Mipony 2.2.0.

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-The Captcha windows is now resizeable. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom the captcha.
-Cancel the captcha window now stops the file.
-Added nitroflare.com premium download support.
-Added dizzcloud.com premium download support.
-Updated turbobit.net
-Updated keep2share.cc
-Updated howfile.com
-Updated uptobox.com
-Updated recaptcha support (easier captchas)
-Updated eyesfile.com
-Updated terafile.co
-Updated datafile.com
-Updated disk.yandex.com
-Updated speedyshare.com
-Updated czshare.com to sdilej.cz
-Updated flowhot.info to rd-fs.com
-Updated ultramegabit.com to uploadto.us
-Updated jmshared.com
-Updated filenuke.com
-Updated ulozto.cz
-Updated load.to
-Updated queenshare.com
-Updated uploadboy.com
-Updated upf.co.il
-Updated yunfile.com
-Updated 4shared.com
-Updated ziddu.com
-Updated ulozto.net
-Updated oboom.com
-Added linestorage.com
-Added faststore.org
-Added privatefiles.com
-Added nitroflare.com
-Added cloudzilla.to
-Added xerver.co
-Added filecore.co.nz
-Added filestorm.to
-Added sanshare.com
-Added rghost.net
-Added inclouddrive.com
-Added potload.com
-Added filedwon.info
-Added megairon.net
-Added brupload.net
-Added 1st-files.com
-Added uplea.com
-Updated French translation (Thanks to Haddad R)
-Updated Japanese (Thanks to Tilt)
-Removed hipfile.com
-Removed cramit.in
-Removed qkup.net
-Removed filesfrog.net
-Removed filezy.net
-Removed zshare.ma
-Removed beastshare.com
-Removed x7files
-Removed muchshare.net
-Removed crisshare.com
-Removed swankshare.com
-Removed 4savefile.com
-Removed filesend.net
-Removed oleup.com
-Removed slingfile.com
-Removed nirafile.com
-Removed davvas.com
-Removed uploadnetwork.eu
-Removed ufox.com
-Removed clipshouse.com

30 thoughts on “Mipony 2.2.0.”

  1. Could you guys make updating to new versions bit simpler, something like in firefox etc. Here one has to first download, save the installer separately, then the installer downloads and installs.. There’s no one click easy updating or even auto updating in Mipony like in firefox, chrome.

  2. I also had a problem with upgrading from 2.1.4 to 2.2.0. I worked around it by installing Mipony on another computer, then copying the files from the new installation over the old one.

    To the devs: This is a great program, thank you. It works so much better than JDownloader. Could you look into getting it to pick up Soldifiles links from Mirrorcreator?

  3. New version doesn’t automatically add links when I select…. going back to prior version until this glitch is fixed. Love this program when it works properly. Looking forward to the next update.

  4. RESOLVED! in the 1st. instance of trying to install 2.2.0 over the top of v2.1.4 I did two things. I downloaded 2.2.0 from Mipony site and unblocked the file via Properties but it failed to install. I then pulled it down again, left it blocked and installed it via Administration run. It then installed over 2.1.4 ok.

  5. Will not install over 2.1.4 … I have tried several times. Have Windows 7 and this seems to be a common problem from other comments. Would appreciate a “fix” to this.

  6. Also, suddenly Mipomy is not “starting” at the selected time. In fact I have a hard time getting it to go at all and often have problems with Sendspace Links.

  7. thanks for the program.

    lately zippyshare doesn’t download…it gives error notices.
    the links are verified valid by browser and mipony recognizes the links and loads for downloading, but it gives error messages for all zippyshare links

    thanks for a fix and gamefront is still giving span file listing on gamefront scanned links. no names…all span file.

    thanks if you can fix…gamefront is pretty decent sppeds, but have to use a browser to download.

  8. Zippyshare giving Download Error since yesterday (UK time).
    Had to try updating mipony 7 times before I finally got it to update, but now the ZS problem…

  9. Captcha doesn’t work in remote control, it just stops the entire download when you key in the captcha from remote control. Tried both, the web as well as in android. Please fix it. Thanks.

  10. Get to 97% and it stops. Been trying to upload since it came out with no luck. Needs to be fixed. And one click installation would be great instead of the steps, so to speak. Also Mipony does not open after computer starts even though I have it selected to do so. So, if I’m away from home and my computer restarts itself because of upgrades Mipony does not open.

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