Mipony 1.5.2.

New version of Mipony, we have added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Show premium status of detected links.
-Added Filepost premium support.
-Added Uploaded.to premium support.
-Added Uploadstation.com premium support.
-Captcha window modified.
-Don’t show click’n load protected links.
-Korean updated (Thanks to lgjjp).
-Added support for filefactory trafficshare links.
-Updated sendspace.com
-Updated 4shared.com
-Updated easy-share.com
-Added crocko.com download support.
-Updated filepost.com
-Updated Wupload.com
-Updated novamov.com
-Updated uploading.com
-Updated depositfiles.com
-Added linksafe.me links support.
-Updated extabit.com
-Updated fileflyer.com
-Updated megashare.com
-Updated uploaded.to
-Updated zomgupload.com
-Updated czshare.com
-Updated zippyshare.com
-Updated fileflyer.com
-Updated datei.to
-Updated ifile.it

93 thoughts on “Mipony 1.5.2.”

  1. Can you please include premium settings for ifile.it?
    I have a premium account of ifile.it but i am unable to
    include the username& password in the settings of mipony.
    Thanks in advance

  2. for depositfiles the same (latest update)

    still missing a reconnect option, like Load!, JDownloader etc. have it.
    seems to be a problem for Mipony

  3. Why this version try to install Babylon without warning or autorization? What a shame!

    FileSonic is disable, Mipony can’t check nor download files.

  4. Some suggestions for improving MiPony:

    1) The total size of all downloads (in the status bar) includes all the interchangeable links. It is more logical to NOT include interchangeable links. The total doesn’t represent the actual size that is going to be downloaded.

    2) Pasting Links
    * Please make the detect option, and the paste and detect option add to the current list of detected links and not clear it first. Here’s the situation, I browse some pages, copy some individual links and MiPony detects them (every thing is great so far). Now when I copy some other stuff and, for whatever reason, MiPony doesn’t detect the links in them, I normally do the next logical thing and that is to click “Paste and Detect Links”…Now, WHY THE HELL does it clear the list of links in the bottom section which I copied before? Every time I click it (obviously by mistake) I have to look for the earlier links one by one again (imagine looking through hundreds of links).

    3) Extracting
    * MiPony has an option for extracting archives, and creating sub-folders. It would be great if it can detect whether extracting the archive will produce a folder, single file or a bunch of separate files, and based on that decide whether to create a sub-folder or not.

    4) IP Change (Reconnect Router):

    * JDownloader has abuilt-in router reconnection handling and its reconnection logic is pretty good.
    * USDownloader has an alternative technique, it allows you to schedule an event with more details than MiPony. For example, you can schedule to run a file (in this case a reconnection batch file) after each download, or before the download starts (both are only helpful if you’re downloading from a single host), or after all downloads..etc.

    5) Scheduler:
    * As I mentioned, USDownloader provides an out-of-the-box awesome scheduler, may be implementing some or even all the options will positively affect the user’s experience.

  5. To the commenter above talking absolute crap ‘gb | October 28th, 2011 at 18:40
    Why this version try to install Babylon without warning or autorization? What a shame!’

    WHAT PART OF ‘Try’ ‘warning’ or Authorisation’ do you fail to understand??!
    There is very much a WARNING, telling you what will be installed IF, that is IF, you CHOOSE TO accept it.
    Morons like you think the authors must work for free?
    I want to thank the creators.
    Great software, I’d actually PAY for it. Might get rid of all these complaining freeloaders!

  6. MiPony somehow hangs up connection with rapidshare, after getting 1% of the file.
    What a shitty version. Shame. Glad we have jdownloader

  7. Could somebody please come up with a way to disable the ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ buttons on the main toolbar. They make it FAR too easy to absent-mindedly start or stop all downloads when you only mean to start or stop the selected one (particularly as the ‘move’ buttons just to the left of them apply only to the selected downloads).

  8. other than deposits (which now requires a captch code)& oron (download error in MiPony – but cant download through a browser either) i have not had any other hoster problems

  9. admin, please note that many of download sites are not working fine in version 1.5.2. even i have premium account of some of them for example filesonic,wupload,rapidshare and many more.even i have added premium account details but it sometime shows time counting like in free account.i have checked my premium accounts and they are working fine through web page.i have one suggestion if you could understand me…..(1).why not you people make a premium leech server with your mipony?.i mean that you run a premium leech server with mipony and offer people to download directly from premium sites with your premium leech server directly to their desktop..not like other premium leech websites i-e the other premium leech sites are used to download the file to their servers first then the premium users can download the files to their personal computers.i think you understand my point.if not then please contact me back to my e-mail account (naveed_mughals@yahoo.com).

  10. PaulH, if you choice automatic install, the program don’t ask you nothing. I don’t want waste time with assholes like you, put your tongue in your ass and don’t talk crap without be asked.

  11. I don’t know what is happen, but “check availability” don’t work for FileSonic and FileServe. It works on 1.5.1. Can help?

  12. hey admin….are you working on fixes or not?.atleast give response on users questions…and when the new improved version is comming?.also i would like to mention that we need anonymous download facility in new version.bcoz some file sharing sites are blocked in some countries so we need anomymous (proxy) downloading in new version….

    thanks and regards.

  13. I would like to first thanks the programmer/programmers for MiPony, I’m more interested in the remote features, since MiPony on my infrastructure is running as a service on my HP EX495 [WHS v1]. I know it has been recently implemented and for the new version it works quite well, following suggestion to put forward in your future development would be nice to see:

    1. Control Priority
    2. Control Bandwidth
    3. Ability to Auto Detect DLC file from a dedicated Download folder
    4. Ajax Style Download list Reorganize

    Never the less well done on current version. Thanks (by the way I am xJDownloader user)

  14. Hi, it seems that Mipony is now not working with filepost.. what’s happening? It just keeps continuously countdown and countdown.

    May you please solve the problem ASAP?
    I am downloading a large amount of files from filepost in a hurry.

    Thank you!

  15. once again..as i have always done…just wanna say tnx for this life changing software…keep up the good work…cheers.

  16. i dont know why…now filesonic is not working again…
    it was ok yesterday…and now it is always download error…

    is the filesonic always changing this quick…???

    i hope gonna update soon

  17. eh??? i tried another link and it is working using filesonic…
    it is weird 🙁

    i tried in browser, and the file that is always download error is exist…

  18. My premium account for wupload is now asking for captchas, I downloaded earlier today on mipony with my premium account, why all of a sudden is it asking for the captcha now. I am not going to sit & wait to download as free user. So in the meantime I have to just download straight from wupload. So what good is mipony then. I like it but until it stops asking me captchas on a premium account I will not be using it.

  19. somebody help me?

    i first time download this..

    i download megaupload file…

    the speed suddenly 0 kbs when the download files is in 37%…

    is there resume the download?

    when i stop the download, it will repeat to the start 0% over again.. i cant finish the download files like this…

    i dont know if my broadband speed is slow,. or the softtware…

  20. You should remove this browser, he leaves the very slow initialization, besides being unnecessary.

    The only objective of this software, it should be of doing download.

  21. i found what’s wrong with filepost. it always shows “captcha error” so it just keeps continuously countdown and countdown.


  22. @KJudge
    Try entering passkey instead of password for captchatrader login in options page of plugins

    megaupload doesn’t have résumé support.

  23. just found that medifire changed his website interface which gives an effect on mipony detect links. now every time I try to detect links, there’s no name on the download list and the availability in negative but if I download it the bar starts to move downloading but this is the saddest part, the download bar is full but it cannot create a file leaving you an empty file
    please do something. I am using the new mipony, 1.5.2 version.


    In addition to Filepost (noted above), Mediafire & Bitshare appear to have stopped working.

  25. check availability don’t work with mdiafire please fix that and @viwek lekhak megaupload have resume support if you are registered at megaupload 😉
    @unicat same with me but i instaled this version today and that was yesterday wen i have 1.4

  26. mediafire changed their entire interface today, now download managers are all not working for mediafire. still sticking to mipony for the simplistic approach though.

    please release an update soon.


  27. MEDIAFIRE.COM links are not work directly only work when appears the button of download [manually one by one is not good]

  28. mediafire.com nao esta funcionando
    to tendo que entrar link por link POR CAUSA DA MANUTENÇAO DO MEDIAFIRE ai quando surge a opcao de baixar eu copio o link ai funciona,mas assim nao é legal admin por favor atualiza ai pra gente.

  29. @loutfi hilmy
    Now I can download from Mediafire. Thanks for the hint. Try to rename the file when detect links(even though the availability in negative).After download no more empty files. 🙂

  30. @admin
    Thank god atleast you heard it, now you can help for Mediafire 🙂
    & for next update plz do something about SkipAd links, while copied several links from a site supports SkipAd, some links detected ok as usual. Others just shows in paste section as http://adf.ly/. If i individually copy those links then it detect as ok.
    Example: 3 links copied.

    In Paste Section:

    In Detected Section:
    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?… File Name: something-1.rar
    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?… File Name: something-3.rar

    For individual link copied.

    Paste Section:

    Detected Section:
    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?… File Name: something-2.rar

  31. Porque o Mipony está baixando os arquivos com uma velocidade abaixo do normal principalmente os do Megaupload tenho internet de 1 Mega antes a velocidade era de 100 kbps agora não passa de 40 Kbps.Por favor corrijam este erro.Obrigada.

  32. Captcha Trader is not working for me… i bought a lot of credits for nothing?
    Yes i tried passkey and it shows all my credits! But its not working.

  33. i have problem when i try to download in filepost…
    i can’t download from there, start download -> connect -> fail T___T

    Can anyone help me plizzzzz…

  34. at first im using it,the download speed is good..but now its seems like the premium download speed drop to 10-15kbps 5-6 hrs,when im using other browser download,its back to normal.please fix….

  35. Mipony should remove the in built browser in it’s future releases. It’s been many months now since I had switched to Mipony from JDownloader & I personally have never felt any use for the browser since. In fact closing the heavy browser tab is like a daily ritual for me every time I open Mipony. It slows down the application startup which is Mipony’s greatest strength compared to other apps like JDownloader etc. Most negative comments & reviews on the net I have seen also quote Mipony as a adware (sometimes even pornographic in nature), due to it’s inbuilt browser.

  36. now mipony Has become does not support the continuation of the download when disconnection if not fix this problem will become like a regular program and Thank you

  37. hi, i have oron.com premium account but still oron not working in mipony it says download error.also i have filesonic and fileserve premium accounts.but sometime when downloading it requires captcha,not always.i have verified the accounts but they are fime.kindly suggest me .

  38. Having problems with uloadling.com Mipony reports “download error” all the time, been having to use the front door which is slow. Also Fileserve is on and off with the “download error” more off as of late.

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