Mipony 2.0.5.

New version of Mipony, we have added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Fixed Mediafire.com
-Option to add links form the command line to the download list: /download:
-Added support for unrestrictor unrestrict.li
-Added support for unrestrictor premiumize.me
-Added support for unrestrictor premium4.me
-Added premium support for tusfiles.com
-Added premium support for novafile.com
-Added premium support for megaload.it
-Fixed click’n’load.
-Delete key now remove from list the completed downloads instead of deleting them from the hard disk. To delete the files use the context menu.
-Added download support for simply-debrid.com
-Updated filefactory.com
-Added download support for ufox.com
-Added download support for solidfiles.com
-Updated henchfile.com
-Removed badongo.com
-Removed pigshare.com
-Added download support for datacloud.to
-Updated bitshare.com
-Removed filedownloads.org
-Removed amshare.co
-Removed filecloud.ws
-Updated nowdownload.eu
-Updated filebox.com
-Updated sharedbit.net
-Updated yunfile.com
-Updated share-online.biz
-Updated restfiles.com
-Updated datei.to
-Updated zshare.ma
-Updated ryushare.com premium
-Removed wizzupload.com
-Added MARATHI Language of Maharashtra, India (Thanks to Yogesh).
-Traditional Chinese language update (Thanks to kuei0116).

83 thoughts on “Mipony 2.0.5.”

  1. After upgrade none of my dowload on rapidgator/uploaded works!
    For each one of them says it says “Download error”.

  2. I used to love using Mipony and was forever “advertising” and encouraging others to use it but since the last 2 – 3 updated versions, I’ve started to get very frustrated and upset using it.
    None of my premium accounts work and the download speeds are pathetic if a link does work. And some of the non-premium file hosts don’t work anymore and if they do, the download speeds is atrocious. Same problem with my friends.
    I’m migrating to IDM or JDownloader and not going to bother anymore with Mipony. Very sad indeed to let go and stop using Mipony. 🙁
    But I’ve waited too long for it to improve and have been patient and loyal all this while and life is short so bye bye Mipony.

  3. so this is my LAST update for mipony bcoz


    so stay away with those annoyin bullshit malsoftware, i wanna be able to trust mipony but i cannot anymore, even when i dont mark the boxes my PC is infected with that damned trojan horse and YANTOO.. SSTFU !!!!! scum of the highest generation…..


  4. My Nod32 Antivirus went crazy with warnings all through the install process. I was very very careful to uncheck and decline everything, yet I still ended up with Delta Toolbar and babylon Toolbar. I spent 45 minutes cleaning up the mess this installer made, but at least I have the updated version of Mipony now.

  5. I was looking at all the files the Mipony opened while it was working and found it was scanning all the files on my C: drive. If you have Windows 7/8 you can check yourself by opening a commend prompt and typing:


    The virus scanner doesn’t detect anything but I’m really concerned.

  6. for anyone who have question about the installer, I suggest you go to Mipony facebook page and ask there. Thats the only way to get direct answer from Mipony.

  7. why doesnt the installer have a install location option? my windows breaks a lot and if this software it always installs on c:\program files\ i will always lose configurations and waiting downloads list. could you fix this please?

  8. After the upgrade my downloads were very slow. I went into Options, and noticed that the Limit Download Speed setting was now selected. I unselected it, and everything is back to normal.

  9. After I upgrade, the Mipony never work again.
    I uninstall and re-install it.
    But no action at all.
    Any one the same conditon with me?

  10. I am experiencing none of the problems reported above. Mipony installs & works perfectly, including my premium account. No unwanted toolbars or anything reported by the various anti-virus and anti-malware I use. Plus I could not ask for faster download speeds.

    Thanks !

  11. Is there a stand alone installer? I have been using mipony for more than a year and never had issues, no updating is an issue. I can run the installer, select what I want and need, but as soon as it need to start installing: Please connect to the internet and press OK.

    Also where is support for Lumfile.com?

  12. Thank you once again for the update.

    To all thjese fkin moaners and complainers:

  13. Nice software..

    But i cant say if this update really works since the stupid WEBINSTALLER cant download anything.

    Why more and more software are using crappy web installer, ffs?

  14. The upgrade to 2.0.5 doesn’t work because error message “please connect to internet….” happend all the time (even my internet still on) ….Please check it out !

  15. Amount of crapware is just ridiculous. I don’t think I’m going to bother with MiPony anymore if I have to declide installing 6 separate pieces of crapware I never asked for.

  16. Hello. Thanks for providing such a good tool and software supports efficiency have Persian language. Request assistance here.

  17. downloaded Mipony and all this other add-on software it say i need,now i am just lost and tired of trying to make it work.
    cut the extra stuff out. this has slowed me way down and i do not have money to spend to fix, repair or buy new software.

  18. Hello. Thanks for providing such a good tool and software supports efficiency have Persian language. Request assistance here.

  19. 如果你能看得懂

  20. A little suggestion..
    How about a search function on the downloads list?..
    Searching for file name or url.. Kinda hard when you have 1000 files on queue..


  21. PLEASE fix Gamefront! It’s been many versions that it’s been broken. Mipony cannot read the link filenames if they have certain characters, like a hyphen. Many Gamefront links have files with hyphens.
    Thank you for everything else, though 🙂

  22. Problems with rapidgator.net. ‘Download Error’

    Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn’t. Twice now, after a download error, the same file has been successfully downloaded directly from the site.

    So, while some download errors may be caused by Rapidgatot limits or site problems, it does look like Mipony has a problem with Rapidgator.

    Thanks for an excellent downloader.

  23. hey bro

    tusfiles stopped working

    link checker is show active links as dead

    please fix it soon…..

    thanks in advance .

  24. Fuckkk your webinstall !!!! Give a proper link for download !! İt cant install the program !! Giving gui or some idiot error again and again

  25. I wish that the full installer is provided instead of having to download it during installation time and customized path allowed like before for both options. The new version SUCKS. Although the options to install the crapware could still be opted-out, I’m sticking with 2.0.4 that will probably be my last updated version of MiPony unless the couple of aforementioned options are re-established.

  26. Can you upload a stand alone installer of this? I also got the “please connect to the internet” problem. This will be very helpful…

  27. i’ve got again an appcrash. Where’s mipony install the .history and the .list of down to save them and reinstall it completely?
    thank again.

  28. spam laden bullshit now. forces u to install that virscan crap or it wont install. advise othes to stick with an older version. this new one is nothing but spyware. on another note still no mounfile.net. this program gets sneaky and shitter with every version… forget it

  29. Hi folks,
    I need to make backup of all the links actually in queue into MiPony.
    Coz I need to format the Windows OS partition but I dont wanna lose all the queded links.
    Hope someone of you have a reply for.

  30. yeh cannot do the web install in windows 7 it is so disapointing,you guys should provide a full installer to be downloaded.

  31. MiPony used to be good.
    Please STOP this malware crap. Or people will move to jDownloader/CandiLoad/PyLoad/FDM/Vity.

  32. I have been using mipony for a long time. Just installed the newest version and even after unchecking all the crapware, it still installed different crapware. Ill find a better product without the crapware. You lost someone who used to tell everyone to use mipony just to make a quick buck. I hope you are happy.

  33. For me, someone could have deleted the links in purpose so that to lighten the server storage. I use torrent as i really no idea how to deal with dead links.

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