Mipony 2.0.4.

New version of Mipony, we have added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Added mega.co.nz
-Updated depositfiles.com
-Updated hulkshare.com
-Updated cramit.in
-Updated filekom.com
-Updated zshare.ma
-Updated uploadcore.com
-Removed filereactor.com
-Removed filefat.com
-Removed jsharer.com
-Updated Hebrew translation (Thanks to Gal).
-Updated Turkish translation (Thanks to FaraDelisi).

68 thoughts on “Mipony 2.0.4.”

  1. Well… I guess this means I was right. I kinda hoped the deleting/censoring of the last two blog posts came with an updated virus-free installer, but since that wasn’t the case and the installer is totally the same, I’ll just repost my previous comment, maybe it will survive censorship this time.
    Here’s what I posted in one of the deleted blog posts:

    “Thank you, AB8119, for acknowledging the issue I mentioned and actually giving a useful reply. I have Avira as well, and I noticed the virus it found was in another exe downloaded by the installer, so it’s probably the toolbar as you say. I use the same anti-malware as well. I trust your judgement, and I’ll proceed with the installation.

    I would really LOVE to know what part of pointing out a virus alert and asking for at least a valid explanation for it files under “ignorance”, according to the oh-so-bright (also gramatically wrong and even in CAPS, but we’re not picky) username carrier MIPONY NO.1 FANS.
    You sound like a fanatic, and nothing screams ignorance more than being a fanatic. And I wouldn’t care about it, if only you hadn’t insulted me and everyone else pointing out the tricky AND virus-inclusive installer of your favorite program, which happens to be a program I like a lot as well, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. The difference is I don’t need to make a you-know-what out of myself to enjoy this program.
    And, more importantly, I run a lot of freeware software on my computer. Most of it carries tricky installers, toolbars, what have you. But NONE of it has ever alerted my anti-virus, ever. Not even previous versions of MiPony, for that matter.

    So, it doesn’t really matter what you say and how much you try to sugarcoat it, this installer sucks and could be dangerous for users, even and especially the loyal ones who, as you said, “trust” the program and don’t probably know any better.”

  2. Virus software reports your install is ‘suspicious’

    Nice attempts to con people into installing that malware toolbar with unintuitive button presses during the install.

    Deposit files has NOT been updated.

    Great update, not.

  3. If this is the same installer that was posted recently, and it sounds like it is, be very very careful. this installer makes you opt out of at least three or four different pieces of crapware. My antivirus program threw up several warnings during the install. As long as you are careful to do an advanced install, and uncheck each of the crapware options, you can achieve a clean install, but this version still has problems. Depositfiles still returns a CAPTCHA error everytime, and it doesn’t look like Freakshare is working correctly either. also, mediafire still doesn’t work correctly when a CAPTCHA is required. So basically, if you already have 2.0.4 installed, there’s nothing new to see here.

  4. The installer is fine, you dingbats. Install it in a sandbox and copy the files out after, if you have trouble hitting the cancel button.

  5. Hi,
    I am premium user of extabit,
    when i try to download extabit files using mipony,
    it is not showing file sizes, and not downloading files
    and categories showing negetive values, like -1B or -6B ..etc

    Please help me how to proceed on this

  6. @Bob: What you said is exactly like going to a restaurant, ordering a pizza and having it brought to your table with a couple of bugs crawling all over it and then having the waiter say to you: “the pizza is just fine, you idiot. Just pick up the bugs with the napkin we’ve provided you with and throw them away, if you have so much trouble eating your pizza with a few bugs going for a walk on it.”

  7. Jess, is the pizza free? Also, the toolbar which you choose NOT to install (which isn’t a virus BTW), doesn’t leave bug shit over your computer.


    @Jess Wow , you wrote that much just for my simple comment?!
    The installer doesn’t suck, you just need to learn how to read. You said ” I run a lot of freeware software on my computer” and you still don’t have experience of the toolbar problem? There are far more installers that doesn’t even give you the option to cancel, you should be glad Mipony isn’t part of it. If that installer alert your anti-virus, simply don’t use it. If you aren’t ignorant, you would have known that most tool bars are consider as malware, even Google toolbar. But that doesn’t mean there is really a virus contained inside. It’s because of their intrusive behavior and the bad coding, like modifying your homepage. Like you said, its doesn’t matter how much I try to sugarcoat it or how much you say this installer sucks, the fact is that the installer doesn’t suck 100% like you described and we all know. The only flaw is the toolbar, but that isn’t even a big problem if you know how to click “Cancel”.

  9. So you are going to fix installer (green button in window but no any text there so you cant even install it) and updated sites cos almost all doesn’t work? I’m used this program 1.5 year and i don’t want change but this is really sad what’s going on now…

  10. Mediafire is STILL experiencing the same problems as before when it pops up an captcha…. and now box.net files are not being recognized by Mipony (coming up as “download error” however they are able to be downloaded with no issues via web). I was hoping this update would have fixed the mediafire issue as this has been reported for the last few weeks at least. Maybe in the next update? 😀

  11. Hello,

    Is this version 2.0.4 of Mipony compatible with Win7 Ultimate 32 bit? I have Mipony 2.0.1 now, and have tried to install Mipony 2.0.4 version, it said “Unable to initialize installer GUI”. I tried to install other software, and had no problems. Please advise. Thanks.


  12. See, the point is my original comment was just me pointing out the virus alert and asking for confirmation that the program is still safe to use. No more, no less. It’s not like I started jumping and screaming and accusing MiPony developers of anything.
    Not to mention that, if you are not ignorant, you probably know that software, especially freeware, is all about feedback and community response. Pointing out a problem is actually doing a favor to the developers.
    I’m not saying the toolbar necessarily does contain a virus, but what’s a FACT is that it alerts the anti-virus. And yes, there are a lot of false positives out there, but as I’ve already said, my anti-virus never ever alerted me while installing a program, no matter how many toolbars, side programs or else was attached.

    And when you say “we all know” that the installer doesn’t suck, you’re obviously delusional, ’cause it would only take a fast glimpse at this page to see how pretty much everybody’s complaining about either the installer OR the fact that the new version is inferior and has many issues compared to the previous ones.

    So, again. I just asked for a confirmation of some sort. It was you jumping up and insulting people. That’s all there is to it.
    I won’t be back here because I’m not interested in a flame war. Everybody posted their thoughts, we can all go home now. Goodbye.

  13. I Don’t Know Is This Happening To Me Only, But I Am Unable To Download From Depositfiles, After Entering Catpcha It waits for 60 seconds and then ask for it again, and even after putting it 3-5 times nothing happen.

    Any One Else Faces The Same Issue ?

    Plz Guide

  14. “how pretty much everybody”. Yea, thats not pretty much, it’s just you with a few others… .Thats doesn’t mean most of the people have that, including me. Plus, do you think they will post it here if they don’t have a problem.

    “confirmation that the program is still safe to use”
    “’cause it would only take a fast glimpse at this page to see how pretty much everybody’s complaining about either the installer”
    Contradict much?
    “especially freeware, is all about feedback and community response. Pointing out a problem is actually doing a favor to the developers.”
    Is that really a feedback and a problem? Look at your first comment, you said everyone comment about the toolbar instead of the virus alert. You sound like you want someone to talk about it, then I gave you my opinion. “If you don’t trust Mipony, then don’t use it.”I might sound harsh, but thats not an insult. Also if you didn’t sound like that, I wouldn’t even bother replying. You see the point? I only reply to people like you who can’t get over the simple problem over and over again. Seem like you take it as as a insult, and then write a wall of text to reply even though I didn’t mean that way. I even said sorry to other user who replied my comment.(the one who give you a useful comment) See who start the flame war? It was you, not me.

  15. And yea Good bye. There is no point of arguing. I probably won’t comment here ever again after seeing people like you.

  16. When a luckyshare file does not complete and it gives another captcha, I get a download error. I can eliminate the download error by deleting the temp file. This is a problem, though, because I cannot stay connected to the internet long enough to download big files. Is there anyway to resume luckyshare downloads?


  17. mipony not working for extabit,
    when i added premium userid and passwod in options
    but i remove premium details, it is working via captach & waiting time

    what could be the reason?

  18. To Install MiPony safely.
    Download it, then temporarily disable your connection while you install.
    You will just get the old installer, not the new one that offers choices from the collection of crap-ware.

    You don’t need a sand-box, and you don’t need extra security, or to disable security (unless you use Norton or McAfee average-ware).
    you just need someone to give a sensible answer, without the superiority.

    *WARNING* You will often see different applications offered, and between 2 to 5 of them.
    At least 1 of them DOES NOT GIVE THE USER A DECLINE/CANCEL or NEXT option.
    That was app number 4 it tried to force on me yesterday during update. It may have offered a 5th after, but I cancelled and disconnected to run the installer again.

    Do not assume that the ones you saw will be the same for every-one (except the toolbar).

  19. i have a ryushare premium account. I updated the miPony to this latest version and entered my ryushare premium account information… i’m seeing a wait time of…. please help!! it is not recognizing my account?!
    On ryushare.com and when i installed jdownloader to check, the account is active and working… HELP HELP!

  20. Good day folks,

    Is anyone perhaps able to assist me with my problem? My download manager is
    Milpony v 2.0.4. I have in the past been able to download successfully from Putlocker. I left town for a week and when I returned last week I found that Putlocker would no longer download and displayed “download error” whenever I tried. I have double checked that the links are good which they but it still will not download from any Putlocker link. Links to other non Putlocker sites work perfectly well.

    Any constructive help would be much appreciated.

  21. Latest installer came up with virus alert & Babylon installer ! also Rapidshare is erroring on download cant beleive this is an issue but it is.

    Have used this over many other downloaders and chance of an installer that doesnt infect machines with spam programes and a working rapidshare would be awesome.

  22. Hello Everybody,
    I want to see a link with information why I should use this software, at the top menu of this website.
    What are the advantages of this software??

    Thanks !

  23. Can someone please explain something to me….why do some downloads from Filefactory work and others don’t. I check the link and it’s good but it shows ‘unavailable’. This is very annoying(to say the least). I have a premium account with FF. Should something be ‘checked’ and isn’t???

  24. I just can’t update mipony from version 2.01 to 2.04

    The installer seems to be corrupted in some shitty way – I can’t even run it via Sandbox!

    It gives me a GUI error.

    I see a lot of posting about this issue – how come there is nothing in the FAQ about this vital issue??

  25. The installer has serious GUI issues, it has crashed in various ways on my computer. I have currently version 2.0.2 and installers for 2.0.3 and 2.0.4 and both of them crash.

    So you guys developpers, have made a regression between 2.0.2 and 2.0.3, please fix it, many people here complain about it and there is no communication about the issue for a long time… At least can we have an assertion that a fix is in progress ?

    I like Mipony but if i’m not able to get the updates, i’ll just be forced to switch back to JD.

  26. Is there a forum or technical support page somewhere? If there isn’t, I’ll ask my question here, and hope someone can help me.

    I seem to have copied too many download links at once while mipony was running. So many of them, that mipony would freeze for up to 10 minutes when I tried to add scanned links to the download list. Seeing it’s behavior, I figured I’d try to restart it. However, Mipony will no longer start on my computer. Whenever I try, I get a crash message. I’m pretty sure the problem was me trying to add too many links. Now when Mipony is trying to start up, it has to deal with the several thousand links that it was working on before I closed it, and it simply can’t handle that many at once. However, I don’t know how to fix the problem without starting up the program first. If anyone can help, please post.

  27. Today I installed the latest update of Mipony (2.1.0). But in that moment of installation I also got a lot of trojans, scamwares like Regcleaner pro and a lot of other bad files installed. Grrrr!!!

  28. Use version 2.0.3

    That was the last one before they started including viruses and crapware. Works just as good (better in some cases). Just never allow it to update.

  29. Hello! Just to give some feed about my own experience. At this date, Windows 7 64-bit … MP working fine 🙂

    @Diaphantos, perhaps it’s a bit late but anyway … haven’t seen what you describe in your question, so I took a look to my options settings. I recall now that time ago I had the problem of having MP coming to the front each time I selected a link, which bothered me a lot, so found out that unticking the checkbox of “Bring MiPony to the front when a link is detected” at the Main tab stopped that problem. I also keep unticked the “Capture” tab. MP ONLY adds links whenever I click “Add Links” and “Paste and Detect Links”, no matter how many links I copy and paste elsewhere. Hope this will help you in case you still haven’t found your answer.

    As for the other comments on viruses and others, well, have found some malware from time to time in my computer, as anyone (with or without the software), but cannot be sure that they’re coming from MyPony itself, never had the least problem with it before or now, and for sure I don’t have anything else installed without my permission … a good antivirus does the job and remember that some free softwares need to be sponsored in some way in order to keep free for all, so sometimes they include some other software within the installation which can easily be skipped. For doing that, click on the “advanced” button when you start installing and keep unticking whatever you don’t want to be installed. Voilà!

    You’ll have then a clean MyPony installed and ready to start downloading.

    Also make sure to take a look to the Captcha Brotherhood plugin … it will free your downloads from those slave driving captchas in exchange of some of your time and a little work.

    To MyPony guys, you’re doing an excellent job … honestly don’t like too much the new icon but the soft is just great as always. Keep the good work and thanks for making a better Internet for all with your awesome effort. Same thing to Captcha Brotherhood guys.

    Take care & Blessings!

  30. Greetings,
    Mipony web installer does not work in my Windows 7 64 bit computer. It shows error message. Is there a full offline installer file available for download?
    Also Mipony window hand at start and refuses to load correctly (hangs at its start). Anybody having the same problem? What is the solution?

  31. interesting person

    i run ad blockers on firefox ,like noscript ,adblock ,e.t.c.
    I am curiuos about this browser that loads in mipony with loads of ads and crap.
    could this be a way for my computer to be attacked?

  32. interesting person

    i run ad blockers on firefox ,like noscript ,adblock ,e.t.c.
    I am curious about this browser that loads in mipony with loads of ads and crap.
    could this be a way for my computer to be attacked?
    i don’t have a way to block this browser from loading.

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