Mipony 2.0.1.

New version of Mipony, we have added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Updated putlocker.com
-Updated data.hu
-Added premium support for data.hu
-Added download support for billionuploads.com
-Added download support for luckyshare.com
-Added download support for howfile.com
-Updated 1fichier.com
-Updated glumbouploads.com
-Updated filefactory.com
-Removed mojofile.com
-Removed oron.com
-Removed uploadboost.com
-Updated box.com
-Removed megashare.com
-Updated fiberupload.com
-Updated filemac.com
-Updated shareflare.net
-Updated dl.free.fr
-Updated uploadjet.net
-Updated ryushare.com
-Updated muchshare.net
-Updated speedfile.cz
-Updated sharpfile.com
-Updated fileprohost.com
-Updated filerio.in
-Updated filemates.com
-Updated multiupload
-Added listalinks.com links support
-Added ilix.in links support
-Updated mediafire folders support
-Added download support for freeuploads.fr
-Added download support for filesin.com
-Added download support for filecloud.ws
-Added download support for zshare.ma
-Added download support for tsarfile.com
-Updated embedupload links
-Added download support for migaupload.com
-Added download support for orangefiles.me
-Updated billiouploads.com
-Added download support for nekaka.com
-Added download support for ultramegabit.com
-Updated hulkshare.com
-Updated 4shared.com
-Added premium support for uploadjet.net
-Updated Japanese (Thanks to Tilt)
-Updated Portuguese Brasilian translation (Thanks to Yamash and Igor)
-Updated Arabic translation (Thanks to Osool)
-Updated Italian translation (Thanks to Christian)
-Added Valencian translation (Thanks to Guillem)

49 thoughts on “Mipony 2.0.1.”

  1. Daniel ToolbarHater

    I would like to complaint about the Babylon Toolbar which installs even if you have CAREFULLY unticked all the options.

    Babylon Toolbar is an annoying toolbar which I DO NOT want on my pc, (Google it and You will see all the unnecessary pain you have to go through to remove it).

    Who programmed the Babylon Toolbar installation option thing on the Mipony installer user interface?

    Very Simple:

    Ticking equals I agree to install the Babylon Toolbar and unticking equals I DO NOT WANT to install it.

    Why does the installer have to show me another screen stating “By clicking OK you agree to install Babylon toolbar, homepage and set search engine” when I have already UNTICKED the options to install it at previous screen?

    Then fearing that I could accidently install it, I CATEGORICALLY press CANCEL.

    Then Why it is still INSTALLED behind my back even after I CAREFULLY AVOIDED it for TWO INSTANCES in the first place.

    Why is it too hard for user just to say NO?

    (Unless You deliberately shoved the Babylon toolbar down our throats, in which case the tricky option choice interface is a hypocrite farce).

    Now I have to find the ways to uninstall this annoying Toolbar.

    If You give us options to choose, please honor it.

    Mipony, the main program is still my most favorite download manager though

  2. Daniel ToolbarHater: Thanks for the advice, buddy.

    It’s true. This program installs a undesired software: Babylon Browser Manager even when the user doesn’t want it to. So it has a trojan.

  3. hi all. having just updated MiPony, i too did notice that MiPony requests internet access to download & run a file named toolbar.exe even after unselecting all the Babylon options (it appears that it must be run or will crash/ stall the setup fil, so i just let it run) & the only thing i noticed (or was alerted to) was an IE homepage change to Babylon website. as i use WinPatrol, it detected the homepage change & reverted it back with one mouse click, easy. haven’t found any other bits of Babylon as yet…

  4. As always thanks for updates.

    @Daniel ToolbarHater
    dude, I’ve unticked all Babylon options and clicked CANCEL and MiPony never installed Babylon toolbar in my PC nor in IE. So you must have clicked OK somehow LOL!:)

  5. Please fix the DLC usage. The whole concept of using encrypted link-lists revolves around the fact that the file links are not visible to the user. When a .dlc container is opened in Mipony, the links are visible in the logs.

    screenshot: http://tinyurl.com/dxgxr49

  6. All my premium file hosts accounts are now NOT being recognized by Mipony. What happened? Now for all my premium file hosts I’ve to type in a captcha and its only downloading one link at a time instead of my usual setting of 2 links simultaneously. The premium accounts that I have that are problematic are Rapidshare, Depositfiles, Bitshare and Filefactory.
    Please fix the problem. Thanks.

  7. Guys, when you install this untoggle all of the Babelon shit. You will then have a popup about the fact that you are not installing it, in this popup you have to click CANCEL. If you click OK it’ll install it because “OK” automatically re-selects everything you deselected.

    Please learn to read before complaining about trojans. It’s your own damn fault for clicking something without reading what it says.

  8. Please enable adding additional download segments to currently downloading files. Also, increase the write cache or enable configuring the cache so files aren’t fragmented into thousands of pieces.

  9. Hi,
    How can I change Mipony’s home page? I don’t want to be bombarded with ads every time I start the program. If the ads are unavoidable, then this program should be classified as adware, not freeware.


  10. First, as long as I uncheck the Babylon options, then click cancel on the next screen, I don’t get Babylon. Although slightly annoying during the installment process, if you do what it says, you won’t get Babylon. Second, Imagetyperz is working fine for me. third, have the developers ever considered adding an option to automatically dismiss a Captcha window if no input is received within a certain period of time? for people like me who use Imagetyperz, it can be frustrating to walk away from a bunch of downloads, only to return several hours later to find that the downloads have stalled completely because of a Captcha window. that said, I do love Mipony, and appreciate all your hard work.

  11. rapidgator only allows 500mb per day in downloads for non premium users this is a step backwards from the 1GB that i have gotten acustomed to

  12. not able to donwload sharpfile links, as no sharpfile website is available under option in premium tab.

    please do the needfull

  13. Used MiPony 2.0.1 several times without problems, but today both CPU cores went to 100%.

    Anyone else had this problem?
    (Vista 32 bit, Intel 2MHz Core 2 Duo)

  14. Rapidshare files doesn’t download constantly like other other sites. Rapidshare download speed fluctuates – goes from normal download speed to zero and vice verca. Due to this problem, the average download speed decreases very much.
    Pls rectify it.

  15. I also got the babylon toolbar, even after careful clicking. Very annoying!! Any how-to-uninstall guide? My app-remove software (Your Uninstaller) is not detecting it.

  16. Possible fixes for next update: uploading.com, sendspace.com, mediafire.com. Again, thanks for everything. Oh btw, Movier is also pretty awesome. the 1.1.1 update fixed the Youtube issues. Keep up the great work!

  17. Starting last night (Oct 11, 2012, 11 PM-ish, Central Time, United States)… anything that I downloaded through MiPony ended up giving me a zipfile with a size of 866 kb with the following contents: (screenshot) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v305/WiccaMagick/Screenshots/smooochez-zipfiles_zps495acef3.jpg instead of what actually was to be downloaded. When I downloaded the zipfiles direct from the web, I got the correct contents, and not what shows in the zipfile. I download items from the following 2 sites: http://smooochezkreationz.blogspot.com and http://scrapindesigns.blogspot.com/ … zipfiles should contain files that can be used in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop (layered files in either .psd or .pspimage format plus either a .txt file or jpg preview of the layered file). This is an example of what contents *should* have looked like: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v305/WiccaMagick/Screenshots/smooochez-zipfiles2_zpsa194ed39.jpg

    Please fix as this is happening with ALL files I am downloading!!! I love using MiPony – have been for the last few years, have recommended it to others, makes downloading so much easier – however I can’t use it in this current condition. (and yes, I sent an error report in about this, complete with screenshots)

  18. Please add support for Uploadedto and Rarefile. Also, its not recognizing that I’ve got a Rapidgator premium and therefore its got a captcha and waiting time before file starts to download with a slow snail speed. Please fix.

  19. Hello, I have a problem with a premium account rapidgator, does not recognize the user identification mistake Premium rapidgator, on the website it works, if we can fix the error. Regard

  20. Been using mipony as my only manager, love it actually. But it’s not resuming my downloads anymore!? Tried and tested on two separate computers. One with an older version, and one with a new installation version 2.0.1.

    I am subscribed to rapidshare, I have also contacted them, there is nothing wrong on my account. This is a little frustrating, loosing download progress.

  21. Mipony has been a great app for years. noticed lately its geting slower to parse URL’s but thats not a huge deal. Big issue I’m having now is that it is not recognizing that I have a premium account to Rapidgator.net. Please fix this ASAP.

  22. Mine’s not recognizing that I have a premium account to anything: Rapidgator, Extabit and Letitbit. It has never recognized Letibit and they have their own software for downloading, but Mipony has always recognized my premium Extabit and Rapidgator accounts and now it’s not. Is there another software someone can recommend? Mipony just sucks lately and it’s broken more than it works, which is unfortunate because it was a really good piece of software.

  23. Same complaint as “Daniel ToolbarHater”, Mipony is a fantastic software but the Babylon trick will give a you a bad reputation.
    I unchecked all but I didn’t pay much attention to the screen dialog after because it is new and surprised me, I clicked by reflex.

    Babylon is very invasing, even after uninstallation it’s all over your browsers, ignoring your setup.
    Happily “adwcleaner” is a perfect remover for this sh**.

    So please, don’t break the trust we have in you.

  24. very annoying this bprotect.exe and babylon toolbar installation (outpost fires a warning every minute).

    I thiink i’ll erase mipony from my system and installing jdownloader …. nice work, one user minus :-/

  25. How do you know if Mipony has worked. I hate the Babylon too. Don’t fk with my Google. Please add a disclaimer to warn people that they are about to be very pissed off. Now i have to erase mipony.

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