Mipony 2.1.1.

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Updated click’n load.
-Added Rapidpremium (rpnet.biz) unrestrictor support.
-Added Downmasters.com unrestrictor support.
-Added debriditalia.com unrestrictor support.
-Added premium support for file4safe.com
-Added premium support for koofile.com
-Fixed error starting Mipony.
-Fixed error cancelling unrestrictors downloads.
-Updated keep2share.com
-Updated uloz.to
-Updated rockdizfile.com
-Updated disk.yandex.com
-Updated nowdownload.eu
-Updated akafile.com
-Updated sendmyway.com
-Updated load.to
-Updated ifolder.ru
-Updated adf.ly
-Updated sockshare.com
-Updated unrestrict.li
-Added download support for koofile.com
-Removed speedshare.org
-Removed banashare.com
-Removed uploadic.com
-Removed mais.me
-Updated Korean translation (thanks to lgjjp).
-Updated Portuguese-Portugal translation (thanks to João).
-Tradicional Chinese languguage update (thanks to kuei0116).
-Updated Portuguese-Brazil translation (thanks to Yamash and Igor).

47 thoughts on “Mipony 2.1.1.”

  1. It won’t install the new 2.1.1 version! Every time I try and install it it says it is already running and will exit! But it’s not because I have removed it completely.

  2. The matter that “junocloud.me” cannot download does not seem to be able to revise even this update.
    I cannot download it at all as ever.

  3. Why the installer is always full of unwanted programs (and spyware)?
    Every time I update the program I have to clean the pc with my antivirus…:(

  4. Michel, I am also having authentication issues with Mipony, which I didn’t have a week ago. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon. Until then, I guess we must download one link at a time by the website, and lose bandwidth with failed downloads…

  5. did you guys not add keep2share yo said you updated it but dont see in remium section and when you copy a file its an unsorported hmm canwe get that fixed please ty

  6. I’m getting “download error” everytime using Windows 8.1. I’ve allowed the program to connect Internet in Firewall settings. What is going on?

  7. Chelle/WillowRaven

    I have been an avid user of Mipony for the last 3 or 4 years and have recommended it to many. I recently downloaded the current update for Mipony however I have tried several times (unsuccessfully) to update it. I start the update, it gets to the 2nd ‘page’ where it asks me to click on the green “next” button (which is the agreement page) and the next button is unresponsive (nothing happens) and it freezes up and also freezes up the computer. I have deleted it and redownloaded it from the site (and through the ‘blog link’ on the actual program) and it keeps happening. No matter what I do I cannot get the update to progress past the ‘agreement’ page. Please help/advise?

  8. Why doesn’t filesflash.com, Rayfile.com, 115.com not working anymore.
    Please fix thses plugins if any problem in it. Thanks
    and also if you can add scribd.com and host.hackerbox.com plugins, it will be great.
    thank you very much.

  9. Premium links for Zevera is not working. Many file hosts show red X with no file size. Filefactory links show zero and no longer work. Give me the version before this one please. Nothing but problems with this new version.
    OMG I’m ripping my hair out on this one.

  10. It was the matter that I could not download from “junocloud.me”, but became able to download it in “MiPONY” for a few days. Because I was not able to download it after version up of “MiPONY” for a while, it was what or might deal on “junocloud.me” side.

  11. What is the issue with downloading from filefactory?? using mipony no matter what size download, gets the ? and no file info so cannot download at all, please help


  12. In addition, I was not able to download it in MiPONY from “junocloud.me”…In IE10 on the same PC, I can download it normally.
    Because I want to know the cause first of all, is there not the tool that small movement log of MiPONY is produced or the option?

  13. Chelle/WillowRaven

    I wrote a few days ago and told you of a problem I am having trying to install the update/upgrade of your program. As of today, and despite trying several attempts (including deleting the download and re-downloading it from your blog, right from the program, etc etc), I am not only still not able to install the Mipony update, I have also discovered, much to my dismany, that it [quietly, in the background, without my consent or knowledge] installed a program called “Search Protect” which I do NOT want (and would tell it to NOT install if asked, and it did it regardless) … I never even got to that screen to tell it not to install, it just quietly did it anyway. My computer is still freezing up while trying to install the upgrade/update (on the 2nd screen where the green “next” button is at the bottom – the button still is non-responsive). I never used to have this problem with installing the upgrades/updates for your product – its ONLY been this particular (latest) update/upgrade. Also – WHY must your installer quietly install these other programs (such as “Search Protect” that we don’t want/need – especially when we tell them NOT to install them or haven’t even given them permission to do so – and we can’t even install the ONE program that we DO want (Mipony)?? Please (!) do something about this.

  14. People complaining about adware spyware BS I’m pretty sure you can decline the offer and mipony is a freeware so they get commission from 3rd party apps (just a guest) from what i notice when a filehost make changes or updated it stops working in mipony eg embedupload which worked fine few days ago and i was still using Mipony 2.1.0 so its not mipony new version causing it, Its because embedupload made changes so i hope embedupload will be fixed in the upcoming updates

  15. hmm cant find the keep2share in the premiums section if i copy past a link in mipony its comes up and says get premium account and when you click the link its 404 page can we please add the keep2share to premium or is it under another name and fix the link for it ty

  16. Shtuntuzpatafulmen

    It’s impossible set Keep2share premium account (no keep2share cell into the premium account list). Please, tell us where set the premium list account!

  17. I use 2.1.0 .. I have Ryushare premium but my download are all corrupted!!
    Why?? So I’m downloading trhough browser now.
    Anyone had the same issue??

  18. Keeps stopping files at 99% download. Says rapidgator is not premium when it is and keep loading up captchas then download errors. Truly awful

  19. Rapidgaor will throw up not premium errors when it is as well as load up captchas and give you errors. I have another file host that never does this. This software makes rapidgator useless

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