Mipony 1.0.10 repacked

We have repacked Mipony 1.0.10 to update languajes, it includes the last database updated.
Keep commenting so we can keep improving!

-Japanese updated (Thanks to Tilt)
-Portuguese-BR updated (Thanks to Yamash)
-Turkish updated (Thanks to mazbut)
-Traditional Chinese updated (Thanks to Kuei)
-Fixed Rapidshare Premium

Thanks to users who have warned us of the failure with the Rapidshare Premium Account

42 thoughts on “Mipony 1.0.10 repacked”

  1. Admin can I have a link to download a previous version like 1.09 or older.
    Still no rapidshare with the new repack.

  2. CH, rapidshare premium is working, please make sure you are running database version 22. You can see the version in Help | About.

    Database will update itself when Mipony is restarted, but repacked version already include database v22

    If none of this works for you, you can set the option “Direct downloads, requested files are saved without redirection via RapidShare” in your rapidshare account.

    If still not working you can send us your user and pass to contact@mipony.net so we can review it.

  3. Yes, having the same problem.
    All Rapidshare with “download error”, unlike the previous version 1.09.

  4. Hi!
    Is there any way we can force Mipony to save its settings in its installation directory, and not in AppData (+ relative paths support), for portability (use on USB flash drives)?

  5. It would be nice if mipony could prevent suspend/hibernate as long as it has any files in the queue…

  6. True. The new version is giving download errors on netload, megaupload and megashares too. If you close the application and restart it will resume the downloads but that’s a pain and it will give an error as soon as the first file in the queue is complete and won’t start the next one. 1.0.9 was fine. Funny thing is when I first updated to the new version I didn’t have the problem, so I suspect it might be the database update.

  7. Recently the download speed for megaupload and repidshare has been tragically unstable. I wonder if that has anything to do with Mipony. Thanks.

  8. Couple of points:

    1. Thanks for adding the scheduler. Really needed that one.

    2. I second the request to store Mipony settings in the app directory, rather than the User’s directory.

    3. My request is simple. I want to be able to sort the download file listbox either by drag drop or by buttons rather than the priority system in place now.

  9. I just use mipony for downloading from rapidshare and mediafire.
    Please fix the mediafire.
    Rapidshare working fine.
    Otherways IDM is best for mediafire download. But IDM does not have many facility like mipony.

  10. Hei!

    First of all – Thank you very, very much for this great software, it save me a lot of time.

    My problem – and perhapst an idea for a great improvement:
    I’m running MyPony 24/7 on my server in the cellar. Obvously im not workin at the server, in fact this pc can only be remote controlled (UltraVNC). So I’m not seeing the catcha windows (and in addition: I couldn’t see the catchas when I’m at work).

    So I think it would be a very handy feature if MyPony could send me the catchas via ICQ or MSN or another instant messenger. Even just a notification, that there ist a new catcha to answer, would be a great improvement, that way I can login on my server and type the capchas right in time.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. mipony don’t working with hotfile for me…
    he asking me a captcha code and says always download failed

  12. Hi is there a major issue now with hotfile?

    I seem to be unable to download as a premium member and if i can it is very slow and also only allowing one file at a time?


  13. Please add minimum speed .

    Sometimes a fast server will crowd-out a slower server … forcing it to stall and return a download error (even when placed on top of the list) .

    Thanks much

    It’s all good

  14. All 4shared.com uploads are NOT working – regardless of whether they are zipfiles, or images or whatever – they are coming up as “download error” however when I download via web, I am able to access them just fine.

    I have sent in a few error reports about this – not sure if they have been seen or received or what….

    many thanks!

    ~Chelle in OKC, United States

  15. All the best.
    mediafire working fine if u delete cookies before download.
    “rapidshare premium” working fine.
    “hotfile free” working fine.
    “megaupload free” working fine.

    i check it with letitbit and shareflre and some others hosting site.

  16. Thanks for a great piece of software. JDownloader was good, but gave me huge memory-leak and stability issues. MiPony just works.

    A the only small feature I really miss, is to be able to set the download password on files in the add links window, before actually starting the download.

  17. Wonderful program, I really appreciate Mipony. For improvement:
    1) Some downloads from hotfile requires you to still type in the antibot text; it’s not automatic like megaupload
    2) Is it possible to enable Mipony to download Youtube videos and videos from other sites. It would be nice if I could copy a bunch of youtube links into Mipony and it would download it.

  18. How can I get Mediafire password protected files to work exactly?
    I pasted the link but MiPony does not ask me for the password and gives me an error.

  19. Thanks for an excellent product.
    I have version v1.0.10 DB Version 22.

    1. How can you tell which installed browsers cookies are causing “Download error”s I have Chrome, Firefox and IE?

    2. I repeatedly get errors for downlaods from sharingmatrix & fileserve, If I use “download via web link”, they work. How can I identify what caused the problem?

    3. Sometimes the “Capture” image is unreadable, is it possible the “refresh image” button is passed through to mipony so that an alternative could be identified?

    Mant thanks,

  20. mipony work very slow by me . download from hotfile goes 25 kbps on 2mbps adsl connection with premium acc. any help is welcome. thanks

  21. my pony is not resuming downloads, when i restart the computer it deletes the already downloaded file and start from the scratch.

  22. Hi!
    How can I make Mipony to save settings in its installation directory, and not in AppData. I have 2 users on my computer and I want to use the same settings for both.

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