Mipony 1.0.5.

You have available the new version of Mipony,it fixes some bugs and supports two new pages. Thanks to all those who are taking part in the translations and sending suggestions.

List of changes:

-Premium support for uploading.com
-Support for ccf links containers
-Removed maximum value for Failed downloads retries number
-Support for megauload file folders
-Added support for bitroad.net
-Added support for oron.com
-Fixed uploading.com support
-Fixed some errors reported
-Some memory optimizations
-Added polish language (thanks to Highlander)
-Highlight in the pasted text the currently selected link in the links list
-Updated turkish translation (thanks to Mazbut)
-Updated german translation (thanks to Philipp)

21 thoughts on “Mipony 1.0.5.”

  1. hey can u fix when i have 2 input a code i sometimes leave my pc …. but great job i thank you…. Mipony your kool…..

  2. Love this program! I’ve tried other downloaders but yours is the best, by far! I was wondering if you could add the following download site to your list: FileSavr.com ? Thanks tonz!!

    ~Chelle in OKC

  3. For Uploading and Hotfile similar local area related issues resulting in Mipony “download errors”, which I confirm for Polish users.

  4. I have to correct myself (me nawty), Uploading works for me now, there were some other problems. Unfortunately Hotfile keeps breaking.

  5. Hi people, if you found a bug or just want to suggest a new feature for Mipony, you can go in “Help” > “Send error reports or feature requests”
    This helps to solve problems quickly.

  6. I’m in Brazil and still can’t download the files in Uploading.com.
    One file downloaded but the others keep getting “download error”. I checked the files to download via web and all of them are working.

  7. file downloaded but the others keep getting “download error” hotfile ); and uploading error file downloding i don’t know was problem and very very thanks for Group Created Mipony This Very hard Good Luck Everybody Viva Hacker’s
    there were some other problems. Unfortunately Hotfile keeps breaking.
    Version Top This 1.0.2 I liked Very very much

  8. @Leandro
    Olá, envio o erro para o Mipony team usando a opção “Ajuda” > “Envie-nos relatórios de erros ou sugestões”.

    Sim tem acontecido esse erro comigo também, algumas vezes…

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