Mipony 2.0.3.

New version of Mipony, we have added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Added filenium.com unrestrictor support.
-Added linksnappy.com unrestrictor support.
-Added speedyshare premium support.
-Added cloudzer.net premium support.
-Added cyberlocker.ch premium support.
-Added oteupload.com premium support.
-Added 180upload.com premium support.
-Added filevice.com premium support.
-Added ryushare.com premium support.
-Added uptobox.com premium support.
-Fixed crash on loading plugins with errors.
-Added download support for cloudzer.net
-Added download support for cyberlocker.ch
-Added download support for oteupload.com
-Added download support for 180upload.com
-Added download support for filedownloads.org
-Added download support for filevice.com
-Added download support for sharedbit.net
-Added download support for wizzupload.com
-Added download support for restfile.ca
-Updated mediafire.com
-Updated speedyshare
-Updated depositfiles.com
-Updated zippyshare.com
-Removed filerose.com
-Removed sharpfile.com
-Updated rockdizfile.com
-Updated secureupload.eu
-Updated uploadcore.net
-Updated ultramegabit.com
-Updated uploading.com
-Removed glumbo.com
-Removed tsarfile.com
-Removed migaload.com
-Updated asfile.com
-Updated filegag.com
-Removed filedino.com
-Updated turbobit.net
-Updated letitbit.net
-Removed xfileshare.eu
-Added clipshouse.com
-Updated hitfile.net
-Added exoshare.com multilinks support.
-Added bitsor.com multilinks support.
-Added directmirror.com multilinks support.

46 thoughts on “Mipony 2.0.3.”

  1. Tommy Summo Updates

    uploaded.net .to and all other uploaded links don’t work with 2.0.3
    don’t get me wrong a few of them may work the odd time but 95 percent your looking at a download error and boy is it frustrating

  2. For mediafire, you need to go to the actual link through the internet browser and have your computer authorized by typing in the “stuff.” Afterwards, the downloads will magically work on your MiPony device. Have fun!

  3. Mipony monitors the clipboard – great timesaving feature
    Mipony is great for checking links
    Mipony is great for saving verified links as “Download Stopped” even after a restart
    If you encounter an error, just “Copy Link” and use your browser to download
    Mipony is great for the auto shutdown feature – start the last file, turn on the feature, and go to bed
    Free downloads are getting more and more difficult to achieve – with the government breathing down their necks, host sites want premium users only
    I have tried many download managers – and overall, Mipony is the most useful

  4. I just tried asfile.com and it’s saying it’s an unsupported account and isn’t on the Premium drop down list. I think it says asfile.com was a supported/updated account in the list above for this version. Was it removed? Thanks!

  5. That just meant that they added support to dwonload as a free user. That haven’t (yet) added support for premium memberships.

  6. ” ryushare.com premium ” is not working. It still need to countdown even if I have premium account and I can directly download files in my Chrome.
    Please fix it. Thank you~~~

  7. I DO NOT SEE ANY LETTERS, JUST A EMPTY WINDOW AND A GREEN BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHAT KIND INSTALLER THIS????????????????????????????????

  8. thank you so much for going back to the simpler installer. also, would it be possible to ad download support for netkups.com? Thank you.

  9. While downloading uploaded.to through Real-debrid , most of the files are getting “Packed data CRC failed ————. The volume is corrupt”…
    Mipony has better connectivity than JD , the result is like this..
    Have to download again & again the same file with other downloaders…
    is there is any solution for this….

  10. Mediafire still doesn’t seem to be working. Mipony tries to connect for a few seconds, then returns a download error. this happens on files where Mediafire first requires you to solve a CAPTCHA to authorize the download. I use Imagetypers, but it looks like Mipony is giving the error without even getting to the CAPTCHA. Again, as always, i do thank you for your hard work with this program. It is much appreciated.

  11. Hi there, I am unable to install this vertion on my server (some blocked website issue). can you please advice what should I do. I run mipony as service from server. cheers

  12. Hi,
    I use categories to differentiate the folder in wich I save my files depending on the content. I have not found a way to unpack the downloaded files in the download folder of the category but only in a specific folder or in the general download directory.
    Does Exist, or can you implement, this handy feature?

  13. 2 versions now, and Gamefront STILL is broken. Any file link on GF that has a punctuation character in it, like “_” or “+” will show up as filename “<span title="

  14. I just upgraded to 2.03 and discovered that the “capture from clipboard” only works when it is first started. After that it won’t capture anymore links from the clipboard. Is this a bug? Thank you.

  15. I’m in brazil and gamefront.com files do not be downloaded because politic of site if possible update for us and thanks for you do for us with mipony program.

  16. I cannot install new version!!!!!!!!
    I see a green button in window, but no any text there!!!!!! Please make a correct installer!

  17. to much crapware in new version of mipony 2.05 take it out or at least give option not to install in new version when you tell it not to install some of the crapware it still does

  18. for last two days, mipony is not downloading files from turbobit and filepost. timer starts, captcha window opens, once i type the captcha text, download does not start. uploaded files are being downloaded normally. the only change i did was a malware scan and removed some trojans

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