Special Beta version

This is the first Mipony major update, we released it first as Beta so we can listen your comments before the stable release.

You can download it here:

There are many changes in this version, but the most important changes are:
– Option to group the downloads in visual folders accourding to several criteria:
– Splitted filesgrouped as one fileMipony - group the downloads in visual folders
– Similar names
– Download folder
– Categories
– Server

– Added categories feature. You can now define categories to specify how to group the downloads and several incoming folders, you can also define rules to auto assing files to categorires depending on the file

– New options in “Download in folder…” window to use categories and to define priorities.

– Added statistics window. You can see in this window a scalable speed graphic and you can view how much you download from each server. You can view session and total values.
– Added option to hibernate computer instead of shutt id down when you use the auto shutdown feature.
– Buttons to change priorities easily.
– Added premium support for fileserve.com
– Added premium support for sharingmatrix
– Added premium support for oron
– Added Bosnian translation (Thanks to borko1dj)
– Added Simple Chinese translation (thanks to toysoldier2008)
– Added hebrew translation (Thanks to Gal)
– Fixed data.hu
– Fixed zippyshare.com
– Fixed filedude.com
– Fixed rayfile.com
– Fixed megashares.com
– Rusian updated (Thanks to zndr093)
– Portuguese-Portugal updated (Thanks to halexandre)
– Japanese updated (Thanks to Tilt)
– Traditional Chinese language update (Thanks to kuei0116)
– Tukish language update (Thanks to mazbut)
– Greek updated (Thanks to SPYROS)

41 thoughts on “Special Beta version”

  1. When selecting all files, I have to stop all links in order to start them all if all my links are not in the same status. I used to be able to select all links and start them right away. Please fix this on your next beta version. Thank you. I’d love to see Mipony getting perfect!

  2. Honestly, the catergory thing and statistics thing are just useless. Just improve the stability. No flashy stuff is needed. If Mipony can break the wait time for free users on hotfile or repidshare sites, that would make Mipony the best downloader ever!

  3. Papaleguasotavio

    sorry for my english, I think the drag’n’drop is better to manage ownload list, and when I select more than one file and use the options for move up or down the selected files changes, and I can’t manage de order easy, but i still grateful for mipony, the best download manager I ever saw!!! tx

  4. Papaleguasotavio

    in which languages i can speak here??? Because things will be easier if i could say my opnion in portuguese…

  5. Please

    + downloading from a multiple proxy file list
    + kill counters
    + all capcha support any kind of server,hotfile is hard to autocaptcha
    + stability improvement
    + make a portable version
    + increase beowsing experience

    wait for get these things on new releases make it best out of all other
    all done,thankz

    i wait until you make true

  6. Actually, the categories and statistics are quite usefull form me. The thing is that it is VERY buggy… Not surprisingly being a beta version. In my opinion Mipony is going in the right direction. Just needs more work. Maybe the beta release was a bit premature. All in all, Mipony team has been doing a great work. Congratulations!

    As a side note: Mipony can´t break the wait times because in most cases it´s just impossible to do it, and it’s not Mipony goal to do so. Just the fact that it allows automatic unattended downloads on most of the hosts is good enough for me…

    Waiting impaciently for the next (more stable?…) release.

  7. + downloading from a multiple proxy file list
    + kill counters
    + all capcha support any kind of server,hotfile and oron is hard to autocaptcha
    + stability improvement
    + make a portable version
    + increase beowsing experience

    wait for get these things on new releases make it best out of all other
    all done,thankz

    i wait until you make true

  8. Will fileserve.com be added?
    my favourite blog hang up a lot up fileserve links recently.
    i almost get cracy.. fileserve makes me download with low speed and long time.

  9. Exact Problem as “Persia”……Would be great if you guys fixed Fileserve.com , and also the Good Ol’ Drag-n-Drop Feature 😀

    Mipony Rocks 😀 \m/

  10. Can you guys set the DELETE FILES ONCE JOINED button as default so that users won’t have to click on it to confirm every time? It is annoying.

  11. Or you guys can just add a function to automatically join files after the download? That would save us a lot of time. Thanks.

  12. This version have many features I donot use.
    I basically need to schedule the links for different hosts for downloading.
    This program is too resource heavy. It practically slow down my computer during file downloading, I am only using a centrino M 1.6Ghz. I have alot of problems doing work eg. unrar, copying of files, renaming. Typing this

    The support for many hosts are good. I like the megaupload and rapidshare. It donot require captcha.

    Give us a small and lite version, that will do the job.

    Its a good program but it is too resource hungry.
    I know its free, so no complaints. This program have the potential.

  13. Hello thanks for your great work. About the release, drag and drop does not work anymore and for me, fileserve does not recognize me as a premium, have a nice week all.

  14. There is a change in RapidShare’s API, so now the files go one by one, rapidshare premium accounts are not recognised.
    Are you please gouing to fix this big issue?

  15. When i try download multiple file from hotfile, im always to fill the captcha code / file.

    with mipony v1.0.12 im no need to fill captcha code to download multiple file from hotfile?

    im using windows 7, please fix this?

  16. I AGREE:

    rapidshare premium accounts are not recognised.

    would you please fix this big issue with highest priority?

  17. Tried the beta version. After a while, the System becomes very sluggish, System Idle Process hits 98 over. An error message, cannot update xml database.

  18. I switched back to v.1.0.12 after trying out beta for just a while. Its catergory thingie is good but its download speed seemed unstable. On your next update, you may wanna keep the catergory function but keep nothing else from the beta version.

  19. Hello,
    I’m a premium user for Hotfile. I write my ID & Pass in the setting.
    Although I set the simulataneous downloads to 100. but the simulataneous downloads are limited to 10. Why is this? Is 10 the limited option in Mipony?

  20. Sorry, I make some comment about the program hanging my pc.
    I realised it is the Firefox ver 3.6.2 and Noscript addon that was not stable.
    I upgraded to 3.6.6. It appears ok. No hanging

    But still I wish for a Lite version

  21. Salve sono un utente premium di fileseve e non vengo riconosciuto quando sacrico ? Mi tratta come un utente free

  22. Very nice app. I’ve used it for several weeks without problems, and I’ve just installed the v1.1.0 Beta1.

    I like the ability to group the display by category or host, and expand or contract each group.

    Categories are a GREAT IDEA. Suggest you provide a convenient way to access the ‘Manage Categories’ window; right now it seems the only way to access this window is to right click on a link in the lower window of the ‘Add Links’ page.

    I would love to see the ability to assign a default download priority to each category.

    I’d also like to be able to specify for each category, whether the link is added to the queue in stop mode. Right now I can right click a link in the lower window of the ‘Add links’ page and add it to the queue as a download that is stopped. I like this because for some file servers, at some times, I download files one by one in the browser, and I use Mipony just to keep track of the links I’m about to download. So why not provide the ability to specify the ‘download stop’ for categories?

    I would also like the ability to change the destination download folder, and even the destination file name, AFTER I have added the link to the queue.

    Mipony is a great application! Keep up the good work!!!

  23. Hey frndz!

    Beta Working at Windows 7×64 (Im Using it)…

    Please if u want to post here please use English or Spanish ONLY!

    Any problem, ask or request go Help, Send error report or feature request, and send to Mipony Team…


    Tentem usar somente inglês ou espanhol, a tradução do Mipony é feita por usuários e não pelos desenvolvedores!

  24. so far the beta has been working fine for me. although i’d still like to be able to change the directory a file is being saved to once it is on the downloads queue.

  25. Could you please add premium support for sharingmatrix.com?

    Thanks for the wonderful downloader.


  26. Suppose, If i download a file 50%, after having a restart of my computer I have to download this file again from the start. This is really pathetic. Will u plz fix this problem in ur next version? Or any kind of solution is there? Plz feel free to help me.

  27. The Statistics Window is nice, Having a Nice Read out of Down Speeds is always a Plus. I have no use for the Grouping As i only download a few links at a time. As Far as Visiuals they are a nice Touch. Glade to see premium support for sharingmatrix and better support for megashares. Thank you for your hard work.

  28. For my pc is too heavy.
    Please, make or one version LITE and version REGULAR, or lighten this beta, beacuase my pc is too sluggish.

    I love Mipony as it is now, even if less complete! :-)))

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