Mipony 1.0.3

There is a new version of Mipony with many changes. We try to improve on each version following the suggestions we receive through this blog or the contact form, and, of course we try to fix the problems reported.

Here is the list of changes:

– New button to select a destination folder for selected files when a file or a group of files is added for downloading.
– Priority system changed, now the downloads order follows the downloads list order and the user can move up and down the items in the list.
– Drag and drop support for reorder downloads.
– Option to hide tray notifications.
– If a file with the same name is already being downloading from another server Mipony asks what do you want to do with the new file, download it under another name, save it on another folder or overwirte the previous file.
– Support for sharex.xpg.com.br downloads.
– Support for x7.to downloads.
– Support for www.bigandfree.com downloads.
– Support for www.zippyshare.com downloads.
– Support for megaupload password protected files, if you saved a password for the file Mipony will use it otherwise Mipony will ask for it.
– Support for mediafire password protected files.
– Fixed problem with the automatic shutdown on all files completed option.
– Added Greek language (thanks to Nikos).
– Fixed sometimes Megaupload file avaibility was detected incorrectly.
– If the user select a file splitted in several parts with all the parts downloaded and press the button Join Files the dialog box is pre-filled with the selected file.
– Fixed problem that made Flashgot not to work correctly with Mipony.
– Option to start Mipony when Windows starts.
– New label to show the total size of the selected files for downloading.
– Container files (*.dlc *.rsdf) can now be opened with double click.
– Show a warning before deleting a file.
– Fixed a problem that made that firefox and explorer plugin not to work correctly.
– Show number of seconds in “Estimated time” column.
– Fixed notifications were not shown correctly in Windows 7.
– Fixed somtimes the downloads list was resized incorrectly.

15 thoughts on “Mipony 1.0.3”

  1. Hi, first of all, I would say the Mipony is the best share disk downloader I ever used, thanks for your hard work on dev!
    I have a little problem with Mipony, I often use it to download the hotfile files, and sometimes, it will ask me to input the verification code. But the Mipony always can’t load the full verification code image completely before it display in a popup dialog box. So I always can’t type correct code with half loaded image.
    I donno how the Mipony works for this part, but I think it would be better if there can be a “if (100% load)” before it display the image.

  2. thanks for the new release of this wonderful program.
    i have 2 questions

    – with hotfile downloads sometime they ask for two words displayed in a pic. the pic is not good displayed
    – when i am in then downloads, i cannot sort my download anymore on filename, stats etc

  3. this is one of the best download manager I used, the new version looks great, just 1 thing, I like the 102 priority function better than 103, anyone feel the same way?? no matter where the files are listed, I can change the download priority in 102, but 103, I need to move them to the top of the page, what for??

  4. this is the most user friendly download manager i have used & takes the stress out of individually downloading. i too have come accross the hotfile issue but even though it IS frustrating that you can only see the top part of the words, its so you can’t use a DLM & just use the free download option, but for me it becomes kind of a ‘guess the word’ game & if i guess correctly i get to download, after all ppl, this IS a FREE progam.

    keep the good work up guys 🙂

  5. Great program, but why there is no sorting by file name, status, link in 1.0.3 version ? It was a very useful function. Please restore it !

  6. hmmmmm, 1.03 not as good as 1.02. any chance of re-enabling the ‘sort by column’ & download priority optios as these were very useful.

  7. Hi! Thanks for the nice work on Mipony, so far the best download manager for file sharing sites.

    I would just like to make a suggestion, if possible can you add a feature in the software where it will enter the captcha automatically. The previous download manager I used was capable of doing this.

    This will allow me to leave the software running when I go to sleep at night.

  8. A few days ago Hotfile introduced a new look of its page for Poland and some other countries. That change causes also Mipony not to work for the people in the area for Hotfile. Could you please look into the problem, and maybe release a fix or update for that, cos I can hardly think of any other proggy that would be a fraction as useful as Mipony 🙂

  9. I agree it has been a quick and reliable downloader. I also have found Hotfile a problem only in the last ten days or so with 1.0.2 and not solved by 1.0.3. Even with a paid subscription about a third of Hotfile downloads record download error and often ask for the two word code after a delay – even so skipping to 100 percent download but O bytes content. The missing downloads then have to be dealt with manually. Is this Hotfiles’s fault. Even changing to single downloads at a time does not solve the issue.

  10. I also find the new priority system to be less useful than the previous version. The inability to sort columns is a huge loss. Can this feature as well as individual download priorities be put back? I love your program and thanks for all the hard work.

  11. Thanks for great Mipony… but i miss old ’sort by column’ & download priority optios …

    Use malvarebytes .. clean PC and u will see full verification code image of hotfile downloads

    sorry for my english & keep the good work …

  12. Pony, un grande que no deberia dejar de existir , y eso que use un monton de soft para descargas directas y al tiempito no andaban mas , gracias egnte de pony por esto

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