshare.com links list updated.
-uploading.com premium updated.
-Added linkto.net links support.
-Depositfiles updated.
-Turbobit updated.
-Usershare updated.
-Duckload updated.
-Megashare updated.
-Sharebase.to updated.
-usershare.net updated.
-cramit.in updated.
-egoshare.com updated.
-share-online.biz updated.
-2shared updated.
-file-upload.net updated.

65 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB41 update for Mipony”

  1. would you please add the options for downloading server preferences? For example, the preferable server of rapidshare, etc.

  2. Am I the only one having trouble with “Sharingmatrix” (Filesonic)? Most of the time it doesn’t download the files, only repeats the waiting period.

  3. Mipony Web browser does not open. After database update on V 1.2.1
    And also send us error report link. Says;

    Access Denied

    The link you are accessing has been blocked by the Barracuda Web Filter because it contains content belonging to the category of: Porn

    If you believe this is an error or need to access this link please contact your administrator.

    URL: http://www.mipony.net

  4. with filesonic, you have to download the files one by one. if you don’t do that the file dowbloded gioves ni ready signal to filesonic.
    i stop al the files and download them one by one.

  5. Evil-Twinsen,

    you are not alone, the timer is set to 5 minutes and goes on forever.

    You need to pause all the downloads and then start one at a time, and when the download is finished wait 30 minutes and then start another one, and so on.

    I hope the new version of Mipony will wait for 30 minutes between each download from sharingmatrix.

  6. Thank you so much for the reply. So if I’m getting this right – every time Mipony’s automatic scheduler waits too little and tries to download the file after only 5 minutes, the server’s 30 minute timer is being reset and started over?

  7. Also, isn’t there a mail address I can send this bug to, so they can fix it? it sounds like a fairly easy to fix problem (replace “5 minutes” with “30 minutes” :))

  8. filesonic problem seems not fixed…

    Only first file of the list downloaded, and it loops forever.
    And browser says that I’m trying multiple download.

  9. 1 – when megaupload lost the connection . it make you wait 5 min. but if you stop and resume the download it start inmediatly.
    2- i cant download from depositfiles

  10. I’m a Filesonic Premium, and Mipony ask me to enter captcha when i try to download file! WTF? Anyone has the same problem? That works perfectly before this update.

  11. Good update!

    PLEASE add?

    1. An option to rename files in the list to download, instead of keeping the default filename.

    2. Fix FileSONiC downloads. 1st file doenloads fine, other que files hang on a loop. Only works if you start 1 file at a time and not que all files to download start.

    3. Mabe a backup / export “downloads” list. In case of a crash or so you can import it onto another computer installed with Mipony.

    ANYONE know where the “downloads” file is located so I can copy the downloads list onto another computer???

    thanks for all your work/efforts!

  12. The “FileSonic” problem… Can you please fix?

    What happens.
    If you have a few files Queued and start them all. The 1st
    file will download fine. Then it will go into a 5min loop forever.
    The reason, if you check filesonics webserver it says this:
    “Download Error: Free users may only download 1 file at a time.” even though the 1st download is done.

    So the only way to download multiple files is to start 1 at a time. Once a file is done you can manually start the next.

    Hope you can fix. Great job your doing + the updates!

  13. I have a situation with my mipony, latest version. When I launch it it just hangs , doesn’t respond. I would like to know if the links in the queue can be found anywhere in the system because it doesn’t launch now.

    I think the issue was that it failed with FileSonic links although I have premium and it took ages for it to bypass those links it couldn’t download.

    But by now I’d be glad if i could save the files I had leeching.

  14. Please, create anticaptcha for fileserve. Thanks :-). Some days ago anti captcha for hotfile worked; but now it doesn’t work again.Please fix it.

  15. please fix filefactory, mipony is giving false positive for this service………mipony says that the files from filefactory doesn’t exists when it isn’t true

  16. Hi,

    hibernate always ends up with sleep mode can u fix that and auto link detect id not working pls fix it


  17. Please solve the Captch Entry problem.

    Do something like auto entry of Captch for any website while downloading.


  18. please fix FileSonic, FileSonic_Premium.
    When I Access those URL “http://www.filesonic.com/file/…”, Redirect to “http://www.filesonic.jp/file/…” and Mipony say Error.
    sorry bad english.

  19. I was using Mipony for a while without problems, but yesterday an error message appeared in the links of Rapishare e Uploadbox and the program stopped downloading from these sites. Then I decided to stop the program, and reinitialize it, but, now,the program does’t work anymore. An error message appears: “mipony found a problem and must be closed. Sorry”. Or something like that. Reinstall the program or even system restore, seems not to work. Can anyone help me, please?
    I would like, at least, to recover the list of downloading files but i don’t know how.

  20. I download lots of files with mipony it handles very well THX

    I think it needs an option to highlight the file downloaded(among 100’s of files in the mipony download folder) when u open the folder that contains it wiht mipony.

    I hope i’m clear!

    Thanks Again!

  21. Ahmed Mustafa Nematallah

    Hi Guys but if mipony people reag this could you make the program Open Source so we can easily fix errors and bugs and dont worry the GPL licence will not allow anyone to copy the code without saying that it was from you or use the code in commercial programs and remember how many open source programs are there i wish you listen

  22. hi
    thanks for good work
    1 99% problem still on windows 7 while its working on win viesta
    2 can u add fileape.com please

    thanks in advance

  23. I’m learning to speak english, sorry if is bad 🙁 I have problems always with megaupload, can you help me? When oped this link B6.4.dlc say don’t exist and it’s not true. Well thank you for your time and help.

  24. Hi. Congrats for your work, if i coul add something that would be the choice to do reconnect. I mean to put a macro with reconnect option to be performed when the user wants. Thanks.

  25. Hello there, thank you so much for this download tool, it hel a lot.
    But recently i had problem when download from FIleServe, FileSonic and Hotfile, it cannot start download, it just keep asking for the captcha code. is there any way to download for those server?

  26. I as a user feel
    Still a lot of weakness as if you downloaded from:

    Shareshit.org <- This is most annoying

    I beg to 2 points above can support in next version
    thanks b4

  27. Hi!
    Please update the database!:
    – letitbit doesnt work: download error
    – 4shared: sometimes it sais that the files is deleted, and I have to click on check link again many times
    – turbobit keeps asking for capcha

  28. ja venho baixando por esse programa a muito tempo com as outras versões. o programa é excelente, mas essa versão 1.2.2 deve estar com algum problema, pois não baixa arquivos do megaupload. toda vez que inicio o download aparece:erro no download. espero que a nova versão 1.2.3 saia logo e que possamos baixar pelo megaupload. vlw

  29. Hi, I am an user of Mipony since last year, it was very great but recently I faced this irritating problem of unable to execute Mipony in my computer.

    I double clicked the Mipony’s icon but nothing happened, even if I tried to do it from the Program Files folder, desktop shortcut or from ‘START’. When I open my Task Manager, it showed Mipony.exe in its running program’s list, still it never turn up, I search anywhere at my desktop, there is no Mipony. Re-clicking the icon do nothing. I also tried reboot, re-installing, uninstall but none of these ever worked.

    Please help me, I have tons of valuable links stored inside the downloader. It would rescue my day if anyone can solve this. Thank you for everything.

  30. I have a filesonic premium account, but it still randomly asks me for a captcha (most of the time, downloads still work though)

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