Web Sites Database update for Mipony 1.0.12.

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony 1.0.12. Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.
-Added support for rapidshare folders
-Added support for fileserve folders
-Added support for depositfiles folders
-Added premium support for sharingmatrix
-Added automatic download support for hellshare.com
-Added automatic download support for filefront.com
-Added automatic download support for mangoshare.com
-Added automatic download support for jumbofiles.com
-Fixed zippyshare.com
-Fixed letitbit.com
-Fixed fileflyer.com
-Fixed filefactory.com
-Fixed ifile.it
-Fixed filesmonster.com
-Fixed mandamais.com.br
-Fixed onionshare.com
-Fixed easy-share.net
-Fixed sharingmatrix.com

35 thoughts on “Web Sites Database update for Mipony 1.0.12.”

  1. Hi can u pls see to it that every link wll ask us to type in a code before starting to download can u pls do some thing for that such that we can keep links to download and go to work….. pls look into it in ur next version……

  2. hi
    can u please check out the features there is a no premium support for sharinmatrix ( premium tab).
    can u please ad it
    best regards

  3. I’ve only just started using Mipony, I hope it’s as good as (or better) than USDownloader.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Guys! Mipony is a Very Nice Creation !!! 😀 But this latest update has a bit of an error : Fileserve links no longer download, please see to it 🙂 I hope the problem will be solved soon ! :]

  5. Hi. Very, very nice software. Just want to find out what it means when links are blue. My megaupload links are blue, and go directly to download error. It shows up as ok in the browser, and on preview. Seems like rapidshare is also not working. Any ideas? Thank you very much

  6. Hi… I don’t know why but when I pressed delete on my completed files to clear the page…
    It seemed to delete my completed files…

    Can you fix this in the future to clear the completed list by pressing delete and not the file?

  7. What is OS requirements for MiPony? I installed successfully (no install errors) on Win98SE system, and downloaded numerous Rapidshare(free) files and numerous Depositfiles(free) files successfully. But Netload.in(free) gives Tesseract error about upgrade to newer Windows version. Please advise.

  8. Sharingmatrix Premium : how do I make it work with Mipony? help please…. I love the old version, and I hope the new one will just be as good.
    Jq2002 (Bruno)

  9. I suggest adding a “Start/Stop all transfers” button next to the “Shutdown computer when all transfers (…)” button. I think it would be a nice shortcut, instead of stoping the downloads manualy…

    Btw, v1.10 Beta is awesome. Many thanks for this wonderful program.

    Cheers from Portugal.

  10. Mipony keeps giving me an error saying rapidshare premium download failed.I’ve checked my account and its ok.Any suggestions?

  11. Mipony causes System Idle Process to eat up my cpu making it sluggish.
    I noticed Mipony uses Internet Explorer.
    Can you program it from using IE, and use firefox. Its taking too much resources.
    After a while, I have to wait for every click I make, making it totally unusable.I may have to fall back on Internet Download Manager.
    Maybe You are putting too much features in the program or it is not optimise.
    Build a LITE version with the basic features for host account support and scheduled downloading. That would be perfect.


  12. Tk’s 4 the Excellent soft,but I think CHAPTAS must have a time to set.
    For example,Filserve have disabled Chaptas but some not updated plugin show it
    again and block the download if user don’t click on box manually.
    There are 2 ways:
    update plugin
    add time (from 0 to 10 max seconds) to show Chapta’s box.

    Thank’s very much.

  13. Major Problem. It was going completely smooth mediafire,rapidshare & megaupload, Then suddenly “restart mipony…..” i restarted and had long list of download error for megaupload & rapidshare. Media fire was working alright. Please do something. I am able to download the links via the browser but not through mipony. whats wrong.

  14. -Added premium support for sharingmatrix

    Where is it? Couldn’t find it at all. Only 9 premium supports in Mipony and sharingmatrix is not one of them 🙁

  15. I have problems when accessing download folder. I made a folder for all the downloads and after awhile, when accessing it, my PC freezes,it’s getting sluggish, all the opened apps at that time are freezing…and that’s for 10-40 seconds. It’s a pretty annoying thing. It turns out like that even when I right-click on a file/folder within the download folder in order to cut/copy and paste in some other place.

    I even made a different download folder on the same partition, then on a different partition on another HDD and it’s the same.

    Does anybdy know a solution for this?

    PS. This only happens in download folder and after downloading 20-30 files or so..

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