Mipony 2.1.4.

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-It is possible now to add manually a referring web address for each link. You can easily in the future go to the page you found the link.
-Updated integrated browser to IE9 mode.
-Autoselect old name in the rename file dialog.
-Added fboom.me
-Added premium support for fileom.com
-Added qkup.net
-Added lolabits.es
-Added d-h.st
-Added filespace.com
-Updated video flv download.
-Updated linksnappy.com
-Updated fileom.com
-Updated zippyshare.com
-Updated project-free-upload.com
-Updated ziddu.com
-Updated uptobox.com
-Updated hugefiles.net
-Updated terafile.co
-Updated tusfiles.net
-Updated mediafire.com
-Updated uploaded.net premium
-Updated share4web.com
-Updated sendspace.com

62 thoughts on “Mipony 2.1.4.”

  1. Thank the administrator team for their work have Mipony a day. And it seems that somewhere else my anti-system nature, they have caught me mania and do not want to ruin the clientele, so I’m going to control time.(I think there is a slogan in tancats sites but ‘?)………………………….) Do and why is 115? Sorry for my ignorance and repeat thanks for the new update.

  2. Still having problems with installation, “Mipony-Installer.exe stop working, Mipony-Installer.exe will be closed, if a solution is found you’ll be advised” no problems with previous version like 2.1.1… but still having problems with MiPony 2.1.2, 2.1.3 and 2.1.4

  3. first of all: thank you, secondly: with it,…2.1.4, is as good as its predecessor, still stand already worth and terceramente comment to this great community (I think that the more serious and therefore it would be but that very serious of the Galaxy internautera, so it is = a very technical, which thanks to the work of the dear development team enjoy of a believe that the best Manager downloads of the Galaxy and therefore to buy himself a motorcycle easy puts it or sucked) PAMPLONICAS VIVA SAN FERMÍN and MIPONY thanks team and users yyyyyy girls MIPONY users

  4. i dont understand. i’ve download mipony installer v1.2.4 but it’s insatlling version 1.2.3 ????????????

  5. Hello, sorry for my ignorance in relation to 115 posed by JMC, good as already is what it is, it is ponidroid, or not?. And in relation to problems of installation I personally not had none.

  6. request: do please split the shutdown computer into close/exit mipony & shutdown computer, thank you 🙂

  7. Dear development team: but hey what is? What about the versions here and there, if the 211 213 that mess, and don’t fuck then ami I get the 2.1.4 or esque am I wrong view and equally I have to go to this perspective that I suggest located by Campanar (greetings to all colleagues and the girls members primarily from the falla, antiga de Campanar). And now comes the gentleman, I suppose that gentleman; noos51 with 123 to the English chick. Please note, thank you.
    collons como se dice optica.

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    Joer ke la infusion, me a voi de hollidays 😀

  9. no lo kreo valla caki de ultimo mensajutyu hasta september joer ke mal keo siempre en to los laos menos em campanera o noo si BIEN.
    Blessed Pennyroyal and… is my… noseeeee /(78.
    and mipony bienn ooooonooo????

  10. Thanks for Mipony, it’s GREAT!

    Keep2share has been updated, so at present Mipony work no more with it.

  11. barbie superstar

    To all who complain of advertising programs and browser extras that are installed along with Mipony… First of all say that with a bit of criteria you can reject and only install Mipony. In second place who think that life is, that it is free? If they do this advertising and the extras is to generate something of profit the developers who put their stop and its effort to give us this excellent program. That version 2.1.3 still see them try uninstall the program and then cleaned the registry with any program like CCleaner to do a reinstallation of the software. Thanks to the developers for this excellent program. Chimo. It goes for you, 19 days and 500 nights.

  12. Eternally grateful to Mipony, for his great work on, please provide your girls users the work of having to struggle, (no-scrub) with the pages download or servers and raise a high protest by the comments not exposed in our great language or the great among the great geniuses of humanity and theatrical dramaturgy, Williams Shakespeare.

  13. Miss bianca: beautiful, if we speak more English, with respect to users of mipony and out of respect for the problems highly exposed by the large community of Mipony, and said in English.
    senyoreta bianca: bonica, si en parlem més anglès, per respecte a usuaris de mipony i per respecte a problemes altament exposats per la gran comunitat de Mipony i va dir en Valenciano.
    And by dread. You can tell me you that language to writing your message.


  15. Hey, Gigapeta premium supported by RealDebrid! Please update Realdebrid plugin! In old version this worked correctly!

  16. Bianca: in some comments that not is if pass moderation, me and stopped carrying my nature, temperamental, but I think already is in language to write your message, it’s galaico-Portuguese, have not clear. I think that the users of the blog English do not deserve that your and I become this community in the Tower of Babel, so I invite you with admin permission if you have something to tell me you do it in the Spanish blog and in Spanish.

  17. Hi, well this message is to say that mediafire is no longer what it was, before it was fine now nothing nothing, and admin already is that my me taken to true when server is, I spend good equal only wetransfer. And then I’m doing well, but screwed up because today it’s the anniversary of my fucking goodbye to Amparo, the brunette with straight hair style witch, the Queen of Delphi, by Hooker, Navy or marine, my floozy I can stand more than thousand, and please, lolo tratala cabron well. already is that will not read this but just that fuck with pennyroyal, admin you apologise for this message but if I passageway, with amparo the three of… Stand by, Ben E.King, Bruno Lomas & Jhon Lennon, are of my for you.

  18. Very good, thanks.
    Is there any ADBlock plugin compatible with the built-in explorer ?
    It could be awesome !

  19. Hi. I will not recommend people to install the additional browser that is enclosed in the installation. As you have No choice to say ‘No’, exit the installation. Irrespect of the ability to un-install (and you have to contact them to and hope that they will uninstall everything associated with that browser). You can not uninstall yourself which is also a ‘no-no’.
    To have it on the system in the first circumvents your rights to say ‘no’ and carry on the installation of the proper program.
    Bad show.
    I have been in the computer industry since 1974 and most people are against having to install stuff they do not want and have no gurantee that there will be anything left on their system. No gurantee that there is no back-door watching and sending out browser information- or anything else. For Years we have been informing people, ‘if you do not have the choice to say no, then walk away. There is always something better else where. in this case, there is. So look around.
    Sorry Mypony, it had to be said. Give us the choice of ‘yes’/’no’ to other stuff that you include.

  20. To “peter”: Try to download Mipony from the official site instead of upgrading directly to the new version. The installer you’ll find there will give you the choice to install or not the additional browser.

  21. Peter, Peter, Pedrito o Peret: you do not you have no idea of computer science, 1974 is a bluff, do not come with the story that you don’t have the option to say that not to the extras of mipony installation and learn how to install the programs reading the content or is you’re illiterate?

  22. For georgpapado, Peter: gentlemen please, do not mistake people of good, Knight georgpapado, his intention is good but gives the same giving the same update to install the extras if they don’t want to with unmark as OK, if the Lords are illiterate, I understand now the fucking mess that between the two are riding on the blog, and if you don’t know shut up fuck.
    Querida e bela BYA: se em minhas mãos amanhã mesmo você tinha seu blog de mipony na língua dos espanhóis ou o irmão mais velho idioma português, mas gosta de mim é que seu eu ignorar porque não é que dizem que se você é um anjo.

  23. Hi there ,
    I’m a huge fan of Mipony being using it for more than 2-3 years now .

    Suddenly for last 2-3 months I’ve been facing a very annoying problem

    Which is I’m not able to download from
    3.Depositefile (works on IDM)

    absolutely devastated here,, pls help

  24. By more spending time ay people who don’t learn how inept most, denied, interruptus, garrulos, flat, julais, manganis and fools of the tambourine, and like most of the callers, who do not know or use a program like mipony and therefore not install it, just know that send messages full of crap, and now comes the menda oboom fuck.

  25. My Norton Suite says:
    “Auto-Protect is processing security risk – Suspicious.Cloud.9.(Trojan Virus) Item is blocked and your computter is fine.

    Are we just waiting for 2.1.5 to come out?

  26. Could anyone tell me why every time I try and use FileFatory premium .. MiPony gives me “Unrestictor Error” and just sits there trying to connect. Just curious, it is pretty frustrating. Thanks to anyone for help.

  27. Hey could you guys add something like adblock plus in your browser.

    And the Mipony logo looks like a bloody Friday the 13th mask than a pony. I guess even if you removed the red bar, it will still look like a hair drier or a vacuum cleaner than a pony (or robotic pony!!)

  28. a queue of error download:unrestrictor error trying again for my file on easybytez with premium with the last database update

  29. Hi. In my 2.1.4 version, the google search at the up and right of the window does’nt work. Annoying ! It worked on the 2.1.3 version. An idea ?

  30. عماد الحداد

    السلام عليكم
    عند وضع رابط التحميل لايعمل البرنامج بالتحميل فما الحل

  31. just decided to try your app, only to find out that it doesn’t work with uptobox.


    Going back to my old app…

  32. I can’t understand that Mipony supports proxy, but the installer doesn’t…

    Is there any official link of the offline installer?

    Thanks in advance.

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