Mipony 1.0.4

New version of Mipony, it has some new features like the optional priorities system and it has fixed some errors. Enjoy it!

Here is the list of changes:
– Fixed hotfile captcha not displayed correctly
– For premium supported websites you can also use free accounts to improve your download. Configure your free user and password in the premium options and Mipony will use that that to improve your download as much as possible
– Turkish translation improved
– New language added, Dutch (Thanks to Tony)
– Depositfiles premium account supported
– Fixed erros in Freakshare, Letitbit, 4Shared, polish Hotfile
– Fixed in 64 bits systems automatically uncompress rar files did not worked
– New sites supported:
– badongo.com
– Kewlshare.com
– Ugotfile.com
– sharingmatrix.com
– rapidshare.de
– Option to recheck a link in the detected links list
– Improved close tabs in the integrated browser
– New tab in options window for premium accounts
– Show the progress size of a download in Kb if the file size is lower than 1 MB
– Logs window

53 thoughts on “Mipony 1.0.4”

  1. Thanks for the captcha fix update!
    could you add a feature that can generate premium links and download files ?

  2. You guys really rock!!! It’s amazing, everything is fixed now plus new features plus alternative priority control, and all that in just a few days! With so quick support I’m going to stick to Mipony forever 🙂


  4. Junior, o Mipony é traduzido por mim, eu não faço parte do Time do Mipony apenas ajudo, eles apenas podem te responder em inglês ou espanhol, peço que se deseja falar com eles fale em uma dessas duas linguas.

    Mais mesmo assim acho que falo pelo time quando digo obrigado.


    Madmax Xavier, Mipony only manages downloads and I think they should not do a tool to skip the restrictions.

  5. John, I reported this problem of Depositfiles, maybe in the next update they will solve it…

    K4d4j, Sim Mipony é realmente muito bom, muito mais quando todos ajudam com sugestões e dúvidas.

  6. Realmente, eu fiz um teste usando um arquivo no Uploading e está tudo ok.
    Mas se você não conseguir baixar nenhum arquivo pelo uploading avisa que eu vou tentar ter ajudar.

    I did a test with uploading and it’s all ok, no problem.

  7. I thaught Mipony deserves the Polish version as well, so I made it 🙂 and I’m already using it, although a few buttons are not shown i Polish, I can send you my “mipony_pl-PL.xml” file 🙂 Greetings

  8. could you please add retry forever option in the next release…or something that keep retry until the file is downloaded even after download error…

    because since after a few “download error” (max 100 i suppose, in the options menu) the mipony seem to standby, doing nothing…

    Mipony is a great program 😀

  9. If some program options appear without translation is because the file does not have these strings, try to use the mipony_en-US.xml of Mipony folder…

    If are using it, tell me the option who not appear and i will help…
    Send me the translation too… =D

  10. i still have problems with letitbit.net links.. mipony always says that the file is not available but when check it from a browser its available and can download it.please fix this.tnx

  11. Hi loyaluser, I did a test with letitbit and I did not find any problem downloading from it…

    What is the link who you are trying to download.

  12. I’ve already sent the file to contact@mipony.net Yamash, I guess buttons like “search” are features present in all versions of Mipony, still they don’t show up, maybe it’s a problem with national keyboard file or language encoding not assigned correctly? It’s just a supposition, and thanks for reply 🙂

  13. suggestion from me…

    please add a list of completed downloaded files…a list that separated from downloads list…
    cause i am having this little trouble/problem when downloading password protected file, and try using the “write password” feature in mipony…after i do right clik and “clear completed”, the password i have written is lost with the cleared list 🙁

    Thx for the attention,
    mipony is such a great software

    ps: sorry for the bad english :p

  14. Paulo, to download the latest Mipony version, please visit.
    http://www.mipony.net or go Help > Search for upgrades.

    Nanank, to do suggestions go Help > Send us error reports or feature requests.
    But if you are forgetting and deleting them, you can use the notepad to save or go Options > Advanced > Check Auto Extract > Write the password in box… > Disable Auto Extract (If you just want to save the password).

    Try to search the “SEARCH” entry in translation…
    Here in my computer all options are translated…

  15. The final and working version of Polish language file has been sent to Mipony team. It was Yamash who made it work 100%, thus deserving credit for that 🙂

  16. hey yamash, the prblem about the leiitbit, well, for some unknown reason its working now tnx anyway. another friendly reminder, please add filesmonster to the supported web list. tnx

  17. LoyalUser, please send the suggestion of filesmonster with the suggestion form by clicking in Help – > “Send us error reports or feature request”.

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  19. Simply THE BEST!!!!
    I still don´t imagine how you did it but you did it!
    Now I can put the list to download and get it at night. Wonderfull…
    5 stars for this software… *****

  20. DanceMania, Mipony automatically send it to tray when minimized if the option “Minimize to tray” is active, but if you want a new button to do it, send a suggestion, By clicking > “Help” > “Send us error reports or feature requests”.

  21. Hello,

    I sent a suggestion via e-mail, asking for support of filebox ro (who generates links like fbx ro/blahblah…)

    I’m not sure that the e-mail arrived, so I’m posting a comment here to make sure.

    Thank you and congratulations for making Mipony!

  22. be che diire mipony mi ha sorpreso per la sua leggerezza semplice configurazione e soprattutto la sua ottima velocita

  23. I still have problems with uploading.com.
    It always appears “download error”, is there anything i could do to finally download from this server?

  24. its really an excellent program but we need a download bar that indicate the progress of any file, without looking to the big interface,

    thanx a lot

  25. Not only Hotfile for Polish users does have a different interface, but also once a download is initiated, any entered download IP address is automatically switched into a different IP address assigned for users in this region. The alias of the download address then is “pl.hotfile.com……”. I hope this may be of any help with solving the “download error” problem here.

  26. @Yamash
    Tried both, and both ended up in failure. Moreover, two different PCs on two different IPs fail on Hotfile with the use of Mipony, however, I am currently using a different stuff which works on Hotfile, too bad it is so user unfriendly I won’t even reveal it’s name in the public 😉

  27. I guess the only possibility to look into the problem is to use a polish proxy server and then see what’s wrong. Actually implementation of proxy servers separately for each single download would revolutionize the software 🙂

  28. @Newworldinc
    Obrigado pela sua opnião mas peço que comente em inglês, pois os desenvolvedores do Mipony respondem em inglês e espanhol.
    Eu traduzo o Mipony para português-BR mas sou apenas um voluntário.


  29. excelente programa para descargar objetos internet largos como series etc
    no se compara con ninguno ni con jdomwload ni con universsal shared este si funciona 100% sin ningun problema y ademas hace lo que hace el internet domwoload manager aceleration 300% mas de lo normal gracias……….

  30. Love MiPony! I used to use another downloader until I discovered MiPony and haven’t looked back since. I was wondering – I download from 4shared a lot, and while I am to save many files from there, I have a problem with saving anything in .png format (not zipped). Is it possible to be able to get MiPony to be able to download files in .png format>

    Thanks tonz for an awesome program!

    ~Chelle in OKC

  31. There is something strange just happened, I download a 7,79 gb file from shareflare site, I paused it for a while, then resume it, the file’s size misteriously changed into 4 gb

    What’s wrong ? should I stopped downloading it, I already wasted a day to download some part of it

  32. nessa ultima versão não sei porque esta carregando junto com o progama em gerenciador de arquivos da pra ver

    Mipony-helper sobrecarrega o progaminha como posso resolver isso?

  33. gente me ajudem por favor..
    adoro o mipony só que nao estou conseguindo mais baixar arquivos do megaupload
    ate ontem tava tudo ok mais agora eles só ficam aguardando aguardando e nada do download começar nao sei o pq disso ja tentei arquivos de diversos sites mais nao adianta se vc puder me ajudar Yamash ficarei agradecido adoro o programa…

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