Mipony 1.3.0.

New version of Mipony, we have updated some sites and added others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Show progress and status on the Windows 7 task bar.
-New toolbar to select the category to download the files.
-Allow categories reordering.
-Improved click’n’load.
-Traditional Chinese language update (Thanks to kuei0116).
-Updated Brasilian translation (Thanks to Yamash).
-Added automatic download support for wupload.com.
-Added automatic download support for megavideo.com.
-Added premium support for letitbit.
-Added premium support for wupload.com.
-Updated fileserve premium support.
-Netload.in updated.
-Rapidshare.com updated.
-Filesonic updated.
-Added automatic download support for yunfile.com.
-czshare.com updated.
-hellshare.com updated.
-speedyshare.com updated.
-turbobit.com updated.
-u115 updated.
-uploading.com updated.
-fileserve.com updated.
-uploadstation.com updated.
-usershare.net updated.
-freakshare updated.
-mangoshare removed.
-filestrack removed.
-onionshare removed.
-turboshare removed.
-uploadfa removed.
-filecrown removed.

122 thoughts on “Mipony 1.3.0.”

  1. Excellent!
    A few more requests:
    – cache (fewer access to hard disk)
    – renaming groups (for files with strange names, as xokjhsadnb.rar)
    – a proper forum

  2. can megaupload,fileserve,rapidshare etc were resume-able on this software. if any body knows so kindly inform me.ok.thanks

  3. wow the file size of the installer is getting smaller and smaller:
    That means increase in the efficiency right?

    Anyways thax 4 this wonderful software.

    Cant donate you guys coz i dont have a credit card but i try to click the ads(ones that i like) more than twice daily. Hope that helps.

    Love you guys

  4. Mipony 1.3.0 version has a lot of flaws filesonic,fileserve,megaupload etc are not working, How can you release this type of versions, I think many users will face this issues, so can you release the latest editon with changes in it. Thanks

  5. I’ve not seen any problems with Filesonic, Fileserve (premium) or MegaUpload – probably just your network connection?
    Have seen problems with duplicates not being identified when added (files with spaces and others with underscores not detected)?
    Is it possible to add manual duplicate detection (this download the same as that)?

  6. filesonic / fileserve not working; might be time to switch programs since this has been going for quite some time.

  7. sorry I take back last comment, Mediafire was and is working for me, fileserve, megaupload, filesonic and everything is working for me,
    guys try to restart your pcs after installing and disk cleaning.

  8. Filesonic and fileserve ARE working. If some people have a problem with these or any other servers, they should give more details to the developers, otherwise it’s impossible to understand where the problem is.

    Just saying: ‘it´s not working!!!’ doesn’t help a bit.

  9. Updated Mipony is good working.
    One request plz add Hindi language with indian map and change the indian map from bangali language,This is worng Bangla and India is different country so Please consider it.


  10. fileserve is not working for about 4-6 month… not only mine also the people i recomanded miphony………….. it that work for anyone???????? what to do???????????????
    pls help………..

  11. Hello I write from Portugal.
    I do not speak English but, here goes.
    1st use google translator
    2 nd thanks
    3 of everything is working well so far
    3A º I restart the PC whenever you update the program
    4 I also have no money and I can not give up and I am unemployed, but I clik in advertising whenever I can:
    5 th good work and keep at it
    6 hugs
    7 of the will to use the program, is the best.

  12. Non permette di scaricare piu’ da filesonic, oppure se escono i captcha si richiede sempre l’inserimento delle lettere e non va avanti… In attesa di un nuovo aggiornamento Si Ringrazia

    It does not allow you to download more ‘from filesonic, or if leaving the captcha always required the inclusion of the letters and does not go ahead … Waiting for a new update thanks

  13. with me it doesn´t recognize megaupload links since today, and the ones I was downloading yesterday and are still in line the download is very slow.

  14. Esta mudança feita na parte de pesquisa ficou ruim, na vai mais para os sites de downloads tipo(baixeturbo, kingdownloads, etc) agora fica na listagem de armazenamento tipo (megaupload fileserver, etc) volte ao q era q continuarei com vcs. Mudança se deu a partir, se ñ me engano, 26/05/. Obrigado.

  15. Everything is working fine and I thank you for this great software.
    I have yet to have problems with any of the supported servers.

  16. everything work fine in mipony
    but the problem is resume
    rapidshare and oron
    can u plese fix these problem
    i had also requested u earlier
    thank for this program………….

  17. hi
    Mipony do not read well the cath from filesonic,the download for start we need go on filesonic home and insert in the web the cache!

  18. mipony new version is not working so i jump back to old version
    i have problem with filesonic give the download error

  19. I am a Chinese user
    ,Use Mipony 1.3.0。
    Has not worked for 5 days,When downloading, recently saw a “download error”
    How to solve?
    Please reply as soon as possible, thank you

  20. is the best program ever for this type of file, but I think the new version 1.3.0 still has many problems: filesonic does not work, you are asked constantly entering the annoying captcha that make use of the program. In previous versions I have not found similar problems at this for a while I had problems even to capture the megaupload link. There were also many improvements including the addition wupload. but for a better functioning of the problem should be resolved with filesonic and the continuous demand for the captcha.
    I stopped using jdownloader propane to the slowness of the connection before the captcha. Mipony is the absolute best and I want to thank the developers for their hard and continuous work, you are the best, but as soon as possible, please solve the problems of version 1.3.0. Thank you very much.

  21. FileSonic (sharingmatrix) for about ten days or more with the development of version 1.3.0 is almost completely unusable. After the request of the captcha is not able to leave and continues to require new codes to be off. Please help as soon as possible, give us news in some way, let us know if we can find some solutions. thanks

  22. hi guys. filesonic and fileserve download error is because the Chinese firewall blocks the two sites. It has nothing to do with the almighty mipony. i used vpn to download files from the two sites.

    Shame on the communist regime in China. Shame on them!

  23. ebook filesonic (sharingmatrix) download error. The program is no longer able to work with filesonic. Please try to solve the problem.

  24. res:///C:/WINDOWS/system32/shdoclc.dll/navcancl.htm#https://www.mipony.netstart/?v=1.3.0

    this i see in mipony browser
    than after restart computer system is corrupted

  25. You need to make deleted files go to the recycling bin rather than be permanently deleted on hard drive just in case user makes an error and deletes a downloaded file by accident

  26. Please Add Speed Limiting on A per File Basis..
    not just Total Download speed Limit..

    We have ISP that stops download if a file download goes over their speed limit..

    But you can actually download multiple Files as long as download speed at each file does not go beyond the limit..

  27. For months Mipony has been useless in downloading any file on almost any site–rapidshare, fileserver, filesonic (sharingmatrix), uploadto, hotfile, depositefiles, megaupload, upload station… Upon the command to start it notifies error and fails automatically. The latest version doesn’t help, nor does a Java update.

  28. If you guys can’t work it in Filesonic or any other hosts, click that link first. After the page have loaded(FULLY), copy the url address and detect it. Mine works.

  29. Recently installed windows 7 x64 SP1 and Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX.
    But Adobe Flash has trouble with Mipony. Exit from Mipony causes
    flash.ocx error which is shown by Program Compatibility Manager
    of Windows 7.

  30. fileserve is slow in mipony but from browser is rapid. i have premium account. filesonic get error, please fix bug, i use mipony from 2 years but this release 1.3.0 is no good

  31. Iam so disapointed after years of using mipony im force to find an alernate solution since fileshare and other download networks are no longer working with this last update. Good bye mipony 🙁

  32. MiPony was working fine on my Win7 64 bit computer about 7 days ago. When I open it ever since then, I get an error box that says ‘MiPony has stopped working’. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, both current version, older version and even did a system restore to a previous point and still get the same error.
    Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  33. sorry but program don’t working with uploading.com
    show this message every link “download error”

  34. seems like filesonic uses the same captcha method as hotfile. why can’t the anticaptcha in hotfile be used with filesonic too?

  35. You guys rock. i love mipony. everything is great about it.
    Thank you for adding support for adf.ly, linkbucks and multiupload.

  36. What a great program! ALL of the file sharing sites work flawlessly for me. Thank you for a great little program!

  37. for those which wants cache, i googled and found that Windows has its own hard disk cache. About 8MB.

    Don’t know if it’s true, but that’s what i found on the Web.

    (sorry for my english, i’m italian)

  38. This is strange:
    everyone is complainig about Filesonic not working, whereas I’ve had practically not a single problem with it. On the contrary with Fileserve Premium I have always or again and again the problem with CAPTCHA.
    I do not understand what the cause could be of so different behaviour depending on different users / system / or what?

  39. Mipony is a great program – I have a few suggestions for making the program more user friendly – some suggestions have been made by others.

    1.Please Add Speed Limiting on A per File or per Host Basis..
    not just a Total Download speed Limit.

    2.Make cancelled/deleted files go to the recycle bin rather than be permanently deleted on list/hard drive just in case user makes an error and deletes a downloaded file by accident.

    3.Make rar file go to recycle bin after extraction. Sometimes the file/s are deleted after a wrong password is entered or there is an error in one file and the extraction is not completed correctly and the entire rar archive gets deleted and has to be redownloaded.

    I have found that sometimes if a host gives download errors,changing the
    priority of a file may prevent errors and the dowlload starts

    Thanks Mipony is the best – thanks for the good work

  40. thanks, very nice program

    please add:
    – cache (less harddisk access)
    – connection log (http commands, etc)

  41. For me it’d be great if you could change priority of file/files (i.e. put it in another place on the list) by clicking and draging.

  42. Please fix megaupload, i and many people are getting the “Download Error”, this is an amazing application, way better than jdownloader.. Thank you!

  43. zippyzhare mp3’s are down.:( I think they changed somethin’, when i hover over the download link it say mp3name.zip and downloads as mp3name.mp3. wierd. 🙁 sucks cause i use it on a daily base too.:( anyways… thanks! -jay

  44. today 15-6-2011 the mipony always give this error message: ‘download error: premium only’. Someone help? i am filesonic premium account…

  45. Why zippyshare, megaupload, fileserve, depositefile link cannot download & still error…But before this version the links above.. working good. Plz fix it. Anyway, thanks for the latest version of Mipony.

  46. Oi Gente tudo bem ?!
    Aqui amoo Muito o Mipony mais ultimamente os links que coloco do megaploud ta dando ” dawnload erro ” sera que e algum problema na minha instalaçao ou algo do tipo sera que voces poderiam me ajudar ?

    Desde ja agradeço muito.


  47. Crash again when using right click and copy in another program here are details.

    Also when you delete files make them go to recycling bin not permanently delete, in incase you delete by accident.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: MiPony.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 4dd62f3e
    Fault Module Name: RPCRT4.dll
    Fault Module Version: 6.1.7600.16385
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4a5be035
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 000000000004cb24

  48. I’ve just installed this version and filesonic premium is very fast. However, Fileserve premium with max 4 files downloading I just have unstable speed starting from 400-1200KB/s.

    While I’ve tried jdownloader with 1 file (same as above) and 20 connections, I’ve got almost 6,5MB/s!

    Anyone else got the same problem or compared the speed of their premium accounts with other dl managers?

  49. zomgupload not working & i don’t know why megaupload working in my windows xp computer, but not in my windows vista computer

  50. How to config cache disc? As I have noticed, Mipony downloads without using cache disc. How to turn it on please? Help.
    Downloading without cache disc is inappropriate. Thanks

  51. The bandwidth limit feature doesn’t work consistently. Most of the time I get about 250K/sec even though I have the limit set to 500K/sec or 750K/sec.

    If I set it to unlimited I get results that are consistent with my full bandwidth being utilized.

    It appears to work correctly maybe 1 out of 3 times I use it. The results occur across multiple file hosting providers. I think there is an issue in the logic used to limit the transfer rate.

  52. Wupload and filesonic stopped working for me. It’s a shame because Mipony was quite good but I’m afraid that jDownloader is still better.

  53. Just had a 500mb dowloaded rar file deleted because i entered the wrong password see my related and other comments above

  54. Can you add Sleep to the options for shutting down when downloads complete. Ideally it would be great to just have a dropdown with the list of shutdown options (e.g. Sleep, Hibernate, Shutdown, exit?).

  55. [REQUEST] from Anonypony

    Can You add option of premium download using cookies? rather than using Username & Password for the premium access, why don’t you add the ability to use COOKIES (Fsonic cookies, Megaupl0ad Cookies for instance) and also I prefer to enter it via a dropdown menu + cookies input (unlike the window when we input user&pass for premium account which makes it limited to just only several accounts, while I believe in the future your program will handle even more and more hosting site downloading)

    sorry for my bad english.. i hope you consider it as a FAN’S request 🙂
    goodluck and success with your program sirs

  56. Hi ,

    Why is captcha thing still playing aroung why don’t u think of some thing to improve this a bit more to counter captcha…

    pls think of it

  57. Filesonic is not working and having speed problem with Mipony Downloader in other downloaders getting good speed but Mypony is slowing down my downloads

  58. Oron premium doesn’t work. Honestly guys, it has been more than a month already, as it is now the program is basically useless. Have you got at least an idea of what is causing the problems?

  59. Will you people stop whining and whinging. Make bug report if you find a bug or want something changed or fixed. (are you all complete morons?!?!)
    Ask yourself…
    1) Did you pay for MiPony ?
    2) Does it do more than you can do with a web browser?
    3) What other software offers the same features for free?

    I know this comment will be lost in a load of people bitching about the fact they have no idea about “stuff” and “Thing” or cleaning out the IE browser cookies (which MiPony uses)

    If you have any idea on how to use a windows PC, you should be able to use MiPony.
    If you can’t tell your arse from your elbow, or your RAM from your ROM forget it!
    It doesn’t matter how good this program gets, you lamers will allways complain.

    Go and buy a premium whatever, and stop your bitching you dumb-ass, or make a real “bug-report”, or sell your PC to someone who knows what they are doing!!

    Shame idiots aren’t
    Long-live temporary bull-shit….
    Move along… nothing to see here… 😉

  60. Been using mipony for some time.
    Unfortunately had a very bad surprise. All my list of files on queue has disapeared.
    Guess its better i return back to jdownloader.

  61. Is Sendspace going to be usable anytime soon? Mipony doesn’t work with it since they changed their site.

  62. Deleted a bunch of my files after I hit delete to clean up my queue, this is very bad behavior.

    Its a shame this issue has been around for so long in so many other ways its a great program

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