Mipony v1.0.10 Released

We keep improving Mipony as much as we can. These are the changes in this release:

-Simple task scheduler to change speed, start/stop downloads, shutdown,…
-Shortcut to change speed limit from the taskbar and tray icon quickly.
-Input box for saving a password in “Download selected to folder” window.
-Search box in the integrated browser.
-ctrl+e to select all the downloads in the list.
-Added easy-share premium download support.
-Captcha window show what is the hoster requesting the captcha in the title and the file name if you hold the mouse over the captcha image.
-Don’t ask for exit confirmation when windows is shutting down.
-Remember last 15 selected folders for downloading, it is easy now to select the download folder.
-Help button in captcha window.
-Option to play a sound when a captcha is requested.
-Option to show the captcha window on top of all other windows.
-Traditional Chinese language update (Thanks to kuei0116).
-Tukish language update (Thanks to mazbut).
-Added Vietnamese translation (Thanks to Bach).
-Show language flags in options.
-Added automatic download support for www.file-upload.net.
-Added automatic download support for www.speedshare.org.
-Filefactory fixed.
-Fileserve fixed.
-Fixed automatic download support for mediafire password protected files.
-Fixed automatic download support for uploading.com premium.
-Fixed automatic download support for sharingmatrix.com.
-Fixed automatic download support for 4shared.com.
-Fixed automatic download support for hotshare.net.
-Fixed automatic download support for xun6.com.

26 thoughts on “Mipony v1.0.10 Released”

  1. hi mipony team

    i download the new released but when i install it it give my the 1.0.9 version. i think it’s not updated in the server.

    keep on the good work

  2. hi mipony team.
    its is a great app.i want u in next version plz add enterupload.com – in download sites .

  3. I have experienced a problem with ver 1.0.10 database 21.

    In OPTIONS => PREMIUM TAB, I got an error when trying to enter my username and password into the fields for uploading.com. MiPony seemed to record the error and prompted me to allow it to send the error info back to MiPony. I did allow the error info to be sent but I just hated doing that since the error involved a username and password. I am now wondering who at MiPony can see my username and password for uploading.com from that error report.

  4. rapidshare doesnt seem to work! enter user/pass when i go to download i only get 6.72kb file. used same user and pass on diffrent manager and everything worked fine

  5. Addy (Mipony's Fan)

    Its Awesome Downloader…..
    Thanks Alot for update… Its surly gonna stand tall amoung all…

  6. Same issue here with rapidshare. Only get 6.73kb when files are 200mg. Anythoughts on how to fix this issue?

  7. ” rapidshare doesnt seem to work! enter user/pass when i go to download i only get 6.72kb file. used same user and pass on diffrent manager and everything worked fine ”

    I have the same problem

  8. Hello, for the rapidshare premium issue we will release a fix soon, but for now, to make it work you can set active in you rapidshare account settings the option:
    “Direct downloads, requested files are saved without redirection via RapidShare”

    To do it enter http://www.rapidshare.com with your user/pass, click on “Premium zone” and click on “Settings”

  9. Woody, the data sent to Mipony is seen only by the main developer of Mipony. The data sent to Mipony is exactly what is displayed in the error window.

  10. Your team absolutely rocks! I had issues earlier today with the rapidshare account download file size, left for a family function, came home and low and behold issues fixed. I tip my hat to your team and the unbelievable consistancy of your software. Cheers to Mipony!

  11. Hello,

    I don´t know what have whit my Mipony :S

    He don´t doing download of megaupload?

    what´s happening?

    sorry an errors, because I´m Brazilian 😀

    Good Night

  12. hi guys
    Mipony help me a lot, but it still with problems in 4shared, and i’ like to see an option to rename the files, cause so much times e name have nothing about the file…
    thanks for you all

  13. Eduardo F Rocha

    A versão Mipony v1.0.10 Released foi a melhor que já testei porque ela detectava o link automaticamente assim quando eu apertava Ctrl+C , agora essa versão mais recente não faz isso.
    Espero que a proxima versão de uma continuidade nesse caso pois ajuda muito bom tirando isso o programa é um dos melhores que já usei e que testei não tem outro igual a esse show nota 10 000 parabens o programador.

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