Mipony 3.0.1, new versión


List of changes:

-Fixed, notifications were shown for complted files even with notifications disabled.
-Fixed error showing Options Window.
-Fixed, change targer folder did not work for direct downloads.
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to egfree).
-Updated Korean translation (thanks to 장재평).
-Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Igor).
-Updated French translation (thanks to rico).

4 thoughts on “Mipony 3.0.1, new versión”

  1. 1.From “https://www.mexashare.com/” cannot download it. In the old version, I was in love normally.
    2.Even if I was going to open the link, only downloading opened out.

  2. Hello,
    To inform you that nothing works, all are in error of download (Uptobox, Rapidgator ect …), can you fix it thank you


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