Web Sites Database DB109 updated for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database updated for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

List of changes:
-Updated zippyshare.com
-Updated sendspace.com
-Updated sockshare.com
-Updated easybytez.com
-Updated speedyshare.com

28 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB109 updated for Mipony”

  1. Zipped files are downloading without the file format extension in the file name — for example: File.zip is just downloading as “file” with no file format in the file name (for all file share sites I have used: 4shared, mediafire, etc) – all other files show the file format extension – but not for .zip, .rar and other zipped files. I have my folder options set up to show the extension in the file name and it shows for other zipped files but not when they’ve been downloaded via Mipony.

  2. Hamlet and yo and abuela

    only say thank you, solemnly and with all my heart and soul thank you, love both mundanely thanks, terrifying mind no thanks, because clerically paranormal recorded recently in Mipony, if gentlemen, women, young ladies and gentlemen in this version out ghostly things, like things that cannot be describe or see or touch, other serious thing if outside in my native language blog bone great Portuguese. Still thanks for the effort in happy mipony users, because in general terms the program well clearly 🙂
    E como não cumprimentar todos os usuários falando potugesa mipony, do corasao os amo y os quiero.

  3. This very well the update, but I must insist, when Notepad in Portuguese, and is more they should do or make a Notepad for all languages in the world, but especially for Portuguese, please gentlemen the great language of Camões.

  4. Hello, affirm to mipony to overcome today in day to all gestares them of existing downloads and all that and more, more, more, aaaaa o = Ibiza aaaaaa than beautiful memories, but gentlemen I reaffirm my request of a blog in Portuguese, because me as a Brazilian, I have the great honour to my thoughts, be in the language of Camões.
    E se eu sou brasileiro e posso servir-te uma coisa, Leticia, à sua disposição, entender-me por tudo, desde que nós compartilhamos uma linguagem.

  5. You do not know Alice B.Toklas, but you’re a Sun, and I think that one of the users more serious of mipony and Admin I think you will be proud to users as good and intellectual and committed to humanity, like you, that enjoys mipony. I admire you and tell you that thing of the blog in Portuguese, and in all languages of the world not is unreasonable, since the program is for your use of all of them, kisses!
    أنت هي الشمس القمر والنجوم، أليس، دائماً يدكم، زهرة.

  6. Thank you, thank you of heart Mipony, first to facilitate our download, the second thing is that it overwhelms me emotion, thanks to mipony gentlemen we can see that there are human beings in the world as Alice B.toklas, i.e. people with disinterest, heart and soul and humbly and without wanting to be noted provide its existence, by the inhabitants of the world. Mipony thanks Admin, but if you look at, rapidgator, fails more than a gun fair. From china with love.

  7. Hello, great community of mipony, this release is to thank mipony, for leave to express my utopias or wishes fair and worthy of the mind of a champion pro and benefit from this great community of mipony. I have not interest in attracting the admiration of users, if not anything more to offer my great ideas worthy of a genius to the world community of mipony.
    E com a permissão do administrador, envie infinitos beijos para todos e especialmente os grandes oradores portugueses. AAAAA aquela bela são Paulo minha cidade natal e, como não beleza de aaaa da Madeira como nenhum outro.

  8. do notttttttttttttt eeeeee”””’????????????? PLEASEEEEEEEEE
    Aguiaaaa des champions AND MIPONY far me and far yu and girls guapetonas de mipony y los guapetones eeeeeeee’? sin name.

  9. Turbobit changed today, now it’s new.turbobit.net/.
    Keep2share too needs an update: Mipony fails to donwload from it (Donwload Error), but if I open the file with my browser and insert there the captcha, I can resume the file in Mipony to have it downloaded.

    Thanks for MIPONY, it’s definitely great. 🙂

  10. Hi,
    Mipony supported nitroflare well until yesterday.
    Yesterday nitroflare server was for some time down, and then when it got on again, links started failing in mipony – they are caught, but show 0 kb size, though links work in browser.
    Perhaps, there were some changes applied on nitroflare.
    Please adapt Mipony to those changes.

  11. I can’t see support for nitroflare in the premium section at all.
    Are you guys using the free version of nitroflare with mipony?

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