8 thoughts on “Web Sites Database updated”

  1. At the time of free downloading from “http://www.filefactory.com/f”, after second case becomes the downloading error after waiting time. After the first waiting time was over at the time of downloading after the second case, I cannot recognize a cancer at the second waiting.

  2. From this morning from “http://depfile.us/” cannot download it. Captcha input is only repeated and does not become the indication in the waiting time of the trace. I can download it from a browser, and the downloading from other sites enrolling in MiPONY is possible. The situation does not change even if I reboot a PC. I want you to deal immediately.

  3. It is the matter that I cannot download from “http://depfile.us/”, but the thing which enrolled in MiPONY to download it before is not done and is in a condition that there is it if I register it with MiPONY newly again. However, I would like a correction as I am troubled with this.

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