Web Sites Database DB51 update for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

-Updated oron.com
-Updated filesonic.com
-Updated wupload.com
-Updated depositfiles.com
-Updated czshare.com
-Updated turbobit.net
-Updated ziddu.com
-Updated hellshare.com
-Added download support for uploadc.com
-Added download support for uploadic.com
-Added download support for filesflash.com

68 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB51 update for Mipony”

  1. I wrote back in DB49, FILESERVE a disservice, because in addition to all of u write directly to them, saying that non-renewal premium, as I did?U should also read the answers they gave on DB49 and I burst out laughing ……….. “48h everything will be alright”, long time has passed but nothing has changed, please, notify the various forums, where u are registered.Tkx

  2. Write all of you on various forums, which FILESERVE by poor service and the premium membership is not renewed ….. Look again TKX of DB49

  3. I can’t even start MiPony now. It only says abt some error and suggests me to send a report to Microsoft. What am I to do? I haven’t exported downloads list and now probably all the links are gone, right? A real disaster for me.

  4. Hi,
    I would be extremelly grateful if someone could provide me some support regarding mipony
    I’ve been using mipony for a few months and the following problem I will describe already happened 2 or 3 times in the past and the only solution I found was to install mipony again in a new computer!!
    this is the 3rd time this has happen when I just update mipony to this version and this time I can not afford to loose again all the files in the queue for downloading!

    the problem is the following:
    . when I try to open mipony I get an error message stating “mipony has stopped working” and then a second error message stating “windows component missing”.
    . I’ve tried everything, check for virus, malware, update windows, update service pack, re-install mipony, update mipone, system restore and the problem remains. as I said before, in the past when this occured I installed a new mipony program in a different pc, but this time the files on my download queue are massive and I really can not afford to loose them..

    . any advices, what to do to make mipony working again, and if not possible, any way for me to recover at least the files waiting to be downloaded from my download list (url addresses, etc..?).

    I would be extremelly grateful if any help or support could be provided a.s.a.p

    . windows edition: windows 7 home premium
    . service pack 1
    .processor: genuine Intel(R) CPU U4100 @ 1.30 GHZ
    . RAM 3.00 GB
    . 64 bit operating system

    thank you for the attention.

    P.S – this program is absolutely great, but these crashes are driving me mad.. lol
    thank you

  5. well, this is a joke. there is no support whatsoever for mipony users.
    no one replies to my enquiries, so my advice to other mipony users is, if you wanna use mipony, probably you will enjoy it for some time like I did, and then when you less expect the program crashes, you loose all your data and no one will reply to you enquires..

    keep away from this… complete nightmare for me.
    not worth it

  6. Faulting application name: MiPony.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4e3dae6d
    Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.17651, time stamp: 0x4e21213c
    Exception code: 0xe053534f
    Fault offset: 0x000000000000cacd
    Faulting process id: 0x%9
    Faulting application start time: 0x%10
    Faulting application path: %11
    Faulting module path: %12

  7. Mtale, it seems we’re facing the same problem.
    This is what I did to run Mipony: I downloaded Database 48. But, of course, the downloads list is empty.

    My present version keeps coming with error messages, and my more than 1500 GB of links are, hopefully, unavailable. I dread the situation that they’re gone. Don’t even remember where took the links from. Please, someone help!!

  8. just one more thing to try and help someone in the same situation.
    After much research I found a way to make mipony work again after that kind of crash I had (mipony has stopped working) and somehow to recover the information of the files that were in the download list.

    to make mipony work again you have to (on windows 7):
    . start – type run on search program and files and then enter
    . type %appdata%/mipony and OK
    it opens a folder

    if you DELETE all files on that folder mipony will work again, BUT you will loose all previous download queue

    HOWEVER to somehow recover that information BEFORE you delete all those files you can try and open the file linkList with the wordpad and inside is all the previous information you had before (download list, queued files and links and complete files), save that information in any other folder!!!!!!!
    then if you want to try and download them again, delete all files like I said and once mipony is working again place all those links on add links (copy paste)

    That is the only way I found to solve my problem.

    hope this helps someone in the same situation I was..

    mipony support team needs to give more attention to its users.. honestly.

    stay well.

  9. mtale,
    I’m getting the same error messages, but I’m getting them when I close Mipony. But despite these messages my Mipony runs and works fine. I suspect your problem is with windows or some other like Java. Although I’m not sure wether this program uses it or not, make sure your Java is up to date and that it’s not infected with virus.(Recently I had a Java virus infection and it made a lot of things run weird, or crash). Also make sure that various components of windows such as Direct-X, .NET framework, etc. are up to date and not corrupt. You can also try uninstalling Mipony, then running a registry cleaner (such as CCleaner from Piriform)and than reinstalling the latest version of Mipony.
    BTW. I run Windows Vista 64 Home Premium on a HP HDX18 laptop
    Hope this helps.

  10. I love mipony but I just noticed that Fileserve starts back at 0% everytime I open it again.It’s frustrating when it’s at 80%+ and then I have to go offline or my connection is interrupted then it starts back at 0.I have files that I’ve been waiting to finish DLing for 3-4 days.Can this be fixed? Please.

  11. Hi – can you fix Mipony so that fileserve works again? they just did a bunch of work on their servers and the fileserve links don’t work well in Mipony since they did their changes. thanks 🙂

  12. Hi,Mipony!
    Nice to see your product! I have a suggestion is that
    First,when I re-setup my Os i have to setting again is there any way to save my setting!
    Secondly, Filepost is not work :(!

  13. Mtale and Frank,
    I’ve only used a previous version of MiPony on XP Pro, but had similar problems. The problem was in the .xml files in %userdate%\mipony.
    I suggest making copies of these files, then delete only one of these files at a time and check to see if it works again.
    If it doesn’t, replace that file and delete the next one and check. follow this procedure till you find the defective file.
    If the file is the one containing your download list, the do what Mtale did to replace them.

    Please note that aside from the version and OS differences mentioned above, I have not tried this on this particular problem so no guaranties.
    Best of luck!


  14. My Problem,
    I am running XP Pro upgraded to SP3 w/ .NET 3.5 SP1 using IE7
    My browser locks up @ random times and operations, forcing me to cold cock it in Task Manager. I’ve recently installed four tool bars;
    ixQuick, Ant, Speedbit and Mipony.
    In an effort to find the problem, I have been disabling these tool bars in Manage Addons.
    Even though I have disabled MiPony, I still have the search bar @the bottom of my browser and the lockup.
    Does anyone know how to disable or uninstall this search bar?
    I would appreciate any suggestions.

    A day without learning is wasted !!!

  15. My Problem – Update
    The search bar was a BHO Plugin, which can be deleted with HiJackThis. Since I am trying to keep my changes temporary till I find the problem, I just changed the name of the directory in the ‘Program Files’. This causes an error in the background, but the bar went away and I can still enable it.

    A day without learning is wasted !!!

  16. I have a problem now I want to download anything is left carrying the minutes passed and reloaded and I leave enough time and stays the same and I can not do anything if someone can help me that I use is the most megaupload

  17. In englishhhh!!!!!!!!!
    it´s a joke?????????????::::::::::::::::::::::::::_______________________

    what happened????
    Todo está en inglés!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    Regards from South America!!!! 😉 ::::::::::::::::::********************

  18. Oron has just stopped working logging a captcha error. I have the plugins disabled and all other servers are working perfectly. It seems they changed something in their scripts that Mipony can’t read properly. Hope the Mipony Team fix this soon. Thanks for this fantastic piece of software!!!

  19. fileserve must had done something wrong to their site during the server update as i’m unable to download anything through MiPony, JDownloader or even directly….

  20. as for Oron, website keeps telling me i’ve reached my download limit of 1000MB when i havent used the site for a number of weeks. i then get re-directed to the buy premium page, which is of no use as i hardly download from it

  21. Fileserve still won’t resume where it stopped at always back to 0%. Then when I changed to v1.5.0 Rapidshare also won’t resume.Can this be fixed.They both download so slow that sometimes it says 12h, 1d to complete.How will it ever complete even one file.I also have a problem with internet disconnection which causes resuming of the DL.If this is a problem with this version of Mipony then which version should I reinstall to solve the problem?

  22. Easy-Share has a new URL format since a couple of weeks and it looks Mipony has a problem to detect the link now. Has anyone else seen this problem?

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