Web Sites Database DB55 update for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

-Updated mediafire.com
-Updated mediafire.com folders
-Updated Shareflare.com

73 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB55 update for Mipony”

  1. me parece q ésta actualización no vale una merda. antes era raro q con mi cuenta d fileserve me descargara a 10 q era el máximo q le tenía puesto pero ahora me están bajando 10 a la vez y no pasa d 400KB/s cuando tengo mas d 10MB y lo he visto a una media d 1900KB/s

  2. makataki veja la configuracion de seu roteador e tente reiniciar,talvez ajude.
    and ADMIN you are the man thank you so much for support us users with the updates and answers.
    e ADMIN muito obrigado por nos dar suporte com os updates e respostas.

  3. nice.

    the captcha was not working a week ago in mipony so i tried Jdownloader, felt nice at first but got confusing later on.

    Mipony is THE simplest downloader for File-Sharing sites.

    Thanks Mipony

  4. Filepost is still non-functional (links report as ‘Available’, but always yield a ‘Download Error’ when attempting to download).

  5. Since Mipony no longer can download from Depositfiles, use Depositfiles Filemanager, it does the trick. Simple like Mipony.

  6. Tanmay Chakrabarty

    Dear developers thanks for this update you updated 13th of this month, mediafire again changed their settings (may be) and mediafire downloading isn’t working. Would you kindly look after this problem. Thanks a lot in advance and endless thanks for bringing this Awesome Software.

  7. I have a very weird situation. After I update database, I always get download errors. Mipony stated that ” Fileserve premium limited the number of simultaneous download, but I only used filesonic link and I have premium account for filesonic. Please, Let me know what going on!!!

    Ps :
    If can, please email me the solution, Than you 🙁 🙁

  8. i recently found that filesonic have a very weird problem.

    one you safe link and download later. the file name is the same but the file is different. it keep going back to the same “the it crew file”.

    when detected link the file is correct. but once download it the size start to change but the name remain but the content is wrong.

    happen a lot recently.

  9. captcha some times doesnt recognise

    captcha sometimes work perfectly and now it has stopped and keeps asking for catchas to be entered manually and there is lots of disconnection frequently and the captcha dialogue box keeps popping up again n again can u please specify the reason and send the remedy for it to my email id,I have earned lots of credit in captcha trader, kindly help

  10. 80% of the sites I try i always get download error too, this is only really useful as a link checker, if it works i still have to manually downoad it myself. MAKE A FAQ OR TROUBLESHOOTING OR CONTACT EMAIL or something for this damnit, I’ve had this problem for over a year, different OSes and all!

  11. hi ”my name” and users for mediafire detect links copy or paste the links and wait some seconds or minutes that appear.
    ola”my name” e usuarios para os links do mediafire copie os links ou cole e espere alguns segundos ou minutos as vezes demora mas é só esperar que aparece.

  12. Dear friends!
    Your Cap trader doesn’t work sometimes, and down speed still slow, waiting for your better versions. Thanks a lot!
    Dang, from Can Tho, Viet Nam.

  13. Since several days, mipony can’t use megaupload. i always have a download error : NullReferenceException at DownloadLib.DownloaderMegaupload.m_go(Object stateInfo)

  14. il mio mipony non parte esce:
    c:/documents and settings\ user\dati applicazioni\mipony\linklista.xml
    è danneggiato e non leggibile.

    questo non permette l’avvio di mipony.
    che faccio

  15. Sigo teniendo problemas en descargar En 4shared.. Megaupload. Y otros servidores… realmente esta actualizacion… no fue la mejor opcion..
    Esperamos la actualizacion nueva para la correccion de errores….

  16. untill, 11,26,2011.
    depositfiles,fileserve,uploadstation,filesonic,hotfile,uploaded,filefactory,does not work!
    extabit can’t be used.ugotfile not support. megeupload working good.
    please! must update now,and could make money by download myself
    Favorites files.

  17. Hi,
    I STILL get captcha ocassionally even with Premium account.
    Once captcha starts, downloading is interrupted until captcha is stop.
    but if I use download with Web on captcha items, it works.

    Please You need to resolve this captcha and ALLOW the rest of downloading to continue, if not the function of this downloader has FAILED

  18. EN megaupload starts to keep in queue (1 hour) after three or four donwloaded files. Never happened before. Why? Try to fix it.

    IT dopo tre o quattro files scaricati, megaupload mette in coda per un ora. Non era mai successo prima. Perchè? Cercate di risolverlo.

  19. Mipony no longer detects links I have copied into memory from firefox. I have to physically paste EACH link into mipony “add links” and click detect links. SO slow and irritating. Please fix this!

  20. I’m tired of entry those fileserve captcha. I have to input 3-4 times to get accepted.looks like those pesky captcha entry programs. OMG please fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx it

  21. Captcha is not working at all codes have to be entered manually. Captcha is frequently disconnecting and has to be reconnected manually. The Captcha extension for Chrome does not work at all either.

    This is highly annoying, I don’t have time to site and wait for all my downloads to pop up the manual codes!! What is happening please??

    Depositfiles refuses to download it comes back with download error even though all the files are there.

  22. Thank you for the updates!!
    I’m having the same trouble as Colin (12/3/2011) getting “Captchatrader error: 0 of **** bytes parsed”. Is there anything wrong on my side? Could anybody give suggestions? Thanks!

  23. Resource Monitor show: Myponi receive over 500kb/s
    but all file on all links display connecting or download error
    what the hell going on?
    and Ram up to over 200M and grown per sec!!!

  24. daoluong, probably due to some bug one of the files that is “Connecting” is in fact downloading, if you can tell us the server of the files that are “Connecting” we will try to reproduce the problem.

  25. jumbofiles.com works again now.
    thanks admin and again you and are the man for bring us this super program of download the best in my opinion.

  26. Every time i try to download a file it comes up with the mediafire capture box and it wasn’t doing that yesterday (Why…)

  27. mediafire was working a few days ago but all of a sudden it stops working. The link is fine I can download it via web just not via mipony. Can you please check into this? thanks!

  28. MediaFire does not work, all links shown “unavailable” while they are available for general loading. Would you pls fix it? Thanks a lot.

  29. Hi Mipony,
    Thanks for great soft. I used Mipony 6 months ago, Mediafire links can get and download fine but today i cannot download link from Mipony although can download normal via web…not sure just me got this problem…hope Mipony fix it soon.
    Thanks again.
    P.S: can i donate for Mipony 😉

  30. i will say the same as MF Man , suddenly i can’t download from Mediafire links in mipony but can from any web browser

  31. Can not download Fileserve files after updating Mipony. I have confirmed that I can download fileserve files through the browser (IE/Firefox) and Fileserve file manager. I have confirmed my premium account is working and that the userid/pass for fileserve premium has been entered correctly in Mipony. It shows a blue progress bar with a timer that repeats over and over for hours.

  32. I confirm that download with FileServe doesn’t work, either free or premium. I have entered my premium account details in MiPony’s options but FileServe links still show as encrypted/unavailable. Please update program. Thanks

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