Mipony 2.5.5., new version

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.

List of changes:
-Added linkifier premium support.
-Added uploadgig premium support.
-Updated alfafile.net
-Updated upstore.net
-Updated jeodrive.com
-Updated Yandex.
-Updated inclouddrive.
-Updated dropbox.
-Updated file-upload.com
-Updated uplod.cc
-Updated filefox.cc
-Updated filejoker.net
-Updated prefiles.com
-Updated wholecloud.
-Updated extmatrix.com
-Updated gavitex.com
-Updated dropbox.com
-Updated file-space.org
-Updated redfile.eu
-Updated workupload.com
-Updated up07.me
-Updated share4web.com
-Removed unlimitzone.
-Removed abelhas.
-Removed livecloudz.
-Removed vidlockers.
-Removed ddlstorage.
-Removed gulfup.
-Removed uploadrocket.
-Removed filemoney.
-Removed mediafree.
-Removed uplea.
-Removed hugefiles.
-Removed uploadex.
-Removed bytewhale.
-Removed Uploadingsite.
-Removed Br2share.
-Removed Uploadx.
-Removed copiapop.
-Removed MegaFileUpload.
-Removed Putfiles.
-Removed uploadz.
-Removed avatarshare.
-Removed datasbit.
-Removed bitload.
-Removed freakshare.com
-Removed Bitshare.com
-Removed crocko.com
-Removed debfile.com
-Removed putdrive.com
-Removed nodefiles.com

10 thoughts on “Mipony 2.5.5., new version”

  1. The connection to “uploaded.net” has very many errors. Of course it is a story under the situation displayed normally by the browser. It already becomes the error before CAPTCHA is displayed. May the connection time-out time to the site be too short?

  2. When it was in a condition that a dialogue is displayed by CHAPTCHA input by “MiPONY”, “is displayed” by an icon in the task bar, but the same state continues after processing a dialogue appropriately, and having closed it.

  3. I always give comment of problems in large quantities, but there are a great many points that only it uses MiPONY gratefully, and of I are saved. The user has a lot of kind functions by incorporating a browser than “TotalD” and likes it so as not to be able to bring itself to shift.
    I think that I write in problems in large quantities, but, as for these, the further development, please from now on without losing insistence on better work.

  4. At the time of free downloading from “www.filefactory.com”, I fail in downloading after countdown in waiting time until the next downloading. By the free downloading from “www.filefactory.com”, it is error indication after countdown of one minute first of all when I run out of waiting time of the total, but wants you to judge it from it as the sometimes final waiting time is listed.

  5. Free downloading from “http://salefiles.com/” is not possible again. Because I want to avoid downloading it by a browser from here as pop up is brutal, I want you to deal immediately. As you cannot download it regularly, may you change what it is as downloader measures regularly on a site side?

  6. Free downloading from “http://uploaded.net/” is not possible for a few days. When I am going to download it, there is nothing, and the countdown is displayed only with failure “by” downloading, too. From a browser can download it.
    In addition, the free downloading from “http://salefiles.com/” is not possible as ever. After countdown until downloading, I am displayed only with failure “by” downloading. From a browser can download it.

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