Mipony 1.0.12

Mipony 1.0.12, new version with many new features, the most important is Click’N’Load support, you asked us and here it is.

List of changes:
-Added Click’N’Load support
-New button to stop the link search
-Textbox to change the speed limit easyly
-Show in blue color detected links that are already downloading
-Show in green color detected links that have been downloaded
-Disable Windows Sleep mode while downloading
-Use Alt+Arrow Up/Down to move items up and down in the list
-Use Ctrl+C in the lists to copy the files links
-Added premium download support for Netload.in
-Fixed error saving premium data
-Bring Mipony to front when a link is detected now is optional
-Faster link detection
-Fixed catalan flag
-Fixed Shutdown button remains red when you cancel shutdown
-Updated portuguese-Portugal translation (Thanks to halexandre)
-Added Lithuanian translation (Thanks to Ignas)
-Windows 7 style lists
-Don’t automatically mark for downloadinglinks that are already downloading or have been downloaded
-Autoclose captcha window when a file is stopped or cancelled
-Added automatic link recognition for multiupload.com links
-Added automatic link recognition for mediafire folders (mediafire shared key)
-Added automatic link recognition for x7.to folders
-Added automatic link recognition for sharebee.com links
-Fixed sharingmatrix.com
-Fixed mandamais.com.br
-Added automatic download support for zomgupload.com
-Added automatic download support for onionshare.com
-Added automatic download support for www.file-share.cc
-Added automatic link recognition for linkbucks, seriousfiles and other similar services
-Added automatic link recognition for protect-my-links.com
-Added automatic link recognition for mirorii.com
-Added automatic link recognition for uploadjockey.com

Note: we repacked 1.0.11 to 1.0.12 to fix an error

64 thoughts on “Mipony 1.0.12”

  1. Yamash, there was a error in 1.0.11, we repacked it and renamed to 1.0.12. The error was that if you started Mipony with jDownloader already started, Mipony showed a error window because jDownloader was already monitorizing click’n’load port

  2. Why we use jdownloader?
    Mipony gives us best performance.

    my questoin is: if i uninstall mipony old version and then i install new one. Then what about my running download in my documents mipony folder?
    i lost it Or……

  3. hi,

    I’m not able to download more than one file from the hotfie, rapidshare, megaupload and etc. Kindly look on this one and forward updated version.

    Best regards.


  4. Nice update, awesome works!
    I have a suggestion about the proxy server using, is it possible to enable the different proxy setting for each download thread? That will be very helpful to accelerate the download speed for advanced user. e.g. If I have 5 usable proxy servers, then I assign them to 5 different files which are from a same website, then I will be able to download the 5 files at the same time and avoid the interval mechanism.

  5. hi

    mipony is dowloader program…rapidshare dowloading…later 15munites waiting….very bad….Have you any very good programs ..Didnt 15munites waiting… thank you

  6. guys i know this program for 5 days but i am telling you IT DOES EVERYTHING.
    i even uninstalled my download manager since this program is on my computer.
    in all the forums I advertise your programm believe me because this program
    is one of a kind.

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  8. Halo , I have asking to your’s istall a “button” to download in hte Mozzila firefox …. The Explorer have one ):

  9. Mipony is a good soft but NOT AS GOOD as JDownloader or Cryptoload because there is no option to autorestart router to bypass the traffic limit.

  10. I dwnloaded 1.0.12 but its not working ..my previous version 1.0.10 is working…how do I disable the old version and start using the new one? please help

  11. salva just click on the Capture at the main top toolbar then when u copy any thing the mipony will automaticaly load it.


  12. you may put an option to increase the max connection to a server….

    so download will become faster for sites like mediafire that supports multiple connection per file…


  13. Thank you a lot. This is the kind of software I was looking for. It is really good and useful. Good job admin.

  14. Hello peoples. I’m not getting downloads files of megaupload, a message appears “Download Error” I restart the download and nothing happens.
    Please help me, Mipony is extremely useful for me and sorry for my english, I’m brazilian.

  15. Megaupload is not working in this version… for every file I try to download the log looks something like:

    21:09:35 Error in 3630.rar: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at DownloadLib.DownloaderMegaupload.m_go(Object stateInfo)
    21:09:34 Error in 3502.rar: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at DownloadLib.DownloaderMegaupload.m_go(Object stateInfo)
    21:09:33 Error in 3394.rar: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at DownloadLib.DownloaderMegaupload.m_go(Object stateInfo)

    Thanks for all your hard work, I love using MiPony and really hope I can get back to using it soon 🙂

  16. Hi, Mipony team. I strongly suggest u guys add control+a function on Mipony for us to select all files. Thanks.

  17. can any one make a new update in next version
    i want that if any link want a veripasion code it show in a colum
    sorry for my bad english but u keep going graet guys.

  18. I think ‘MIRROS’ will be great idea and has not been implemented by others.

    if a file has been uploaded to 2 or more servers, then MiPony can select where to download it based on less waiting time.
    This will increase download speed for non premium account.

    Thank you.

  19. i love mipony but because of captca (all of them asks and megaupload does not work)and speed problem.even mipony not walking it is crawling (especially with premium account).when i was downloading from hotfile free it was fast but was waiting 30 minutes between parts after i bought premium it became very slow.i have a rapid account it is the same by the way.

  20. sharingmatrix captca is quite annoying. Any way to fix that? By the way, megaupload works for me all the time, though it is strange to hear people above saying it doesn’t work.Hmmm?

  21. Porque alguns sites quando da erro volta ao inicio do download(exemplo o Rapidshare)?


    Why some sites when the error back to the beginning of
    Download ( example Rapidshare)?

    Thank you

  22. asks captcha code !hotfile wrong this so bad help Mstr Admin I liked this Soft this very best for dowloding but this problem for asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !asks captcha code !

  23. Megaupload STILL not working… but don’t bother fixing it on my account, have started using JDownloader – nowhere near as good to use day to day but hell, at least it works.

  24. Iam trying to download some files from fileserve. it is asking for captha and iam 100 % sure that iam typing correctly. but even then it is keep on asking for captcha after displaying download error.

    can any1 help me how to solve it. is it only for fileserve or for other download sites also the same error appears.

    i know rapid share is perfect except it takes nearly 30 mints between two downloads

  25. Hav forgotten…Fileserve has Resume buy MiPony don’t work about it,dont’ know if sharingmatrix’s resume work fine or not,I’ve not tested.

    Muchisima Gracias

  26. I quit miphony while downloading a megaupload file without premium account, I shutdown my computer when it’s already 50%, 15 minutes later I turn it on again, run miphony, and somehow miphony resume my download rather than redownload, is this a normal behaviour? since I didn’t found anything relates to resuming download in miphony’s features page.


  27. Mipony rulz. I have it running for 2 months and am very happy about it. 🙂
    Only one remark so far. With Fileserve. It asks captcha code and it does not need it for download because it requires 30 seconds delay. Please fix this or tell us how to buypass this. Thank you for great work!

  28. hey admin is there a way you can set up mipony so that it can use the proxy settings detected on mozzila or on internet explorer? thing is, access to the proxy server i am using requires the pc to send a request to it, then it replies with a password dialog box. mipony can therefore not be set up to enter the password automatically, but if it can detect the proxy settings then it will ask for the password….please let me know on email. PS i am ur biggest FAN!

  29. Yes, please please please do something to improve the solving of CAPTCHA in Hotfile and fileserve. I can’t use Mipony to download from either service because I am blind and can’t see the image displayed in the window. Isn’t Mipony supposed to be able to solve these?

  30. i have a premium account with hotfile, I have set it up on the options menu and I am still waiting for downloads to begin. can someone tell me if i missed somthing.

  31. the best but i need to use the scheduler it says it startig downloads but nothing happens it just hangs any help would be great thanks geo

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