Web Sites Database DB67 updated for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database updated for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

List of changes:
-Updated mediafire.
-Added download support for filegag.com
-Updated fiberupload.com
-Added download support for xfileshare.eu
-Updated filereactor.
-Added download support for upload.ee

66 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB67 updated for Mipony”

  1. all times i open it says database atualized, reboot to use.
    Then i reboot and the message apears again.

  2. great! mediafire is working again thanks again for the update. 🙂
    are you sure you applied the update? Try to restart mipony again. You should see a message when the update applied.

  3. damn…it seems that the link i had is being suspended, thats why it keep getting me download error…silly me :p
    thanks for everyone responses…really help me

    @raphael s : maybe you write protected the install folder. how about try to re-install ??

  4. Hi Rapidshare always comes up with unknow error and downloading is limited to 60kb ???? any fix would be awesome.

  5. -In Brasil(PT).
    -Parabéns pelo programa Mipony,tem me ajudado muito, pena que na queda do Megaupload muitos servidores tem se retraido ou fechado acesso para baixar aquivos e caso do Fileserve que tranco as portas do compartilhamento muito xato.
    -Mas venho sugerir um ideia para melhorar o Mipony na sua proxima versão.
    -O Rapdshare só baixa na velocidade de 30Kb/s, quando ultrapassa essa velocidade reinicia do 0Kb/s aumentando até 30Kb/s, isso faz demorar muito para baixar.
    -Gostaria de pedir para o suporte do Mipony, para deixar a velocidade de cada link individual para baixar.
    -Assim pra cada link do Rapdshare deixaria 30Kb/s de velocidade, mantendo o ritimo da velocidae do link.
    -Espero que possam usar essa ideia.
    Até breve!

  6. -In Brazil (PT), Traduzido pelo Google
    -Congratulations Mipony program has helped me a lot, too bad that the fall of many servers Megaupload has been retracted or closed access to download the files on it and if you lock the doors Fileserve share very xato.
    -But I come to suggest an idea to improve Mipony in its next version.
    The only low-Rapdshare the speed of 30Kb / s, when this velocity exceeds the restart 0Kb / s increasing up to 30Kb / s, it does take long to download.
    -I would ask for support of Mipony to let the speed of each individual link to download.
    Thus, for each link would Rapdshare 30Kb / s speed, keeping the rhythm of the velocity of the link.
    -I hope you can use this idea.
    See you soon!

  7. oron premium is seem to got problem…
    why i have to enter chapta when using premium account ??
    i tried login from oron.com, it seems fine…
    it seems that even using premium, mipony detect it as free account

    please fix oron premium support please…
    it was OK a few days ago…


  8. Nothing work, tryed disable virus protection, firewall, uninstall, install in other path. Same result.
    The database old and list of downloads not stay inside instalation directory? each time i reinstall my download list is there.

  9. @igneel
    check the link using your browser…it may be that your link is suspended/dead like mine

    oron premium now work again…i dont know whats wrong before |o|

  10. Is there any alternative to captchatrader?
    It has been down almost all the time for nearly a week. I have had maybe 2 captchas solved in that time, which means mipony isn’t working for me. Pity – mipony is good.

  11. Mediafire not fixed. Ask for captcha then it goes to count down…then it ask for captcha again and it does this for 4 times then says download error. I have tried everything and nothing is working. Thanks

  12. Ul.to does not wait the 60 minutes before starting new downloads as it should. Otherwise, it seems to be working correctly.

  13. uploading.com is not working, it works two days ago and I found that their download interface for web browser has updated, please check. Thanks.

  14. for those who complain about mediafire :
    check the link again (via your browser)…it seems that there are many uploader account is being suspended which is very2 sad 🙁

    it seems there is bug with filefactory, because some link show the file name and size, and yet another link don’t…
    anyone happen to be the same like me??


  15. one way around the mediafire is check to see if link is online. then when you see where you would normally click to download the file right click on it and paste it in mipony. you get the http address of the link and it will download fine. otherwise mipony seems to be working great

  16. about mediafire, i dont think it’s account’s problem.
    cause it can be download via browser, but mipony always
    show file size “0”
    is something wrong?? help plz

  17. can you plze update the i-filez.com server to depfile.com. the links are the same only change the server, what use the mipony the captcha appear but it always says that the code is wrong.

  18. @vince
    even when size “0”, normally u can still download. it will fix itself when downloading in the download list…maybe it mipony bugs, hpe will be fix in next update

    filefactory seems to stuck at 98% or 99%, is it bug ??? please check it…
    and some link of filefactory is still error in the file name…


  19. mediafire is error.
    the status said “download error”.
    i tried download it manually and its working fine.

  20. mediafire is not working here !!
    i can only detect the link but not able to download.
    i tried it on firefox and it’s working fine !!
    please help….

  21. mediafire just updated their site again so mediafire is not working again. 🙁
    as well as jumbo files. They’re being detected as unavailable when checking links even though they’re online.

  22. says Total:0/-0.02KB
    I was getting mediafire dls just fine till that captcha came again
    Now I get download error for all files
    The links are just fine I can dl them from my browser but not from Mipony

  23. os downloads no mediafire.com pararam de funcionar aqui. já reiniciei o mipony, o pc, limpei o sistema, troquei de ip e nada.

  24. mediafire isn’t working again. Every link gives “download error”. Links work fine through browser.

  25. Suddenly mediafire stop working. Every time it’s showing download error when i try to download from mediafire link. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. Thnx……

  26. Mediafire not working. Error downloading files.

    p.s: currently ‘FESOUP 4.2.3’ is a better alternative for MF, it extracts files from MF folder link and uses idm etc to download. download fro proper source and scan. cheers.

  27. Hello, I’m from Brazil

    I love the Mipony and always use them now for years .. more lately started aprecer many errors .. download in several different servers, you guys have to see it … like the file is on the outside because I can download .. by Mipony please help me

    example: letibit, uploading, ul to the problem .. they would not give up changing version .. I thank you and ask a atulização this system version 2.0, is giving many errors.


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