Mipony 2.1.3.

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-New remote control interface.
-Updated mega.co.nz
-Updated hugefiles.com
-Updated depositfiles.com
-Updated oboom.com
-Added 4shared.com folders.
-Updated novafile.com
-Updated uploading.com
-Updated ultramegabit.com premium.
-Updated firedrive.com
-Added download support for sharingmaster.com
-Added download support for mixture-cloud.com
-Added 1fichier.com folders.
-Added firedrive.com folders.
-Added rapidgator.net folders.
-Added oboom.com folders.
-Added minhateca.com.br
-Added yunpan.cn
-Added jmshared.com
-Updated ziddu.com
-Added uploadable.ch folders.
-Added file-space.org
-Added mightyupload.com
-Added flexydrive.com
-Updated filecloud.io
-Added terafile.co premium.
-Added firedrive.com premium.
-Added oboom.com premium.
-Added lomafile.com premium.
-Added sharelink.li premium.
-Fixed opening multiple windows on explorer tab closed.
-Show more information on download errors.
-Updated Japanese (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Turkish (Thanks to FaraDelisi).
-Removed megaload.it
-Removed extabit.com
-Removed uploadjet.net
-Removed lumfile.com
-Removed uploadstation.com
-Removed rocketfile.net
-Added putdrive premium.
-Added uploadhero.com premium.
-Added terafile.co premium.

80 thoughts on “Mipony 2.1.3.”

  1. I cannot install v.2.1.3, when I click on Installer, the installer is closed with an error, “MiPony-Installer.exe has stopped working… when a solution will be found, you’ll be advised”. I tried several times but without success!
    What happened? Can you solve asap? I tried also stopping antivirus and firewall but the result is the same. Nothing to do… Thanks…

  2. you should have add pan.baidu.com and kuai.xunlei.com instead of yunpan.cn :\, these two are the most popular upload site in china. I hope your next big update will include it

    @alecos the installer is working fine, you probably missed some components that is required to open the installer.

    as always, I don’t get why so many people have problem with the installer, maybe you guys should check your computer first before you complain to Mipony, but it would also be great if mipony use the old installer.

  3. Hello Mipony users, (especially at the good guys), I think the 2.1.3 version well or not or if? for my good, and rather if any of you… love zubair, your very goooooood but ami seems to me that… 😛

  4. Hello blog Mipony English, such the 2.1.3 version do I wonder?, ami well and rather me iria if any user give me a computer review… and more…
    Admin thank you for the new version.
    POst: amad zubair, a loviu guapeton 🙂

  5. hi, i love this software. since the last update, i can’t download premium link on uptobox (i have an real premium account :)). can you look at that ? thx you 😉

  6. The installer doesn’t work I’m on Windows 7 and the installer says that the file 534069-1 is not compatible with 64 bit machine

  7. I am so angry..!!!
    I was downloading a file 1.6GB and was 70% through it and for some reason it, MiPony, decided to delete the file and start again..
    I am on a slow connection so I have wasted 3 days of download time…
    Why or what happened… ?
    Is it worth updating this version (2.1.2) or will I loose the rest of my part downloads? HELP … !!!

  8. I am even more angry as before..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After writing the last “comment” to you ALL MY DOWNLOADS have vanished…!!! I have lost 23GB of files…
    It has my “History” of what was downloaded but not the list of current downloads…
    Is there a solution to this so I dont have to do it all again?
    I did not click the upgrade because I was afraid of loosing my files in the queue but it seems that it has dumped them anyway…
    As I said.. NOT HAPPY, NOT HAPPY AT ALL…!!!!!
    Ray Rayz

  9. Yeah ok, you delete my last comment only for asking about Billion Uploads server. I though you’re a great team but now I know you’re a bunch of FAGS. Im moving on to JDownloader. Thanks for nothing bitches .l.

  10. hi.kindly add youtube.com and dailymotion and tune.pk and many other video streaming download facility.

    Many regards.

  11. the latest mipony wants you to install MY SEARCH, my search is a royal pain in the butt spyware,, i advise everyone not to upgrade/update..you relly don’t want this, i don’t want it,, it dosent’ have a DECLINE button,, otherwise cannot update,,can you put a decline button on… thank you

  12. Thanks for the awesome program. Keep up the good work.

    I would like to ask, turbobit, I have an account, but on mipony it shows the links does not excist when I add them. Manually I can download them fine.

  13. Stop to say wrong things !!!

    Mipony 2.1.3 can be installed an works fine on “Windows 64 bits” !

    You can upgrade without loosing any file (already downloaded, in progress, or in queue) !
    If you loose files, it’s NOT because of Mipony. Perhaps a virus on your PC, or you have done something wrong in the Explorer.

    As I remember, it’s possible to install the last Mipony without “MySearch”.

  14. >>>Perhaps a virus on your PC,

    Right from the spam from the installer.
    This is very risky software. Even I decline all the “offers” still instal rubish which is malware positive.

    Hey developer, do you realy won to ruin your software with all those spams, java redirects.

    Better make it $ for some resonable money.


  15. I can upgrade after several attempt, it keeps saying to connect the internet when there is already online. I off the firewall and tried a few times, it finally worked BUT the download speed is 1 to 2k – it is worst than having it.

    So, don’t upgrade it. Wait for the next upgrade.

  16. Very sorry, it was my mistake!!!
    Thousand appologies! I accidentially click the limit to 10kb only.
    Now, set to unlimited and it run like a rocket!
    Thanks very much Mipony and the staff there!

  17. the browse and download “feature” sucks ;d
    if i wanted an internet explorete i would just run one

  18. et bien ça ne marche pas mes fichiers s’arettent avant la fin du téléchargement et repartent au début
    GROSSE DECEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. i keep getting download error from fileom.com and that’s all. else is good and some quite fast enough.

  20. The coder still hasn’t seen fit to add a file pre-allocation feature. As a result, downloaded files can be fragmented in to thousands of pieces.

  21. Hello Mipony Team,

    I cannot use new version due to some error even after turning off antivirus and firewall, Issue is that some links of zippyshare are working some are not.

    Can you please fix them, thx for good work, keep it up


  22. Why is that speeds never get past 500 KBs ??
    In Jdownloader the files I was downloading achieved about 1.2 MB of download speed.
    Now I tried with mipony from same server and speed never gets past 500 KBs, and yes I tried setting severall speeds and it gets worst, only in unlimited goes to 500 KBs

  23. HmMarques you try change the number of simultaneous segments per file “to 10“ in option, maybe this help you with the speed of links.

  24. Здравствуйте! Как перевести страницы на русский? Почему нет автоматического перевода?

  25. I have tried to download the new udate to my windows 7 x64 computer. I get a virus warning each time and it is blocked and removed. You may want to redo or rescan the Mipony 2.1.3 update. I tried 3 times and it errored out each and everytime.

  26. trying to update to v. 2.1.3 but Update is not work. its install kingoffice which is “i dont know waht its” an office program

    Cannot download from uloz.to, which is mentioned on the web is updated.. \

    currently still running at version 2.0.4

  27. Sirs
    I have tried to download the latest version of Mipony but my antivirus keeps rejecting it because of a virus. I cant download either from the existing program nor from the website.The version i have is v2.1.2 …..and doesnt seem to want to work anymore

  28. este progama esta altamente. mas so falta o utorrent e o utorrent plu na linda assim ficava ainda muito melhor

  29. este progama esta altamente. mas so falta o utorrent e o utorrent plu na linda assim ficava ainda muito melhor

  30. This version keeps on getting error with premium version.

    And I use rapidgator and after downloading for some links. It started to asking for captcha.

  31. Version works fine. Please add fileom.com to your premium support, just got an account there to only realize its not supported here.

    MIPONY my favorite Manager, I love and adore, but and wtransfer and as well love to all users. congratulations to the development team and how not to, Julio Y, and kepsapcoalt67,and mercucho (the Spanish blog) 😛

  33. I also use rapidgator premium, and I keep getting a rapidgator premium authentication error.
    Now I constantly get a captcha

    How can we fix this? It’s quite annoying because I can’t just let my pc stay on for a couple of hours and download everything…
    I have to keep coming back (which I cant) to resume the download

  34. oh lol just remove the rage i just had…
    it just updated to show the other comment! (y)

    but still.. fix it it’s really annoying

  35. ebin is not the only one with the screwed up rapidgator premium. I should not have to wait up to 2hrs between files because your program is having issues authenticating.

  36. @pepe and seyitfc,We go, let’s see if here speaks English as God intended, or that respect for the language of Shakespeare and? So what if not mutis, or respect for the blog.
    pepe, pepito= jose.

  37. Sorry admin for this second comment often but I think that the former had to have told EBIN that damn what is that rage? EBIN male is not understood anything about your comment or opinion, demand and explicate better or you… stay…

  38. Ebin Ebin Ebinnnnnnnnnnnn, love you remind me to another brother in Spanish blog grouser. But both men cost you to put the captcha? And then bothered the gentleman to have 2 hours the computer functioning, Ebin boy don’t be so comodon, please.

  39. Dear development team: I hope that what I am going to try to expose the blog in English, is exposed as God commands, bone in a moderately comprehensible English and so I present here because I see that the English-speaking users are more serious and anti-feminist as the Manager in Spanish. And also e detected it and writing in Spanish-speaking on the button Manager of pause, na to been well received by the dear development team.
    Friends and friends of Mipony, anyone know that is worth the pause button? I think it goes wrong and that no pause, or I like me who am I doing it wrong, not what, but I think that with give pause should be enough, or not? I ask. THANKS AND BEST REGARDS

  40. You guys make such boggus comments considering that mipony has put spam ads and links that don’t work (unrestricter errors) into there newer version releases. Do they even bother to read these comments? I don’t think so! This use to be a great program but not anymore.

  41. Dear users and development team of mipony: not is that happens with the pausamiento of downloads, but ami does not work in any way, pausing or stopping, always start the download again. This demand or doubt the e exposed in Spanish blog, but, as any user to high complaints about my behaviour in the comments and my own demands to Admin, and decided not to expose comments on this blog for a long time. I hope you friends Mipony English blog be more compensivos with women, and ask you please give me advice on this problem. Finishing, and to be fair, the Spanish blog only hope the reply from a user, called July and would be the only reason to accelerate my return to this blog. Sorry for my little knowledge of the English language, thanks.

  42. reallypureandnatural

    THISIS50 apart that you use pretty bad our great language, don’t complain of advertisements, have tell me tuuuuu any program that do not put ads oooooo, announce its paid version with blinds or ask for donations, which? jdowloader, no longer gets any spam at the top right of the interface, and little ones are ads because but not iPlayer ever, mipony is free and something you have to keep in the times that run and but look what this happening with antivirus announce their version of payment yyyyyy now optimizers good boy this is free. oooooo DI
    goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood mine that…

  43. Amparito blenda jones

    aaaaaeeeeeiiiioooouuuuAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAoooooo with blood of horchata ice floes: commiserate dear development team, for their tedious work in this great English-speaking blog think very technical but cold or equal is better, less work and less heavy aunts who on the other (ADMIN estos no de na asu rollo)
    gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.joder ke nohepueto el imail

  44. Another day of the problem 0kb/s. I switched from IDM but this is getting on my nerves, please, fix it.

  45. Dear MiPony,

    TusFiles used to work, but approximately 4-6 weeks ago it states NO TusFiles are there (Red X), yet the file does download via the TusFiles website via web-browser.

    A few days ago, k2s.cc quit working, although it does give a Green-X, but after trying to connect, the Status report is Download Error. I can also DL these “error” files from the website via web-browser.

    Thank you kindly!

  46. Hi!
    Easybytez.com PREMIUM doesnt work (or sometimes works for 2…3 files then stop download or start download has FREE) N.B: no problem with JD, but I wanna use mipony 🙁

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