Mipony Websites Database updated

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony. Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing. The update include:
-hotfile fixed
-2shared.com fixed
-depositfiles fixed
-filefactory fixed
-turbobit fixed
-mediafire.com improved
-megashare fixed

20 thoughts on “Mipony Websites Database updated”

  1. dream about Esc button (minimize in sysTray) or maybe double press Esc dunno
    make that option, much usefull for me.

  2. hi again

    i think the new update is not yet perfect because i have a problem with media fire, and hotfile is still not working.

    so can you check it agian.

    and before i forget can you repack the app with the new update because same time i have to restart the app agian and agian so that the update can be install, and same time i have to reintall the app so that i can have the update be intall correctly.


  3. there seems to be a problem with the program its messed up.
    when starting the app. I get a memory error also the gui only has the web page
    I went To the homepage and downloaded the latest install to see if this fixes the problem it didn’t.

    I hope it’s fixed soon thank you

  4. Me_TheKing, we checked again the update and Mediafire and Hotfile works. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the database (20 or higher). You can find the version in the help menu about dialog.

    wbc, it seems a specific problem with your computer.

  5. thanx for the help
    it was like you say, but like i say after i start the app it give my you have to restart so the update can be install, but after i restart the app it give my the same windows.

    so can you give me the link of the latest database and i will update the app manually.


  6. Hey guys It is working better than before but I’ve realised with mediafire two problems
    1. Not all passworded files are being downloaded out of ten passworded files it got 2
    2. Every so often it stops downloading from mediafire and you have to go manually and type in authorisation capcha

    Rapidshare and 2shared eorks really well but megaupload nothing!!

    Thank you for the fix but 1.0.8 worked extremely well

  7. ok now i have database 20, but i have a problem with some usershare.net links, some is working and some are not.

  8. Hello,

    Hotfile links are not working anymore. It shows ALWAYS a red cross “not avaible” and though web brownser work fine.

    Anyone problems with hotfile links?

    Thanks for this amazing program!

  9. Mediafire links that are password protected can’t be downloaded with version 1.0.9 db 20.
    Example: mediafire . com /?45dqndnpnvy
    Nice proggy you made! 🙂

  10. Hotfile doesn’t work and Rapidshare is barely living. Download speed seems to stay 2kb/s with Rapidshare. Please fix it. Thanks.

  11. Mipony v.1.0.10 not working for rapidshare Premium Account and outputs that the file is 6.74 KB, and it is 120 MB.U what’s the problem?

    If you send me the answer to my mail.

  12. hi,

    I’m having issues with HOTFILE captcha as well. I have to manually input it else the download doesn’t start at all. I already have the v1.1.2 and my database is 34 already.

    Like many other out there, many thanks for this awesome software.


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