Web Sites Database update for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.
-Fileserve.com updated
-Added automatic download support for gigapeta.com
-Added automatic download support for uloz.to
-Added automatic download support for czshare.com
-Added automatic download support for bitshare.com
-Added automatic download support for unibytes.com
-Added automatic download support for sharebase.to
-Added automatic link recognition for linkbee.com links
-Cramit.in updated
-Shareflare.net upadated

41 thoughts on “Web Sites Database update for Mipony”

  1. Please give options for non account users for accelerating 200-500%.
    I agree that this software is great but cannot accelerate for non premium users.
    Pls make it like other direct link download accelerators.
    As i have dialup connection i have only 5-10kbps mainly.
    While by a good resumable and multi-connection support download accelerators makes 20-29kbps.

    1. We know antirecaptcha isn’t as effective as in previous days, recaptcha have complicated it, and the antirecaptcha has more problems. We are trying to fix it, but it’s complicated.

  2. Dear Admin,

    Sir fileserv is working good and gives me good speed.
    but Cramit gives very low speed its only 2 to 6 KBps 🙁

    please fix this…like filesev.

    Fileserv gives me 20 to 28KBps.

    thanks in advance 😛

  3. There is one major issue with Mipony. Even when i entered the right captcha for hotfile files, they still show download error and keep popping up more captchas!

    We users don’t want any fancy function such as remote control. We just want smooth downlaod and great speed! Please fix this or Mipony will lose its popularity soon, I promise!

  4. Hi, Great piece of software..! Am loving the convenience of not only saving money on paying to download “faster” & without waiting, but more the letting it do it’s own thing on sites that don’t need that Captcha input.

    However that is my first glitch. All the sites that use Captcha (Uploaded.to, Hotfile, Oron, etc.) the Captcha doesn’t pick up request and has to be done manually. But once typed, in works fine in downloading.

    The second issue, is with files which just refuse to download completely and Mipony keeps having to retry. I’ve been downloading a 200MB file for over a day cos it keeps dropping the Uploading.com link. The same has happened on Uploaded.to…

    Will keenly wait for updated / fixes to these. But again, great software.


  5. Guys, HF seems to be working fine now, no Captcha problems any longer. Perhaps it was a problem with HF not Mipony.
    In anycase, most people are great at comin’ in here and complaining but never show their face to say THANKS.

    HF or Mipony, it matters not – THANKS for the ‘fix’.

  6. After the latest update there have been more than a few problems with mipony, like not being able to download from fileserve, hotfile etc. Am however optimistic that this will get fixed soon.
    Mipony is well just awesome and amazing! Ha ha i love it. Been using jDownloader but now i prefer Mipony by a light year. Mipony can indeed one day beat that software and be on top. Thanks for Mipony guys!

  7. Since this update, File Serve doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to. The download counter is 50minutes, and when i try to download it from the website I get this error:
    Your IP has failed the captcha too many times. Please retry later.
    Before the update, I didn’t recieve any Captcha’s but now I do.
    Thank you for providing this great program and hopefully you will fix these problems soon :]

  8. After 3 days of searching & trying many downloaders, this is the best downloader.
    Thank you very much.
    I have 2 sugestions:
    1. Allow users to manually set the location of the link list file (LinkList.xml).
    2. Priority should change to a number (0 – 254) instead of very low – very high.
    Thanks again for your wonderful software.

  9. Sir Stinky Peterson Junior

    Antes de la actualizacion el antirecaptcha de fileserve funcionaba perfecto, ahora no :/ De todas maneras muchas gracias

  10. dear admin
    mipony is my favorite.
    but it can not resume rapidshare files they start from begining.
    please solve this problem.

  11. administrator,
    megaupload is not workin for me, the simbol of the site doesnt appear and its always saying i’m already doing another download, but i’m not…

  12. Admin este es un gran programa pero talvez para evitar tantos problemas que estan pasando, no seria interesante que sera que hasta que puedan resolver el problema con el re-captcha no seria posible poner una opcion para desconectar el mismo (pasar para manual) en algunos servidores? Resolverian el problema en muchas situaciones como en fileserv, filesonic, etc. Gracias anticipadamente-

  13. megaupload doesnt work no more in mipony? i use it A LOT… and now i cant download in there, in the place where it shoul be the simbol of the website apears nothing, just blanc, and its always counting from bacwards, from 1 minute to 0, and then goes again (like when a file is temporaly unavaliable, but this time is like at all the time).
    please fix this.

  14. I”m greatly looking forward to Anti Recaptcha working again. Since this latest database update I now can no longer download from Hotfile because Mipony doesn’t try to solve the captcha, and I am totally blind so can’t see the image to type in the words. this is sad, but I’m confident you guys will fix it, so I will wait patiently. Please just know that all blind users of your software are eagerly awaiting the full return of anti recaptcha.

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